My Top 16 Christmas gift baking ideas

With Christmas just around the corner and the baking season on full swing, I figured I post this round up of some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas from the blog.

Could I entice you to choose some of these goodies and add them to your Christmas baking list this year?

I am not making all of them myself, but from these sixteen I have chosen to make six. I think that is plenty :-)

I have actually made up a three day schedule in which I will bake two of them at a time, baking the cookies last!! It should not be bad at all, I just hope they ship intact :-)

From the goodies posted I have added two of my most pinned blog recipes those being the cinnamon sugared walnuts and my oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies which I will be making both!!

Anyhow, I hope you choose some of these treats for your upcoming Christmas baking gifts. Let me know if you do…


1. Whole wheat sugar cookies with home made sprinkles
2. White chocolate popcorn
3. Sugared cranberries
4. Healthier monster cookies
5. Candied peanuts
6. Irish cream pistachio fudge
7. Peanut butter and white chocolate fudge
8. Black bean chocolate chip cookies- Gluten Free

1. Godgi berry and chocolate chip cookies- Gluten Free
2. The ultimate healthier oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies
3.The ultimate chocolate chip and coconut cookies
4. Toffee
5. Chewy ginger and molasses cookies
6. Cinnamon sugared walnuts
7. Cinnamon caramel sauce
8. Rum raisin truffles

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  1. Yum at all of these! You have some lucky friends and family. :) Tomorrow I’m baking three types of cookies and keeping most of the dough in the freezer. Then I’ll take out what I need for class, parties, birthdays, etc and bake. I’m too tired to be making different cookies all the time. And it saves dishes. :) Love this list! I’ll have to work on making some more of the ones I haven’t made on your list.

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