Vegetable tofu stir-fry

Have you ever tried to make your own vegetable stir-fry? It is super easy, delicious, healthy and it can be prepared in no time.

vegetable and tofu stir-fry

Vegetable stir-fry is something that I tend to prepare a lot for quick meals during the week. It is one of my favorite dishes to make especially because I can modify the recipe with endless variations by using different types of protein as well as vegetables. I have made this same recipe using chicken and shrimp, but since tofu is more economical I tend to use this type of protein more often.

I always get organic extra firm tofu to cook for my stir-fry with. I feel it keeps the tofu whole and not into little crumbled pieces which is what happens with other softer varieties. Trust me, I have used them in the past and the end result isn’t that pretty. Extra-firm tofu is the way to go.

You can serve this vegetable tofu stir-fry with brown rice or egg noodles. Most often that not I use brown rice. I have a rice cooker so serving rice it is easier for me. I also was able to use my Kitchen Aid 13 cup food processor to slice my veggies. This machine works wonders. It chops, slices, mixes food in a matter of seconds. It is the best most powerful food processor I have ever owned.

If you like Asian inspired food you will love this vegetable tofu stir-fry. To obtain the recipe just click on the link to be directed to the Kitchen Aid blog where you will find this recipe and many more.

I hope you like this stir-fry. Let me know if you get to try it.



  1. Thanks for the tip on the type of tofu, can’t wait to try this!

  2. This is just lovely, my friend! I’ve gotta try this easy and tasty recipe asap!

  3. fish saus? Vegan? wtf?

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