Chocolate peanut butter overnight oats

Overnight oats is something that I like to make often. It is one type of breakfast that will keep me full longer especially well into lunch time. I love to start the day with something healthy, full of fiber and nutritious. When it comes to overnight oats variations are endless. Today I made this chocolate peanut butter overnight oats that my kids certainly enjoyed. Fast, easy and delicious!

Chocolate peanut butter overnight oats | Eat Good 4 Life

At last I get to post a recipe.

It has been a hectic last 2-3 weeks with PA school. We have just got done completing our summative week and I hope everything went well for me.

We got 2 physical encounters with standardized patients, which I think I did really well, and then one crazy written exam. A lot of you wished me well and sent positive energy and vibes so I hope that worked on my favor. I really want to be done with PA school, travel a little, enjoy my family and eventually start working.

I just need a few months to recharge my energy and eventually start my career as a PA. It has been a very busy, overwhelming past 2 yrs so I think a break is in order.

Anyways, onto this amazing chocolate peanut butter overnight oats bowl recipe.

I love making overnights oats not only because they are super easy to prepare, like 10 minutes max, but because it is super healthy, feeling and tastes super awesome.

I have made a blueberry and coconut overnight oats version that it is also magnificent. If you have not tried to make overnight oats yet I really encourage to do so. I think you will not be dissapointed.

As you may know, this coming summer I am going back to my beloved Spain for almost 2 1/2 months. While in Spain we are going to do some traveling and for a few days I will get to go to Morocco.

I will be going with my best friend, but can you believe that we will be in the Sahara desert in July? We are going to melt but that was the only time that we could make it. We are going to be taking cooking classes and learning about Moroccan cuisine. I really can’t wait.

I will be posting a lot of Moroccan recipes upon my return as well as a lot of pictures and things to do if you ever make it of that part of the world. Stay tuned for that. I think Morocco is going to be epic.

Anyways, I leave you with this amazing chocolate peanut butter overnight oats that I hope you get to try soon. Super easy, healthy and delicious to say the least.


Chocolate peanut butter overnight oats | Eat Good 4 Life


Chocolate peanut butter overnight oats

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 22-26 servings

Total Time: 10 minutes





In large mixing bowl mix all the ingredients. You may need a bit more milk if you like. I prefer mine a bit more liquid like than pudding consistency so I added more. Place mixture in the refrigerator overnight and eat the next morning.

This recipe will keep in your refrigerator covered in a  glass container for up to 1 week. You can also add any type of nuts or protein powder if you like.

NOTE: You can half the recipe if you don't like to make such a big quantity.

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  1. Wow! These look so amazing. I can’t eat oats so would have to sub that out with puffed rice or something similar but I can’t wait to try these in a week or two when I get a chance to make them. Thanks for the recipe. Will let you know how they turn out :D

  2. Love this recipe so much. Thanks for sharing. Pinning it ;-)

  3. I love using dates in desserts! I too find them so easy to eat! These look so great!

  4. I love all the layers! Who would have thought those decadent treats are even good for you!

  5. These are absolutely amazing, Miryam!!!

  6. Love the layers! I need to do more with dates!

  7. This was a bit problematic for me. First, the middle layer was a bit liquedy and not like pizza doe so I added more almond flour thinking that would make it more doughey but that did not work, so I poured it in. Of course, the caramel layer is next so I knew that would be problematic. I followed the directions exactly so I placed the caramel ingredients in the food processor. OOPS it tells you later to add the peanuts, that were listed in the ingredients so now they are itty bitty pieces in the caramel mix. I had to add a lot more than 3 T water probably more than double. I layered it on the middle almond layer carefully because it was liquid. There was a note at the bottom about hydrating the dates. Mine weren’t really dry but that would be a nice notation in the caramel layer area. It is in the freezer now so I don’t know how this will taste but so far I feel like a failure.

  8. Oh no, so sorry. The peanuts are suppose to remain whole that is why you add them later on when the caramel layer is smooth in consistency. The amt of water is noted in the recipe in which you may have to add more. Depending on the dates you are using you may have to use more or less. As far as the middle layer, if yours was not doughy enough adding more almond flour should have worked. Well, I hope they come out of the freezer the right consistency. Since the layers will solidify the recipe maybe safe. Let me know how it turns out. I hope it is edible! Sorry yours didn’t turn out as planned.

  9. I would love to try so many of the great looking and sounding recipes that you have. But,many of them call for dates. Which I LOVE but just eating one or two of them give me lots of (being said in a low whisper) gas.

  10. Hi, these look amazing. Almond flour is so expensive. Could you suggest an alternative? Wild ground almonds work?
    Thanks :)

  11. AWESOME! I had these on my wish list for months before finding an excuse to make them – a dinner party with my gluten free sister in law. I thought I could get away with making them in a mini food processor, but that didn’t work, so I transferred it to the magic bullet, that didn’t work either. Took forever to get a workable consistency on the caramel layer. But they turned out great tasting! So I bought a big food processor just to be able to make these ALL THE TIME. Only been 3 times now, but I plan on making them tonight. I also had an issue with the flour layer not looking like “dough”, but I just layer it on anyways and it’s fine. Each time they turn out a little different but they always taste amazing! These are a hit every time I share them!!! THANK YOU! :)

    • Yes having a powerful food processor helps a lot :-) I am glad you are so persistent with the recipe and that you like it so much. That caramel layer is a bit more work. I need to make it again soon!

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