Quinoa tabbouleh salad

Have you used quinoa for making salads before? This quinoa tabbouleh salad not only is easy but it is healthy, dairy and gluten free.

Quinoa tabbolueh salad

With the hot weather upon us I tend to make more and more salads. Not just with greens but all sorts of types of ingredients. I love using quinoa because it is very versatile. I am thinking of including more quinoa recipes in the blog, or maybe I will just wait to do that for the cookbook. Will see.

Quinoa is readily available but if you want to get high quality organic quinoa I suggest you visit nuts.com for their fantastic top of the line products.

On another note, my computer has crashed yet again today again. The fourth time in 3 months to be exact and the computer is just about a year old…I so over Mac. Their return policy sucks…oh wait!  THEY HAVEN’T GOT ONE. That is right, “If you get a lemon, you will be stuck with a lemon so good luck with that one.” That should be Apple’s slogan… for real!

Anyways, I won’t board you with my computer problems.

To get the recipe for this quinoa tabbouleh salad go on over to nuts.com. Make sure you browse their many items they offer.

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  1. awwww.. miryam.. thanks for the mention and the kind words. Can’t wait for you to try the jalapeno popper sandwich. thanks for crediting me, but the real credit goes to Giada… haha. love your photos… and great idea on adding the parsley. I see you used more garlic.. always a good idea. Thanks again! Glad you liked it. :-)

  2. Um, there’s going to be an infestation when I’m there? Really? :(

    And are you saying that I can eat as much 100% whole grain pasta I want and it doesn’t affect blood sugar? With super healthy, homemade sauce. I always thought that although whole grains are better, they still can affect you in a bad way. But that’s just by going by stuff I read so you know, I really have no idea.

    • Well it would but not like the white pasta counterparts :-) Carbs have to been consumed even for diabetics. Just having a well balance and portion size controlled diet, and you are good to go :-) Carbs are not a bad thing! The good carbs though :-)

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