Valentine’s baking treats

Chocolate mousse cake

So every one knows Valentine’s its just in a couple of days……yeap…..I am pretty sure :-)

Well just a quick round up for those that still don’t have any baking ideas for their valentine……or even if you don’t have a valentine maybe you just want to have something special for the day :-)

All of the desserts are a little bit healthier than other regular versions out there. The taste it is totally there so I hope you try some of them so don’t be afraid to the word healthier. That doesn’t mean these are not good….trust me….they are :-)

Anyhow, happy valentine’s day to all my friends, family and followers!!


Sugar cookies with home made sprinkles                      Coconut valentine’s cookies

Valentine’s coconut cranberry mini cupcakes               Chocolate valentine’s cookies

Healthier chocolate brownies                            White and pink meringues for your valentine

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  1. This is my first time finding this website. The recipes look simple and delicious. Thank you for posting.

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