Mixed berry Sweet and sour drink

Mixed berry sweet and sour drink from eatgood4life.com
Summer it’s just around the corner and with that comes refreshing drinks. I am not much of a drinker except socially and when given the opportunity. This sweet and sour drink is the bomb. Sweet none the less, but good.

Of course I will opt for something sweet, that is what my palate likes!! Many of my friends think I am weird or something because none of them like sweet drinks….well I do.

I have seen many posts about watermelon and mint mojitos lately. My home garden is pretty much a mint jungle, and since we get watermelon when ever we get to the market, since it is in season, I think my next drink would just be that.

Watermelon and mint mojitos….yum….I am really excited about it, I just love watermelon so stay tuned.

Anyhow, today is your lucky day because today I have decided to have my first give away, yeap you heard me right, my first giveaway.

I am giving away a SINGED copy of Ina Garten’s latest cookbook. I am pretty much just going to keep it simple and straight forward and if I like how it goes, since I like giving stuff away, maybe I will do another one soon!!

So go on now and comment underneath.

Enjoy the drink!!

Mixed berry sweet and sour drink

This is yum, yummy. Sweet and sour all at the same time, my kind of drink!!

Berry sweet and sour drink from eatgood4life.com


Mixed berry Sweet and sour drink

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 6 servings


1 bottle Moscato wine, 750ml
12 oz frozen lemonade concentrate
1/4 cup raspberry liqueur, optional
1/3 cup mixed berries
lemon slices



Mix all ingredients in a pitcher and serve over ice.

Inspired by A Cup of Mai

 Nutrition facts calculated based on the recipe giving 7 servings.

Giveaway in currently closed: Congrats to Patti.

I am giving away a SINGED copy of Ina Garten latest book. This could be a great gift for some one you know of just yourself :-)

How to enter the giveaway:
  • Leave a comment telling me your favorite drink for the summer, alcoholic or non alcoholic and if you have ever made it yourself :-)
Optional Additional Entries:
You can do any or all of the following additional entries for a total of three entries. Just be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry. If you already do either one of the following, they still count!
  • Anyone that lives in the US can enter.
  • Entries must be submitted by Sunday, June 17th 12:00pm EST. A winner will be randomly chosen. I will announce the winner in my following post that week and on facebook.
  • You must include your first name in at least one of your comments. The winner will have 2 days to respond to my email or another winner will be chosen.

Giveaway sponsored by Eat Good 4 Life :-)



  1. I know it’s pretty plain and simple but my favorite drink in the summer is just good old iced tea with some lemon slices…unsweetened and lots of ice. :)

    (ps..I’m going to keep an eye out for the watermelon mint mojitos! I have an orange mint plant that I’m dying to make some sort of drink with besides in my iced tea)

  2. My favorite drink for the summer is COLD lemonade :)

  3. My new jam for the summer is blueberry lime iced tea! From scratch of course ;)

    xo Kim

  4. I also have been subscribing to Eat Good 4 Life!

    xo Kim

  5. i love Yoo-Hoo in the summer.

  6. i subscribe to RSS in google reader (onitnaram at gmail)

  7. I never make drinks. Except hot chocolate! That’s more of a winter thing though. So I’ll go with lemonade. I love it but it’s just so full of sugar. :(

  8. I already follow you on Facebook!

  9. And on Google Reader. :)

  10. I make iced tea the way Ina Garten does actually! I steep 2 flavors of Celestial Seasonings teas. I may use a red zinger and a berry flavor. Then for sweetening I add apple juice. It is so refreshing and I prefer to use juice as a sweetener instead of white sugar.

  11. Mix of Green Tea & Raspberry Zinger … lots of ice, fresh mint, and lemon slice.

  12. My favorite summer drink is a Miami Vice. It’s half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri. 100% delicious!

  13. I liked you on Facebook.

  14. I’m already subscribed to the RSS feed.

  15. My favorite drink for summer is Pinot Grigio – light fruity, tasty.

  16. i am an email subscriber.

  17. i liked Eat Good 4 Life on facebook

  18. Normally I would say mojitos but since I’m pregnant this summer it’s just ice water with a lemon.

  19. My go to refreshing alcohol drink is a lite Gin and Tonic. Old fashioned, I know but watching my very curvy figure is an every bite/sip thing! One fresh lime juiced into the glass, crushed ice, a scant shot of Amsterdam Gin, and 8 oz. or so of Diet Schwepps tonic water. I am smitten with your smoothie recipes, I pinned the 2 green ones I found. I plan to try this Mixed Berry Sweet and Sour drink too.

  20. I love iced tea! :)


  21. I am a fan of your fb page.


  22. I love vodka and gatorade!

  23. I have subscribed to your blog via email

  24. I love an Arnold Palmer on a hot day. But there are so many other favorites :)

  25. I also subscribe to your blog!

  26. This looks so refreshing! My favorite summer drink is plain iced tea- and I often brew it myself. It’s always fun to try out different teas!

  27. My favorite summer drink is an iced vanilla latte, MMM :)


  28. Liked on facebook!

  29. I like iced coffee with lots of milk, sugar, and hershey’s chocolate syrup. Serve over crushed ice, or blend it, and it’s like a smoothie.

  30. My favorite summer drink is a Grape Martini on ice…

    1 oz Ciroc Vodka
    2 ozs White Grape Juice
    Frozen graps for garnish if you like

    Truth be told, I usually double this recipe and make sure there’s plenty of ice! :)

  31. I also just “liked” you on Facebook :)

  32. My favorites are iced sun tea and a drink my husband concocts with Rose’s mango mix, lemonade and 7up.

  33. Hi my name is Pam and I just came across your site by chance several weeks ago. I am so glad I did. You have such original ideas. Thanks!

  34. What could possibly beat sun tea (maybe spiced with something or other). Ina Garten is a genius in the kitchen!

  35. Fresh squeezed lemonade, but I never make it. I’m drinking distilled water. Boring but healthy.

  36. I love mojitos! And sangria

  37. I’m subscribed via RSS :)

  38. Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka is my favorite summer time drink!

  39. This looks delicious… sucha pretty summer drink.
    i actually have that book of Ina’s, signed! I went to her book signing in NYC 2 years ago.

  40. Homemade lemonade.

  41. I don’t drink often but when I do, I like frozen mudslides anytime of the year…I have made them a few times…

  42. i like this!

  43. I love Ice water with lemon :) I like you on Facebook.

  44. I LOVE a good strawberry daiquiri or margarita in the summer. For the non-alcoholic troop, I like strawberry-banana smoothies, or just some good old flavored iced tea or lemonades! For my favorite smoothie, I use strawberries (either frozen or fresh), and Vanana yogurt from Trader Joe’s.

  45. Looks yummy but can you use something else insted of wine?

    • How about a sprite type of drink without high fructose corn syrup? Some sort of a healthier version of it. I know Trader Joes and whole foods carry some. Let me know if you find a better substitute. Thanks for stopping by.

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