Slow cooker turmeric chicken with spinach

Lately I have been trying to get my slow cooker out since I don’t have that much time to cook anymore. I was a little bit skeptical about making this recipe in it but after it was done the result was just plain sensational. This slow cooker turmeric chicken with spinach it is going to become a regular recipe I make from time to time.

Slow cooker turmeric chicken with spinach | Eat Good 4 Life
My kids love chicken as well as Indian flavors. I wanted to incorporate some vegetables in the recipe however I didn’t want to cook them together with the chicken. All I did was add the fresh spinach after the chicken was done, which it wilted in just about a few minutes. It was perfect.I am glad I was able to double the batch because when the recipe was done I actually froze half of it to have later during the week. This is key for me right now, if you are as busy as me saving time in the kitchen by making bigger batches is actually working for us. This is a recipe that can be frozen easily.

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Next week I will be making this recipe again. Prep time is just about 10-15 minutes. Super easy, delicious and fast to put together.


Slow cooker turmeric chicken with spinach | Eat Good 4 LifeSlow cooker turmeric chicken with spinach | Eat Good 4 Life
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  1. The slow cooker is such a wonderful invention! It saves so much time and makes dinner so much easier. This looks like such a yummy dinner!

  2. I love cooking with turmeric and make a similar recipe on the stove. I love that you used your slow cooker for this recipe and need to give it a try – it would sure make dinner prep easier.

  3. I need to go check out the recipe! It sounds perfect for me.

  4. This sounds so hearty and wholesome! I am loving this!

  5. im all about slow cooker or quick recipes lately. this totally fits my idea of a dinner.

  6. Not only does this look good, I love how healthy it is also!

  7. Oh GOODNESS…this recipe has me drooling!!!

  8. I was craving some Indian food and didn’t know what to make for dinner tonight. Thanks for this great recipe. Heading to the market now!

    • How did this Indian chicken slow-cooker recipe work out for you??  I wish more people would pass along their comments AFTER they have tried the recipe so that we can know what and what not to do.  

  9. I don’t have a slow cooker, how long should I cook o no thanks the hob for and what temp?

    • If you don’t do it in the slow cooker and the chunks of chicken are not to big I would say at least 15-20 minutes over medium heat. Just check after 10 minutes to see how cooked the chicken is and keep checking there after every so many minutes. I hope this helps.

  10. There’s no recipe on

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