Quinoa Vegetable wrap

At last a savory recipe right? With all the cookies, muffins and cakes I think a savory recipe is about time. This quinoa vegetable wrap is fantastic. My kids love it and you can use any filling ingredients of your choice.

Quinoa vegetable wrap


This quinoa vegetable wrap is excellent for a quick healthy lunch. I tend to prepare these quite often as my kids enjoy them quite a bit. I love the fact they are very versatile as well. I sometimes even make them for dinner when I have no idea what to make and I need something quick.

For this recipe I kept the wraps vegan but I sometimes add sliced turkey and cheese as well. My kids like either one, the thing they request is that I use hummus. For some reason they just love it.

You can also use any type of wraps of your choice. If you need this to be gluten I am sure you can find gluten free wraps. I have before.

This quinoa vegetable wrap is super easy to put together. For the recipe go to Nuts.com  Make your own variations but if you make mine I  hope you like it.


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