Lemonade and strawberry cheesecake popsicles

Oh boy!! These, I think, are the best popsicles I have made so far or tasted for that matter!!

Do you think I am on lemonade recipe mode? My last three recipe titles are with the word lemonade in it, so I think so :-)

Anyhow, I have seen many variations of cheesecake popsicles. I have always wanted to make some and since I had both lemonade and organic strawberries on hand, I figured I mix them both, and make a mix version of cheesecake popsicles.

You need to make this for your kids, friends, or family. These lemonade and strawberry cheesecake popsicles would be perfect for any barbecue, gathering or any other occasion. I really mean it, you really need to make them, they are really really good.

These are super easy to put together, are super refreshing, and are loaded with Vitamin C, plus they are not that sweet and are only 150 kcal :-)

This is the only popsicle recipe you will need. You can also make them with any type of berries or other fruit of your choice. I think any one that tries these popsicles will love them, so make them, you will not be sorry!!

Here are other popsicles variations I made in the past in case you missed them:

Raspberry and cream popsicles
Lime and strawberry cream popsicles


Here you can see the lemonade mixture in the Dickie cups which is more of a liquid texture. The right picture is the cream cheese and strawberries mixed in. Make sure you have some strawberry chunks as well as cream cheese chunks. You don’t want a homogeneous mixture for the strawberry part, you want a chunky one!

 The lemonade part is more of liquid consistency than the strawberry one which is more chunky.

Here you can see the popsicles in the freezer. About 2-3 hours and you will be able to sink your teeth into them!!

 These are awesome. You need to try them ASAP!!

My daughter having one of them. She loved them so much she wanted to have another one!!


Lemonade and strawberry cheesecake popsicles

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 6 popsicles


1 8oz 1/3 less fat cream cheese
1/2 cup frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed (I used 3/4 cups)
3 tablespoons honey
1 cup fresh organic strawberries (I used frozen)
Freezing molds of your choice
Popsicle sticks


In a food processor add the strawberries and pulse for about 5 seconds. You don't need to completely puree the strawberries, a few chunks is what you need.

In another bowl beat the cream cheese and honey. Divide the cream cheese mixture in equal halves and add the strawberries to one half and thawed lemonade to the other.

For the strawberry half, just mix through for a bit. You want some cream cheese chunks to show. Don't mix to obtain a homogeneous mixture with the strawberry part. You want a chunky texture.

For the lemonade part, you want the opposite. Mix through until all of the lemonade is mixed in good. This mixture will be more of a liquid.

Pour about two tablespoons of the lemonade mixture inside the Dickie cup and place about another 2 tablespoons of the strawberry one over the lemonade. Place popsicle sticks in each cup.

Freeze for about 2-3 hours.

Nutrition facts calculated based on the recipe giving 6 servings.

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  1. I am all about the no fuss baked goods. This looks and sounds amazing. I will be making this soon!

  2. No me lo puedo creer, se parece un montón al pan de leche relleno de chocolate que hice el domingo. El aspecto es super parecido, los ingredientes varian un poco. Otro día probaré con tu receta.

  3. Looks good! I think I’ll try it out with blueberries or raspberries and tons of lemon zest and some lemon extract. How is the texture? I haven’t had pound cake since I was very young, but I remember them as being kind of dry.

  4. Erin,

    It is a little bit dense but I like it though, it is different, yet still good.

    I think your fruit choice with the lemon zest will be even better, more refreshing and I bet they blueberries won’t drop to the bottom of the cake :-)

  5. I love dense! As long as it’s dense and moist.

    I make a super unhealthy lemon blueberry quick bread and the blueberries usually sink a little unless I coat them in flour. So I guess it’s always a good idea to coat berries in a tiny bit of flour! I can’t wait to make this. :)

  6. This sounds awesome! Love the combo of flavor!

  7. Miryam me gusta mucho este cake…personalmente me encanta que sea tan compacto…sabes como estaría muy bueno en vez de chocolate ponerle arándanos o fresas…que te parece??? o plátano??
    Lo que más me cuesta de tus recetas són las mediadas que yo con los cups y spoons no me aclaro…..
    como van los estudios??? espero que bien….
    muchos besos

  8. Nuria,

    tengo un articulo donde la pagina de recetas favoritas que es para conversiones de comida asi que si tienes problema de conversiones vete ahi :-)

    Si el pound cake estaria mejor con frutas silvestres. La proxima vez creo que lo voy a probar asi.
    El estudio mas o menos :-(

  9. I made a blueberry lemon version but I really messed it up and then underbaked it (all my fault and not the recipe’s fault). It was still really good! What size loaf pan was I supposed to use? So that I know for next time. :) Thank you!

  10. Hamannde,

    so sorry to ear that the result wasn’t satisfactory, maybe next time :-)

    I used a 9 inch loaf pan but I am sure you can also use an 8 inch if you don’t have the 9 inch. I would suppose the loaf cake will be just a little bit taller.


  11. But it was more than satisfactory, it was really good! Today I made a cinnamon version. I used 1.5 tablespoons of cinnamon (maybe I’ll use 1 tablespoon next time) and a little less than 1/2 cup honey instead of any sugar. I like this version even better. :) It doesn’t taste whole wheat-y at all, and neither did the other version. Thanks for the pan size!

  12. Hamannde,

    Will try the cinnamon and blueberrie version next time around. I want to make it again when I get back to NJ next wk so will see how it goes.

    I am glad this time around it worked :-) and thanks for the variation suggestions.


  13. Sorry but it’s me again. I just wanted to add that I reduced the amount of milk in the recipe when I used 1/2 cup honey and no sugar since that already adds a bit more liquid. I just wish I remember how much I reduced it. That’s it from me. :)

  14. I made this cake, it was so delicious. It lasted one day! Can I double the recipe and get good results?

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