Pumpkin Round Up

I love the fact that pumpkin season is just around the corner. To be honest, I don’t know when it is the right time to start making or sharing pumpkin recipes so I will start by sharing some of my most popular old pumpkin recipes today and continue over the month of September with new ones!

healthy pumpkin recipes

I am so excited about pumpkin season. Even though I have been on vacation for almost 3 months, returning home Sept 7th, I haven’t stopped thinking about all of the pumpkin recipes I want to tackle.

So far I think I have about 6 new recipes in store for you so the minute I get back to my kitchen that will be the first thing I will do, I can’t wait to share with you these recipes I have been developing.

Anyhow, before I begin to post the new pumpkin recipes here you have the link of the recipes above:

1. Pumpkin overnight oats.

2. Thai curry pumpkin soup.

3. Gluten free chocolate pumpkin cake.

4. Pumpkin barley risotto.

5. Gluten-free, vegan pumpkin cheesecake.

6. Gluten-free pumpkin chocolate bars.

I also wanted to post these recipes as well. I have many other pumpkin recipes that are a not included in this post so care to check them out. I am sure you will find some there that you will like as well. All of these pumpkin recipes are equally good. If you like pumpkin I think you will like these recipes.

Pumpkin desserts

1. Pumpkin pie with honey whip topping.

2. Pumpkin spice bars.

3. Pumpkin cream cheese muffins.


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  1. Friend, do you believe I’ve never made granolas before? What a type of food blogger I am?!! I love yours especially it looks so easy to make and looks very flavourful too ;-)
    ps: I love that you aded all these tutorial photos. It helps a lot! Have a lovely Sunday! 

  2. Homemade granola is the BEST, isn’t it? I must make a batch soon. This looks fantastic!

  3. I will pick up ingredients this week :-)

  4. I love making my own granola but have never made this version before. I’m sure it would be a huge hit in my family and as gifts to friends. I’m curious though instead of pouring it into a bowl after the first 30 minutes and then redistributing it onto sheet pans to bake again, couldn’t you just mix each sheet pan with a spatula and then continue baking? That’s what I do with my granola, although I’m sure each recipe differs.

    • You totally could but bc my baking pans are so full with it stirring it will make a mess since a lot of it would overflow as I stir. It is easier for me to just place it all back into the big bowl and then distribute it back again in the baking pans :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. This is fantastic!  I could eat granola every day and this one will be my most fun fall granola!

  6. Oh yum. I do love a healthy breakfast, but the chocolate flavour definitely helps too ;)

  7. I so love the pumpkin and chocolate flavor combo, and I love even more that you used it in a healthy granola! :)

  8. You know what else granola is amazing for- Air travel. I made a batch for a present for my friend and um…ate it throughout the whole flight. BUT. The flight was 24 hours. :) This looks amazing, Miryam! 

  9. What a yummy treat! I’ve never made granola, but this recipe is making me want to give it a try! 

  10. WOW! This looks super delicious. I love making homemade granola but haven’t found a way to work pumpkin into it yet until now!

  11. So loving this recipe! I love granola, and have only made it once – a long time ago. It didn’t turn out well! Cannot wait to make this! Nice!

  12. I need this in my life!  Sharing!

  13. I would need to hide this granola away in my secret stash!

  14. What a wonderful way to have pumpkin! Looks awesome. Like you, I would eat this with Greek yogurt too.

  15. Home made granola is the best and I am definitely going to be making this.  Your recipes are always so healthy and good.  I just made a batch of pumpkin puree, definitely will make it.

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