Thai basil tofu with zucchini

I have made this Thai basil tofu with zucchini twice this week already. The first time turned out better than the second round. The last time I made it I added too much soy sauce but it was still edible!

Thai tofu basil with zucchini | Eat Good 4 Life

Lucky for you, in the recipe, the changes have been noted so that you can get the best result possible. The way I got the thai basil tofu with zucchini the first time I made it. I love this dish and I will be making this over and over again. Thai food is my ultimate favorite cuisine.

While I got the Thai basil paste at my local Asian market you can still get it through Amazon. If you have an Asian market around where you live I am sure you will find it there.

The flavor of Thai basil is very unique. It is very different from regular basil. If you can’t find Thai basil regular basil will have to suffice.

You can also make this recipe with chicken or any other protein of your choice. I have seen it done with chicken most but any veggies and protein you like to use for this recipe would be fine.

I love the fact that this recipe takes just about 15-20 minutes to make…the rice takes longer to cook it is that quick. Subsequent times I will be trying this Thai basil tofu with zucchini with rice noodles. I will let you know how it tastes but I believe it will be equally good.

I hope you get to try this recipe. If you like Thai food you will love this one.


Thai tofu basil with zucchini | Eat Good 4 Life     Thai tofu basil with zucchini | Eat Good 4 LifeThai tofu basil with zucchini | Eat Good 4 Life


Thai tofu basil with zucchini

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4 servings

Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 16 oz extra-firm tofu, cut into small pieces
  • 3 large zucchinis, cut into small pieces
  • 1 small onion, sliced
  • 3 cups fresh Thai basil
  • 4 tbsp Thai basil paste
  • 2 tbs honey, or coconut sugar
  • 2 tbs soy sauce, gluten free if needed
  • 1 tbs water
  • 2 cups brown rice
  • Pepper flakes, optional


In a large skillet, over medium to high heat, add the thai basil paste and tofu and brown for 5 minutes stirring occasionally. On the meantime, in a small bowl mix the water, soy sauce and honey, set aside.

Add the zucchini and onions to the skillet and cook until soft stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes, or until the veggies are soft.

Add the soy sauce mixture, thai basil to the skillet and stir. Turn heat off and sprinkle some pepper flakes if using. Serve over brown rice or rice noodles.

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 5.30.46 PM


  1. Low calorie, low carb…a perfect dinner!

  2. I had a hankering for tofu the other night so I bought 8 packages! I have already used up a couple and my husband loved the meal, so time to venture out some more and give this a try! I always get a bit upset when people turn their nose up at tofu because it is really good!

  3. This looks great! Thanks for including the nutrition information!

  4. I just can’t get enough of Thai dishes! It’s also one of my top 3 cuisines! I just love new ways to make tofu, like this great recipe!

  5. I used Thai kitchen green curry paste still came out amazing

  6. Love this – it looks so flavorful and fabulous! I must go out in search of Thai basil paste. Love the photos! Yum!

  7. I’ve only tried tofu twice and I wasn’t a huge fan.. but I honestly think I might need to give it another try!

  8. This looks so yummy! I have been looking for a good tofu recipe and can’t wait to try this.

  9. I never think to make tofu but this dish looks lovely! Love all that fresh basil flavor…yum!

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