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About Miryam

On paper, I am actually a Physician Associate and Clinical Dietitian. 

Right now I live in New Jersey, with my husband and two kids. It is not bad but at some point, hopefully in the near future we would like to move. Maybe back to Spain, who knows, but for now, New Jersey is what we call home.

About the food

I was born and raised in Spain. If you are like me and are into food I am sure you know that food is a huge part of the Spanish culture. As a result, I was brought up eating the Mediterranean diet using wholesome foods grown locally and using authentic cooking traditions.

By the time I came to the U.S in 1997 to further my studies, my palate was already trained to eat good quality food. With my huge appetite, especially for sweets, I couldn’t see myself eating already cooked processed food. Cooking and baking myself allowed me to stay on target and be able to control the quality of what I ate, especially when it came to baking. We all know how fattening and fake the cookies and cakes at the supermarket can be!!

Anyways, I really started this blog because I wanted to document my recipes and be able to share my passion for healthy cooking and baking. My ultimately goal is to be able to inspire people to start cooking healthier. It really only takes a bit of planning and learning a few tricks. I truly believe eating healthier it is easier than most people lead to believe.

I am still learning a lot about nutrition, since this is something that I am very passionate about. I am glad I have this platform to be able to reach the few people that I have so far, and I hope to be able to reach many more.

New kitchen | Eat Good 4 Life

Since I cook and bake a lot many of the new people I meet think I have a massive kitchen. Not the case. If you must see, here it is my little space above. I actually renovated my kitchen not long ago, Fall 2015, after my house flooded while we went on vacation. What a nightmare that was. It took 4 months to get the house back to normal. I guess these kind of things take that long!

While my kitchen is small, it is pretty functional. Some day, maybe in the near future, I will have a massive kitchen with a real island and loads of cabinet storage for all the kitchen gadgets I have, which currently I keep half of them stored in my basement.

New kitchen | Eat Good 4 Life

Peanut chicken stir-fry | Eat Good 4 Life

Cooking for my family as well as working with some of my favorite companies in the business is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Even though I am trained in the medical field, being in the kitchen is my first passion. I am planning on expanding my passion for cooking when my medical education comes to an end, so stay tuned!!

In a more informal and fun way if you want to learn a little bit more about me and my family here is a documentary we recently participated on. A show of people from Spain living overseas. Fast forward to minute 50-51 to see us. It is in Spanish though!! I hope you like it.


I am an avid advocate of eating organically and eating green by minimizing my carbon foot print so here are some resources.

  • Do not waste food, when you waste food, you waste the energy used to grow, transport and cook it. In addition, when food waste is sent to landfills instead of being composted, it releases methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide.
  • To reduce gas emissions, buy local and seasonal produce.
  • Don’t rely on heavily packaged and processed foods, which take basic foods and add many more steps to it such as processing, refining, packaging, transporting and storing, which all require fossil fuel.

Visit http://www.eatlowcarbon.org to see the carbon footprint of your meal choice and to make direct, immediate comparisons with other foods options!

                                          other resources

These are my favorite food testers: Mikaela and Miqueas.

I hope you enjoy my blog and thanks so much for stopping by!