Quinoa pancakes

I am in love with these quinoa pancakes. I haven’t made pancakes in for ever but now that I have made these I know I will be making them more often from now on.

Quinoa pancakes | Eat Good 4 Life

My kids totally love pancakes so when I told them I was making quinoa pancakes they were a little bit taken back. That only lasted for so long because the minute they try them they didn’t care anymore.

I love using quinoa when ever possible because it is full of protein, rich in B-vitamins, fiber, and it is gluten free… and lets not forget it tastes great. I also use quinoa for some recipes that call for brown rice. I use quinoa instead and it works like a charm.

Have you tried quinoa before? I have several friends that have never tried it before. To me that is odd but I guess not everyone is into food like I am.

As always, you can serve these quinoa pancakes however you wish. When it comes to toppings pancakes are very versatile so get creative. I used some pecans and plane old maple syrup which in my book is just perfect. Maybe some added fresh fruit will be great as well. I have seen many elaborate pancake toppings but in my house we just keep our pancakes simple.

To get the recipe for this quinoa pancakes visit my friends at Nuts.com. Don’t forget to browse around for any other heath ingredients you may need for your baking and cooking. They have a large variety of healthy flours, nuts, seeds, dried fruit and much more.



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  1. Yes, yes, yes! And more broccoli for me please!

  2. Looks delish! I have just recently tried quinoa and have been looking for new recipes. As far as nutrition content..about how many servings do you get from one recipe?

  3. yum, looks so good Miryam, i love quinoa too lately. it’s so healthy and i feel i’m full for the most part if i eat it with a protein. :-)

  4. Looks OMG! I can’t wait for that quinoa cake! I’m intrigued! You are the queen of healthy interesting desserts!

  5. This looks so good! I couldn’t find either type of sauce at my local grocery store. Is the sweet chili sauce the same as sriacha? I’m going to try to look for alternatives….

    • No it is not. Is like a sweet and sour sauce, like the duck sauce packages you get when you order Chinese food. Sriacha is a lot spicier than the sweet and chili sauce. I hope you can find an alternative :-)

  6. Made this today…..Have never had quinoa before and this was awesome!!

  7. This dish is so delicious. I made it at 9:30 in the morning so I was eating it for breakfast.
    Used toasted slivered almonds instead of the peanuts.

  8. Is the calories listed for 1 serving or entire recipe? Thanks! PS I LOVE your blog, AMAZING!

  9. Great, thanks! One more thing…. What setting do you use on your rice cooker when you are making quinoa?

    • I always use my white rice setting for everything like quinoa and brown rice. Surprisingly it works that way. I used the brown rice setting once and it took for ever!! The white rice setting work for me :-)

  10. Has anyone tried this without the eggs as its not vegan with the eggs in it

  11. What is broccoli slaw?

  12. Is like grated veggies like carrots, cabbage, broccoli etc

  13. This looks delicious… Thanks!!!
    How do you “cook” broccoli in the microwave? Do you add water or just place the raw broccoli on a plate?

  14. I made this salad on Sunday, it truly is delicious. I feel that Chicken is the only missing ingredient, really any meat for that matter. I ended up adding a bit more of the sauce (I love sauce).
    I would say serving size is close to 8 – 10…feel as if I made enough for a small army!

    Thank you for posting, truly delicious!

  15. So is this kind of a warm salad then? Do you reheat the leftovers before eating it?

  16. I made this for dinner tonight. Paired it with a grilled chicken breast, even my picky eater husband eat it all. Didn’t add the cilantro ( can’t stand the taste) all in all will make it again.

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