Pumpkin pie chia seed pudding

Here you have my first pumpkin recipe of the season, pumpkin pie chia seed pudding. This recipe is healthy, gluten-free and vegan. It literally just takes 5 minutes to make and will keep you full longer since it is very rich in fiber.

Pumpkin pie chia seed pudding | Eat Good 4 Life

Have you tried to make your own chia seed pudding before? If you haven’t I encourage you to start wit this pumpkin pie chia seed pudding. If you like pumpkin you will love this recipe. I actually keep mine in individual jars so that I can also eat it on the go.

While in school, this was one of the snacks I used to take with me. So convenient.

Chia seeds are very rich in Omega 3’s, a natural anti-inflammatory and very rich in fiber. It is one of many ingredients I always keep my pantry well stocked. It is so versatile that you can add it to smoothies, cereal, yogurt etc I like to have them raw to be able to obtain all of their properties but I have also since them added to pancakes, waffles, muffins and many more baking recipes.

If you would like to start making your own chia seed pudding visit my friends at Nuts.com You can purchase the seeds there as well as many more healthy ingredients. Any kind of nuts, dried fruits, flours, seeds etc you would need for your baking and cooking.

For this amazing and healthy pumpkin pie chia seed pudding make sure you visit the link.


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  1. Noooo! Not stuff with concentrate! I only say that because it doesn’t exist here. And it bums me out because I also want really, really lemony desserts. Boo! :(

    Your pictures aren’t gloomy at all. They definitely made me happier, even though the concentrate thing had made me sad. Lemon can never be gloomy. Your post has put me on an emotional rollercoaster. Haha.

    And I’ll have to try that crust!

  2. Texanerin,

    sorry :-( that stinks you don’t have any in Germany. I really love it though. I am sure that with real lemons it will also be ok, I just find the lemon concentrate to really bring the lemon flavor to another dimension. I just love lemon!!

    Yes, you should try the crust. It is really good and full of healthy goodness :-)

  3. This sounds like the perfect refreshing summery dessert! I’m looking for something to bring to a picnic tomorrow. . .this may be it!

  4. this recipe is GENIUS. it looks crazy good.. perfect for people who are into eating healthier desserts. GREAT JOB!

  5. Jessica,

    I hope your friends like it. I think it is super good :-)

    Honey, thanks. The pictures don’t make this cake justice. I am making it again soon and I am going to change the pictures. These are very dull, plus they don’t look as good as they should :-)

  6. Hi

    Do you have a magic button to click for printing the recipe only, without all the (lovely) blurb? I thought you had one, but today I can;t seem to find it??

  7. Nancy,

    when I go to the printer button it does let me print without pictures and all.

    Maybe there is something wrong with the servers so I suggest you wait a few minutes.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. How do you make the lemon decorations for the top? Is it just sliced fresh lemon or is it candied?

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