To the max Green smoothie

Why haven’t I used wheat grass and spirulina before with the great properties these two ingredients have to offer? I just don’t know but better late than never!!

I have heard that wheat grass shots can cost up to $5, just crazy although by no means I consider the container I bought cheap, more economical yes, but not cheap. The container I bought contains 30 servings, and was $17.99, but I know it will last us for a while. In any event, I think it is much better than $5 dollars a shot for sure!!

The texture of the smoothie was really ideal with the avocados and frozen bananas, which by the way it was the first time I used avocados for smoothies, and I really liked it. Also, if you like, you can add some fresh mint to give the smoothie a more refreshing taste…..just a thought :-)

Properties of two of the powerful ingredients used in this smoothie

Spirulina: Is a water plant (Seaweed)

  • Contains high concentrations of 18 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Rich in Chlorophyll
  • Contains ALL essential amino acids
  • 65% of Spirulina is Protein
  • Rich in gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) – an anti-inflammatory Omega 6 Fatty Acid
  • 100x the Vitamin A of Carrots
  • 50x the Iron of Spinach
  • 10x the Beta Carotene of Carrots
  • 7x the Calcium of Milk
  • 6x the Protein of Eggs
  • 3x More Iron Than Beef
  • Rich in Phytonutrients and antioxidants

Wheat Grass:

  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Cleanses the colon
  • Leads to a tangible energy boost
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Purifies blood as Chlorophyll has similar molecular structure to hemoglobin – a component of blood
  • Very rich in chlorophyll
  • Contains 97 enzymes, vitamins, phytochemicals and minerals in treatment of cancer
  • Contains more protein per once than beef.

This smoothie is definitely a keeper :-) The nutritional value on this smoothie is just out of this world so I hope you try it. If you are interested in drinking your nutrition here are other smoothies you may like as well:

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This smoothie was very creamy and thick. If you like it more liquid/juice like consistency stay tuned for other variations I will be making with this :-) By the way I didn’t use chia seeds this time around, I forgot :-)

These could also be frozen really well and eaten as a treat. The kids would love them….or at least mine do :-)

This smoothie is packed with great properties. The honey and the ginger of set the wheat grass flavor which it simply tastes like grass, not my kind of flavor :-)

Next time I use wheat powder I think I will also add parsley that has great antioxidant properties, and mint and ginger as well as lemon juice to mask the wheat grass flavor. It will be a more juice texture type of smoothie so stay tuned!!


to the max green smoothie

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4-6 servings


2 tablespoons wheat grass powder
1/2 tablespoon spirulina powder
2 avocados
3 cups fresh spinach
2 frozen bananas
4 cups almond milk, more if you like, any other type of milk will also work
1 tablespoon fresh ginger, chopped, I used ginger powder since I did not have any fresh on hand
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup flax seed meal, optional, I use it sometimes


Place all of the ingredients in your food processor and pulse until smooth. Serve immediately!

Nutrition facts are calculated based on 4 servings. This is high in magnesium, manganese, vitamin A, B6 and and vitamin C. You can decrease the sugar content by adding 2 tablespoons of honey instead and it will give 30 g of sugar, 53g total of carbohydrates.

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  1. A great idea to use honey instead of the sugar and butter mixture with the apples!

  2. Don’t be sorry! I love apple stuff. I’m going to continue posting only apple stuff for the rest of the month. :) And this cake looks amazing! Super moist looking and love the ingredients, as always.

  3. Ronja, you should try it I though it was awesome :-)

    Texanerin, I am planing on posting a lot of apple recipes for the upcoming weeks, I am really excited :-)

  4. How’d you create the nutrition values?

  5. Your recipes turn out very tasty and healthy, love it. I made the oreos ice-cream yesterday by replacing peanut butter with nutella and it came out so good. Kids loved the extra chocolate flavor that came with nutella.

    I want to make this cake today and want to know if I can use the butter milk that I have instead of the greek yogurt. Also will wholewheat flour work instead of pastry flour? Thanks much!

    • The whole wheat flour will make the cake tougher because is more dense. I would recommend getting the pastry flour instead. You can use the plain whole wheat flour for muffins and bread instead. I don’t think the buttermilk substitution in the cake will work, it will make the batter to liquid like. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Made this over Thanksgiving (after successfully trying your Cranberry Coffee Cake). Turned out perfectly! I subbed a combo of Brown Rice Flour and GF Flour for the whole wheat pastry flour (makes it a little more dense than what I think of for a cake, but still really good). I flipped mine onto the cake plate and let it cool there overnight before taking the pan off. I used Fuji apples since I had some leftover from my cranberry sauce.
    Thanks for another great recipe!

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