Super refreshing green juice

Lately I have been making quite a few different type of juices and this super refreshing green juice is just one of the many variations we have liked most.

super refreshing green juice

After getting my juicer about a couple of weeks ago I have been using it quite a lot. I want to start collecting my scraps to make cakes, muffins and such because with all the amount of juices I am making I hate to waste the fiber and the goodness from all these organic ingredients.

Variations are endless when it comes to making juices and while there are some vegetables my kids don’t enjoy mixing them with certain fruits camouflages the flavor so that they will drink them. The flavor they especially don’t like comes from beets. Adding apples and a bit of ginger or lemon makes the beet flavor much milder.

I love adding parsley to most my juices for the high amount of antioxidants it brings. Even though I use plenty while cooking I like to have it on its raw state.

Have you guys been juicing for a while? What are your favorite combinations? I love this super refreshing green juice because it tastes like something I have never tasted before. If you add the lemon it will add even more refreshing taste to it. All in all I think it is one of my favorite juices so far.

I am sure I am going to be posting many other variations shortly since I can’t get enough of my juicer. If you have any tricks on how to keep the scraps I would love to hear about them.


super refreshing green juice


Super refreshing green juice

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4 servings

Total Time: 5 minutes


  • 2 organic cucumbers
  • 1 big  head organic celery
  • 4 organic apples
  • 1/2 cup fresh parsley
  • 1 lemon, pealed, optional


Wash all your produce before putting through the juicer.

There is no need to peel them if fruits and vegetables are organic. If you can't afford organic produce or if it is not available to you just spray them with apple cider vinegar and wash very well.

I use mason jars to store my juice but it is best when the juice is consumed immediately!

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  1. A great idea to use honey instead of the sugar and butter mixture with the apples!

  2. Don’t be sorry! I love apple stuff. I’m going to continue posting only apple stuff for the rest of the month. :) And this cake looks amazing! Super moist looking and love the ingredients, as always.

  3. Ronja, you should try it I though it was awesome :-)

    Texanerin, I am planing on posting a lot of apple recipes for the upcoming weeks, I am really excited :-)

  4. How’d you create the nutrition values?

  5. Your recipes turn out very tasty and healthy, love it. I made the oreos ice-cream yesterday by replacing peanut butter with nutella and it came out so good. Kids loved the extra chocolate flavor that came with nutella.

    I want to make this cake today and want to know if I can use the butter milk that I have instead of the greek yogurt. Also will wholewheat flour work instead of pastry flour? Thanks much!

    • The whole wheat flour will make the cake tougher because is more dense. I would recommend getting the pastry flour instead. You can use the plain whole wheat flour for muffins and bread instead. I don’t think the buttermilk substitution in the cake will work, it will make the batter to liquid like. Thanks for visiting!

  6. Made this over Thanksgiving (after successfully trying your Cranberry Coffee Cake). Turned out perfectly! I subbed a combo of Brown Rice Flour and GF Flour for the whole wheat pastry flour (makes it a little more dense than what I think of for a cake, but still really good). I flipped mine onto the cake plate and let it cool there overnight before taking the pan off. I used Fuji apples since I had some leftover from my cranberry sauce.
    Thanks for another great recipe!

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