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Rosemary bourbon sour | Eat Good 4 Life

Rosemary bourbon sour

...  the simple syrup and then make a rosemary bourbon sour slushy instead. Since the weather is getting warmer, a slushy version of this cocktail would be another great option...

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Chocolate slushy | Eat Good 4 Life

chocolate slushy

...  kids and I like to enjoy refreshing drinks. This chocolate slushy not only served is purposed by being refreshing, but it was easy and perfect for the occasion. I actually have...

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Watermelon lemon slush

How about some easy watermelon lemon slush that only has four ingredients and it is done in a mere of 5 minutes? A tastier better slush version than store bought.  Now that the...

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Kiwi and pineapple slushy

Kiwi pineapple slushy

...  different variations of slushies and this kiwi pineapple slushy is the bomb. We are in love with slushies making and drinking ...  are extremely easy and delicious and this kiwi pineapple Read More »

pineapple and coconut slushy

Pineapple coconut slushy

...  have been craving a pineapple coconut slushy for the longest I can remember. This variation is easy and simple and ...  phenomenal. I didn't know how easy a pineapple coconut slushy...

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