Irish cream avocado chocolate mousse

When making mousses my two main ingredients to turn to are avocados and soft tofu, you will be surprise as to how good these recipes can be by using these two ingredients. This Irish cream avocado chocolate mousse does not taste like avocado. Trust me, try it for yourself, it is much healthier and still delicious.

Irish cream chocolate mousse

You are going to be surprised at the amazing texture and delicious flavor you get by using avocados when making mousses. By no means this Irish cream avocado chocolate mousse tastes like avocados but because using avocados is much healthier than using heavy cream that is why I normally use. To be honest, even though avocados are healthier I like the texture, consistency and flavor much better.

If you haven’t tried to make mousse with avocados or soft tofu I suggest you do. The cocoa powder and the other ingredients in the recipe will mask any flavor coming from the avocados or tofu so don’t be afraid.

I asked my husband to guess the ingredients but he couldn’t, which means, he could not taste the avocado at all. This Irish cream avocado chocolate mousse is super decadent, delicate and out of this world. It is just simply delicious.

If you need a healthier recipe for St. Patrick’s day coming up this is it. Super easy to make too since there is no cooking or baking required and you can serve it with any topping of your choice. Chopped nuts would also be a great alternative but I decided to used some hulled hemp seeds which I can’t get enough of them lately.

I hope you get to try this Irish cream avocado chocolate mousse. It is simply sensational and delicious and does not taste like avocado so don’t be afraid.

If you like here is my other recipes that I have done in the past using avocado and soft tofu as well.


orange avocado mousse

Baileys chocolate mousse

Orange avocado mousse and Baileys tofu mousse. They are both out of this world and there is no avocado or tofu flavor at all.

Irish cream chocolate mousse

Irish cream chocolate mousse


Irish cream avocado chocolate mousse

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 2 servings

Total Time: 10 minutes




In your food processor add all the ingredients and combine until you obtain a homogenous mixture. You may add more maple syrup if you think the mixture is not sweet enough.

Serve with which ever topping you prefer. I used hulled hemp seeds but nuts work really well.

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  1. I love avo mousse, and thanks for the tip to try tofu! This looks amazing!

  2. Even my picky eaters will love this!

  3. I often make mousse with avocado, but I bet the tofu gives it a fluffy texture? cannot wait to try!

  4. Wow this looks great! My friend, you’ve me inspired to make this wonderful desert this weekend. Love your pictures too ;-)

  5. This is heaven! Will definitely give it a try, thanks for sharing this recipe :)

  6. What can be in place of Irish creme?

  7. Hello!

    I wanted to make an avocado mousse and wondered if I could substitute the irish cream for regular milk? I don’t eat or drink food with alcohol so wondered if milk would be okay.

    Thank you

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