Panko Baked Chicken Nuggets

I have never bought chicken nuggets before and for sure I will never do. There are super easy to make and making your own is way. If you like chicken nuggets these Panko Baked Chicken Nuggets recipes is a great variation. My kids love them!

Panko baked chicken nuggets | Eat Good 4 Life
We all know how unhealthy chicken nuggets can be loaded with fake ingredients often times with artificial flavors, colorants and preservatives. These Panko Baked Chicken Nuggets recipe is a great variation which is simple and very easy. You don’t even have to dip the chicken pieces into beaten eggs, just the panko mixture and bake away!

Chicken nuggets can be fried and breaded in many different ways making them even unhealthier, but this recipe is actually baked. This recipe is very popular in my household and my kids love them.

You could even freeze these Panko Baked Chicken Nuggets already breaded and then just bake an extra 2-4 minutes when ever you are ready to make them. They are a great healthier alternative to the conventional store bought.

You can season the breadcrumbs as you wish and use this breading mixture with a firm fish as well. I have done this before using tilapia and it works very well.

On another note,

on Friday I was able to tape for a Spanish TV station a program that I have been watching for a long time. It is called Madrileños por el mundo. It is a show in which people from Madrid that live around the world show case how they live in their current city. For me is NJ of course. Let me tell you how fun that was. It was exhausting but loads of fun.

Because I live in NJ I was able to show them many interesting cites. You will be able to see it in about a month. They also taped my family and my house so you will be able to see my kitchen and where the magic takes place. I will be sure to upload the video on my blog.

Anyhow, if you like chicken nuggets and normally buy them I suggest you start making them from scratch. They are super easy to make and much healthier for you.


Panko baked chicken nuggets | Eat Good 4 Life

Panko baked chicken nuggets | Eat Good 4 Life

Panko baked chicken nuggets | Eat Good 4 Life

Panko baked chicken nuggets | Eat Good 4 Life



Baked chicken nuggets

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4 servings

Total Time: 25 minutes


  • 1 1/2 lb organic chicken breast, cut into cubes
  • 2 cups panko breadcrumbs
  • 1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp celtic salt



Preheat oven to 375F. Line a square baking pan with foil paper and set aside.

Place the panko, parmesan, garlic powder and salt in a medium mixing bowl and combine.

Bread each chicken piece by coating it in the panko mixture and place in the baking pan. Bake for 8-10 minutes on each side.

For the last 2-4 minutes I put them under the broiler on high to brown a little bit.

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  1. OMGGGGGGGGg.. this is so my kinda food… flavored meat that is cooked to death… I love it. I made Moroccan Chicken once for an old bf, he so didn’t deserve it, haha! I put green olives and lots of lemon… this looks insane. Bookmarking your version too.

  2. This looks seriously fabulous. I love the exotic flavors and the chicken looks like it is falling off the bone. Yum!

  3. very interesting way to cook chicken with eggplants, all the spices in this recipe is soo exotic. Will have to try this out soon :) :) the picture is so mouth watering!

  4. This does sound exotic! Very interesting. You’re getting creative with your chicken recipes. :)

    I’m unsure about eggplant, though. It’s a vegetable, but it’s purple. Hmm. Maybe there’s a chance I’ll like it! But probably not. I’ll try one day, though!

  5. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I made it last night for dinner and it was a hit; the flavors, the aroma, the deliciousness it all turned out very well. I didn’t have couscous so used barley instead and added raisins and almonds….perfect! Will definitely be making it again! Thanks again!

  6. Janet Jones,

    thanks for letting me know. I am glad is was to a hit at your house. We love this and for sure I will be making this for time to come :-)

  7. I don’t have a pan like this one, is there an alternative that would work? A saucepan maybe?

  8. Nicolezebra,

    for sure, just make sure is a bit deep though!!

  9. Thanks! Gonna try it out tonight, it looks great

  10. Wow!! looking delicious to me.I definitely try this at my home.
    Couscous recipes

  11. I am confused about the eggplant. You say to leave the eggplant UNPEELED. Isn’t the peel tough? Does one eat the peel? I have had the insides of eggplant many times, but never the peel. Could you please explain? Thank you.

  12. Tammy,

    yes I do include the peel. I have always have eggplant with the peel in it. It will cook down and will not be so tough if that is what you are worried about but if you rather peel it it is fine too :-)

    I hope you like the dish!!

  13. I have a ? I live in Japan and we really don’t have much Indian seasoning. I have everything but turmeric will it make a difference? Or is there a substitute for it?

  14. Gina,

    you will be fine without it!! I hope you like the dish.

  15. I made this dish last night and it came out exceptional. Tastiest chicken I have had in a long time. Perfect recipe.

  16. Hi, this recipe looks great; I can’t wait to try it. Could you please give me an idea of the total weight of the chicken required for this recipe?

  17. This sounds so wonderful! I have a question: I’m not too familiar with Marjoram…I have ground Majoram but 2 Tbsps seems like a lot. In the recipe is it ground Majoram or should I be looking for it as a whole leaf spice or fresh? Can’t wait to try this!

    • I actually used all but if you think the flavor will be too much you can just do one tablespoon. Using the powder form will be just fine. I have the dried leafy version of it :-) Let me know how it turns out. Thanks for visiting.

  18. I tried this recipe about two months ago and have made this at LEAST every other week since! My husband and I love this. I actually adapted it for the crock pot recently as well and use chicken breasts when I do- it comes out really well. Thank you for this recipe, it’s a staple now!

  19. This looks good , will be a great change from my usual Indian meal. Great photos.Was wondering how do you calculate calories??

  20. Made this with mushrooms instead of eggplant (aubergine in the UK) and it was great. Thanks for another great recipe x

  21. Is this spicy? Or sweet?

  22. Hello, I’m going to attempt to make this tomorrow for a girls party! From reading all of the amazing comments, I can’t wait to make it! Just a quick question, can I prepare it a day before?

  23. Thank you Miryam .. I tried this recipe today and we loved it . definitely a keeper :-)

  24. Made this tonight and it was great. After making the sauce, I cooked it with the chicken in the oven in two pans and served over brown rice. My husband even said it was good and he’s not a very adventurous eater. Can’t wait to explore more of your recipes.

  25. This looks amazing. I can’t wait to try it! I have all the spices except ground fennel, could I use fennel seed or maybe anise extract instead?

  26. I made this chicken and I am confused , followed the reciepe exactly as posted. The marjoriam turned the chicken and sauce gray. What did I do wrong? the majoram was ground and I used 2tbs like the reciepe called for. Would like to try this again but need to know what went wrong and if anyone had this happen to them.

  27. Excellent receipt – very tasty!
    Thank you!

  28. I don’t understand. It says it yields 8 servings but it calls for 24 pieces of chicken. That big should be each serving? I was trying to adapt this recipe for a small family of two but chances are I’m going to mess up the conversions :(

  29. I must be the only crazy one here but in the list of ingredients it never mentions tomatoes but when describing the process it says to put the tomatoes in. ??? Did I miss something? How many tomatoes and i would assume they’re chopped up?  

  30. Moroccan Chicken3rd item in ingredients list is 2 chopped tomatoes!!  

  31. Wow! Amazing!  My first time cooking with eggplant. All the flavors are so great! (And I’m a huge cilantro fan so that was the “icing on the cake”!)

  32. I just made this for dinner so delicious. Thank you.

  33. Hi, this looks like an interesting recipe, we are a chicken loving family always on the lookout for new recipes! I do have a question, does the recipe use 2 chopped tomatoes only or 4 tomatoes total incorprated twice? The ingredients list tomatoes twice….

  34. Hello! Would love to try this in a roasting pan in oven. Any thoughts on temperature and bake time?? Also, perhaps will
    Need more liquid/sauce ??

  35. I love to entertain and make different foods from around the world.  Middle Eastern, and South East Asia are probably my favorite to make.  I’m looking forward to making this dish, including the couscous for a dinner party this week.  But, the Moroccan Couscous site now takes me to a completely different site.  This just occurred in the past two days, for I have purchased all the ingredients for the orginal recipe that I had pinned.  I have now combined two different recipes for the Moroccan couscous but would like to make the original that you had attached to your Moroccan Chicken.  

    • Are you going to the recipe straight from Pinterest? Sometimes that happens and I hate it. I have no idea how I can stop that :-( I am so sorry is redirecting you somewhere else, however, you can search all my Moroccan recipe under the recipe tab and go to the Moroccan section. Have fun at your dinner party :-)

  36. I cooked it, and found it… tangy, sharp and generally a bit unpleasant. I was unamused all this bloody effort went to a dish that I found… vinegary.
    I added a good table spoon or two of honey to it, fixed it right up!

    Cilantro, you British folks, is Chinese curled parsley, known technically to you and me as ‘parsley’. Which is to say, when you go to Tesco and see flat leaf parsley, that will do, but the dark green, curly parsley is your man. 

  37. Helen
    Cilantro isn’t curly parsley, it is the plant that comes from coriander seed,  used extensively in Mexican and Asian food. It has a strong and distinct aroma. Some people love it, some hate it. In New Mexico it is probably 20 to 1 love to hate. We eat it in everything from eggs to cheese to guacamole. I don’t think either type of parsley will make a satisfactory substitute but I would think flat leaf parsley would bee good in it on it’s own.

    Try adding dried apricots if you want it sweeter or chile caribe (not too much) if you want It spicier.

    Eggplant skin is purple but the inside is sort of creamy colored and full of seeds. It is all edible but then so are are potato skins and people discard them as well. Japanese eggplant is much smaller than the common “aubergene” or globe eggplant, maybe six inches around and an inch or so in diameter. Its skin is delicate and  tasty, scoop some up if you find it in the market.

    Something else that would be excellent added to this dish would be chick peas or okra but then it wouldn’t be this dish any more would it?

  38. Looks scrumptious:) we will make this this weekend ams include some black olives. Thanks for sharing!

  39. This is delicious! I changed it  a little bit by coating chic with garlic, cumin, paprika, coriander salt & pepper- let it sit for 30 min. Then seared the chicken to get a little color. Then followed the instructions as listed. Very tasty! 

  40. This looks and sounds delicious.  I’ll surely be making it.  I’m watching my carbs and I’m wondering what is making this dish close to 70 carbs?

    Thanks for your help!

  41. This was amazing.  I didn’t have an eggplant so I left it out but used everything else as written and it was amazing.  

  42. Thank you for the excellent recipe! My whole family enjoyed the dish. Even my very picky 15 year old! In addition to the eggplant, I added zucchini and carrots to the dish and served it with whole wheat couscous studded with apricots and raisins. Looking forward to making this dish for my friends. Cheers

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