3 ingredient Almond butter bites

I couldn’t wait any longer to post these 3 ingredient Almond butter bites for you. I actually made them in about 10 minutes a couple of days ago because I wanted something sweet but still healthy.

3 ingredient almond butter bites | Eat Good 4 Life

My kids went crazy for these 3 ingredient Almond butter bites. My son, since my 5 yr old girl can’t take them to school due to the nut allergies, takes them for his school lunch and loves them. Next time I make these I have to double the batch for sure. They are so good.

Not only these are gluten free but they are also vegan. I keep the recipe pretty easy and straight forward but next time I make them I am going to add chocolate protein powder and flaxseed meal to kick up their nutrient density. All in all, these 3 ingredient Almond butter bites are just great.

On another note, I am almost getting ready for my 3 month summer departure leaving in just 3  days.

Our first stop is Spain will be for 2 months. I haven’t been able to go for the past 2 yrs so to tell you that I am pretty excited is an understatement.

Not only I will be able to spend time with my friends and family, but I will be able to visit places that I have never visited while living there. I am going to try and chronicle some of our visits and most definitely post some food related pictures.

On top of that I will be able to meet the team that is going to be behind my second cooking book which will be made in Spain for my Spanish readers. I hope to have translated in English as well, so will see.

Anyhow, I have a very hectic few days ahead of me. While in Spain, I am going to slow down the blogging. I will still post a couple of recipes per week and perhaps add a few videos to my private FB group.


3 ingredient almond butter bites | Eat Good 4 Life

3 ingredient almond butter bites | Eat Good 4 Life

3 ingredient almond butter bites | Eat Good 4 Life

3 ingredient almond butter bites | Eat Good 4 Life


3 ingredient Almond butter bites

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 18-20 bites

Total Time: 10 minutes


Drizzle (optional)

  • 1/3 cup chocolate chips, vegan if need be
  • 1 tbs coconut oil


Place the rolled oats in a food processor and pulverize. Depending on your food processor this make take between 1-3 minutes.

Add the almond butter and maple syrup and combine until the mixture becomes together. If it doesn't just add a couple of tablespoons of water.

Transfer mixture to a bowl and roll the dough into bite-size balls. I stored mine covered in a glass bowl in the refrigerator.

If using the drizzle, just place the chocolate and coconut oil in a safe microwave bowl and melt in 30 seconds intervals stirring in between until it melts. Drizzle over bites.

NOTE: You can add chocolate protein powder and flaxseed meal to the mixture if you like, however, you will have to increase the amount of maple syrup or add a bit of water to make the dough come together.

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  1. While this looks delicious, I am SO envious your off to Spain for 2 months! Please tell me your hitting up Barcelona- I can still taste the paella and crab croquette tapas from 2009. 

  2. I bet my kids would never know how healthy these are – they look SO good!!

    • Hi, thanks for all the amazing recipes! What alternative could be used for the Gluten Free Oats in this recipe? Also for the gf no bake thumbprint and no bake gf strawberry pies? Thank you!

  3. I am super into the simplicity and tastiness of these babies. 

  4. Hi, I’m just wondering how many spoons of almond butter is 16 oz?

  5. That is a lot of almond butter.  Must make it taste delicious, though. Have a great trip! Sounds wonderful!!

  6. These look so tasty!! I love little bite size things like this that are easy to grab before or after a workout! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love the chocolate drizzle over these!  Looks yummy!

  8. These sound delicious! I was wondering if I could use quinoa flakes instead of the oats?
    Thank you

  9. Hi, I was just wondering if you could use agave syrup instead of maple. And how much?

  10. Hi just wondering if these could be done with a nut free spread like sunflower spread or tahini? Or even nut free chocolate spread?

  11. Or with coconut oil?

  12. How much chocolate protein powder would you recommend adding and how much additional maple syrup/water?

  13. Is it possible to replace the maple syrup with dates?

  14. These are so easy and delicious (I skipped the chocolate drizzle) 

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