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Have you made your own garlic paste before? Well if you haven’t you sure need to make this, especially if you are like me and use garlic for almost any of your cooking.

Garlic paste | Eat Good 4 Life

This garlic paste is out of this world. Few recipes have made such an impact on me but this one has totally revolutionized my cooking. Not only because I cook with garlic almost every day and using garlic paste saves me tons of time, but it also makes the food taste way better.

You see, having the garlic paste, rather than just a million little pieces of garlic, infuses its flavor into the food much better. It works great almost on anything but when making sauces the garlic paste really takes the recipe to the next level! Remember this spinach pasta with homemade tomato sauce recipe I posted a few weeks back? Well this is the recipe I tried with garlic paste that made me want to make my own, as my best friend gave me some of hers!

Granted when making this recipe you are going to be pealing garlic for at least 10 minutes, but what are 10 minutes when you are going to be saving tons of time for weeks to come?

I have tried many store bought garlic paste varieties before to find than none of them really actually tasted like garlic. So what did I do? Totally trash them. Now, I am not the one to throw food away but I just couldn’t bare to add none of the disgusting none sense flavor into my food.

This time around I made quite a bit of garlic paste so I froze half of my batch and placed the other in the fridge to be used immediately. I have been told that this will last for at least 3 months, both in the fridge or freezer so will see how it goes. So far so good.

I anticipate making the same thing with ginger. I cook a lot of Asian recipes and almost always I add ginger instead of garlic. I can’t wait to give that version a try so when I do I will let you know. For now I leave you with this simple sensational recipe that will sure revolutionized your cooking like it did to me.


Garlic paste | Eat Good 4 LifeGarlic paste | Eat Good 4 Life

Garlic paste | Eat Good 4 Life


Garlic paste

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 16 oz

Total Time: 20 minutes



Peel the cloves of garlic from all 5 heads. This will take you about 10 minutes but be patient, you will not be peeling garlic for a long while after this.

Place the pealed garlic cloves in your blender with the extra virgin olive oil and salt. Blend for 15-20 seconds and place in 8 oz glass jars. Freeze some of your batch if you like for up to 3 months. Stored in the fridge don't keep for longer than 2 wks to prevent botulism from developing.

NOTE: 1 tsp = 1 garlic clove


  1. i have seen the premade once for convenience without looking at the package..and oh my my it was full of preservatives. this is a much better version. thank you. 

    • Those preservatives are meant to save our lives, but I agree,that if we can take the time to process our own paste and freeze what we cannot use within a 2-week period, we will have better tasting dishes not using store-bought paste!  At least that’s what I understood our blogger to say, tho it did confuse me when she summarized with: “I have been told that this will last for at least 3 months, both in the fridge or freezer so will see how it goes.”

  2. This comes in handy for so many things – perfect!

  3. This stuff sounds pretty awesome! I hate chopping garlic, but loooove the flavor. How would you use it? How much paste equals one clove? Thanks!

  4. Did you get a about 2 cups of garlic from your 5 heads? I know fresh bulbs are always better but sometimes I buy the big bag of garlic at Costco and was wondering how much garlic cloves to use( in cups) with the same amount of EVOO.  Thanks I LOVE GARLIC. I eat baked garlic like Candy!!

    • I probably got a tad more, my heads where medium size I guess, it is hard to estimate exactly :-) I have used the garlic from Costco before and those tend to be smaller. I would use at least 8 of those, as mine were bigger than the Costco kind. I hope this helps.

  5. We are garlic junkies over here and I can’t wait to try this recipe! I’m gonna go buy some garlic in bulk, ha.

  6. I definitely need to do this… I use garlic just about every day too, and can’t wait to try this in my sauces :)

  7. I can  think of about a million things to use this in or with! Awesome!

  8. This is such a fantastic idea!  What a great way to infuse dishes with that wonderful garlic paste.  And I like the idea of not having to peel and chop garlic each time I cook.

  9. I’d eat this by the TBS… And then I would scare EVERYONE away (including VAMPIRES) lol!

  10. I have to make this too. An easy peasy recipe.

  11. Friend, what an awesomeeeee idea!!! I’ve never seen it before! This is so clever. I love it specially because garlic it is so good for your healthy. This is definitely a superfood recipe ;-)

  12. My husband would fall in LOVE with me over and over again if I made this for him. Honestly! The dude LOVES garlic-everything. :-D

  13. I love garlic but I’ve never used garlic paste! I have to change that!

  14. This sounds so delicious, Miryam! I love garlic! :-) 

  15. This sounds great.. An easier way to peel garlic… Place the whole head into a small jar.. Put lid on and shake for about a minute.. Result is peeled garlic…

  16. I have been making garlic paste for many years (being Lebanese) of course and I couldn’t agree more. I realize this is an old thread of comments from 2015, but judging from most of the faces you folks are all much younger than I am!!! Ha! Catering for a weeding soon for 150 adults and we are serving shish-kabob (lamb, beef and chicken) and all of the rods once skewered will be covered with garlic sauce and placed in refrigeration for 1 full day and grilled the next. When I make my garlic in small batches, I use a 200W Braun Smoothie Maker. 1-1/2 heads of garlic; 1 cup of Corn or Vegetable (not light) oil; 1/3rd cup of Real Lemon Juice; 1 level teaspoon of Mediterranean Sea Salt. Blend for 15 seconds and it’s thick as ice cream. Scoop out 3/4 and now you can make Garlic Dressing with the remainder in the cup. ADD Extra-Virgin Olive Oil; Real Lemon Juice; dried mint; black pepper and a splash of apple cider or rice wine vinegar…then blend for a few seconds. It’s great for an y salads with flat bread or pita bread, plus you can baste steaks, fish fillets, chicken or burgers on a grill as well. Caution: Only eat garlic if your significant other is going to eat it as well…..otherwise plan on sleeping in the dog house!!! Ha!

    • Dear Mr Josephs: Thank you for sharing both your Garlic Dressing & Garlic Paste recipe’s!  They must be scrumptious if you cater such large weddings!!  Your “dog-house” quip was pretty funny. Now I have a suggestion for you! Since you & your spouse enjoy adding fresh garlic paste to your Garlic Dressing recipe, maybe you would like to try ‘roasting’ your garlic instead??  Not only would it remove some of the strong flavor you speak of, but it would also require absolutely NO peeling since the roasting replaces this tedious process, plus you would not need the use of your immersion blender since roasting also handles the pulverizing!

      ROASTED GARLIC / 400° / 40 min. to 1 hour:
      Remove the loose layers of papery skin around heads of garlic then trim off tops about 1/4“ exposing cloves. Then arrange cut-side-up in foil. Drizzle EVOO letting it soak into & around cloves. Sprinkle salt or any flavoring you wish. Seal foil then place in oven-safe dish & roast till golden. “Exact roasting time will depend on the size of your garlic, the variety, and its age.” But it usually takes between 40 min. to 1 hour. (Start checking every 10 minutes at the 40 min. mark.) Roasting is complete once the center clove is completely soft & beginning to protrude slightly from skins. (Check by piercing with knife.) Let rest until cool enough to handle. Then gently squeeze whole bulbs starting from bottom to push garlic into small jars. Be sure to add some of the garlic-infused oil!  Roasted garlic will keep 2 weeks in frig & up to 3 months in freezer.  Good Luck!

      Roasted Garlic Uses: Sautés, pasta, savory dishes, stews, creamy dressings, spreads, dips, vinaigrettes, marinades, basting, garlic bread & jazzes up veggies, including mashed potatoes! Add to pestos, hummus & to your baba ganoush!

  17. I bet tis would be good frozen in ice cube trays then saved for later use

  18. I found a terrific, full flavored garlic puree (paste) that is habit forming and is easily infused into any recipe. Al Amir produces the puree that they have named GARLICO. The ingredients are as expected…garlic, vegetable oil, olive oil, salt and natural citric acid. Al Amir is a local restaurant in Portland but does sell GARLICO and their Hummus at our local Fred Meyers…Arguably the best garlic infused puree that I have ever tried. I cannot make it as well as they do…

    • Hmm  thx! I’m gonna try my best to keep a stash of homemade but [very] good to know for those unexpected crazy emergencies!

  19. To reiterate, give Garlico a “go”.  You will not be disappointed at all.  They also make a silky Hummus and an amazing Baba Ganoush…Cheers.  I do have one concern. FM will pull a product from the shelf i it is not selling. I cannot make the products as well as they do and other brands do not reach the level of quality and taste as theEl  Amir products do. You will not be disappointed and you will save loads of prep time.  

  20. “Peeled”

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