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Slowly but surely people are finding their way into my blog. It is becoming quite popular by reaching more people every day, and for that, I am thankful.

Professional recipe development

Developing recipes is an art, a science and my passion. I have been developing recipes for years. Eat Good 4 Life can help you develop amazing nutritious and appetizing recipes with ingredients that are current and which have staying power for your brand and product, so lets get together and do this shall we?

Sponsored posts

Eat Good 4 Life is open to Product Reviews, Giveaways and Special Promotions that will fit with the theme and mission of the Eat Good 4 Life and its community. Let me share your business with us if you think you are a good fit.


We offer a variety of options for ads on Advertising in the right sidebar of this blog offers different sizes, placements, and time commitments.

Freelance food writing

Miryam Quinn Doblas (Eat Good 4 Life) is available to write editorial content for your website or publication. I am currently the freelance expert writer for the Low-Fat category at

Travel reviews

I actually love to travel! Visiting your headquarters, touring your facility, and getting to know your food product is very exciting. Eat Good 4 Life community always likes to hear about our travel experiences so if there’s a place you want us to visit and share contact me.

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