Homemade coconut shampoo

Homemade coconut shampoo is the best thing ever. DIY shampoo is not only easy to make but much better for you too. No toxic chemicals or weird ingredients.

Homemade coconut shampoo

A few weeks ago I posted this Natural home made mosquito spray that I found to be awesome. 

Because that post became quite popular and people where also intrigued for the other homemade items I am making so far…here it is. Another one of my homemade concoctions, homemade coconut shampoo.

I have been making this shampoo for quite sometime and we love it.

I don’t know if it is cheaper or not but I really couldn’t care less. You see, there are only 4 ingredients in this, so guess what? I will take my homemade shampoo for any other store bought brands which contains tons of toxic ingredients!!

I have also been making homemade clothing detergent, that we love as well. Maybe, in a few weeks I will post that as well :-)

Well, let me know if you try this and if you like it. We love it so I hope that you do too.


Homemade coconut shampoo

I used an empty castile shampoo bottle to store the new made shampoo. You can use any other type of shampoo bottle. Also using a funnel helps with pouring the liquids in the empty shampoo bottle.

Homemade coconut shampoo

I actually double the amount so that it lasts a bit longer :-) Just shake before each use. It is really awesome. I hope you like it as much as we do!!


Home made coconut shampoo

Yield: 20 shampoos




Combine all the ingredients in an empty shampoo bottle or jar and shake. I used a funnel to pour ingredients in the empty bottle.

You can keep it in the shower for one to two months. Shake well before each use.

NOTE: If you find that your hair remains oily and still heavy use apple cider vinegar to rinse it out. A lot of people using this shampoo recipe have found that the vinegar helps a lot.

Recipe from one good thing by Jillie


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for putting this up – it’s definitely something that I would love to make and try!

  2. Yay! I’m a huge coconut fan and I love everything that comes from coconut especially the coconut oil. And learning that I can also make my own coconut shampoo is great! Really excited to try and make this one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is great. I love Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap and we use it almost exclusively in the summer. It’s nice to know we can use it to make shampoo, too.

  4. This is awesome! I’ve been wanting to try making my own stuff like this. I still need to go buy some essential oils so I can try the mosquito spray too :)

  5. I made this yesterday and used it last night and it is great! I have very thick, wavy hair which frizzes at the slightest bit of moisture in the air. I let my hair air dry last night and when I woke up this morning….no frizz! It also feels much softer than before and I am sure the more I use this the better my hair will become! Thanks for posting!

    • Robin- thank you for this comment! I have hair that loves to frizz out too, so I was afraid to try this, but now, I will- thanks!

  6. Robin, I am glad you like the shampoo. After making this I have never turned back, I make huge batches we love it si much!!

  7. I made some of this last week and for the most part I love it. But it seems to be causing some build up in places, leaving my hair feeling “heavy”? Do you know of a way to get rid of this?

    • This happened to me also and I even omitted the olive oil knowing my hair is thin and oily.  My hair is now extremely heavy and oily, will have to wash it again tonight.  I like the idea of this shampoo though and would like to find a way for it to work for my hair type.

    • I’ve had the same issue before with homemade shampoos, especially if you’re prone to dandruff. I have found that de-tangling your hair before you hop in the shower and use an ultra thin comb in the shower after you shampoo makes a huge difference.

  8. Tara,

    That is weird. My suggestions would be to decrease the amt of oil, shaking the shampoo well before applying and perhaps rinsing thoroughly.

    My daughter has thin hair and too much oil leaves her hair heavy so I might decrease the oil content just a tad and that seems to work for her.

    Hopefully these suggestions may work. We love this concoction and after making it once we have never turned back :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  9. Is this something I can keep in the shower? The coconut milk can says to refrigerate. How long can this stay in the shower before going bad?

  10. Kelle,

    I have had this for up to a month no problems.

    Just shake your bottle well before using :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. I also wanted to chime in on the oil. If you use regular olive oil, it can cause a little more build up. If you use extra virgin olive oil, it won’t be as “heavy”. I use Extra virgin olive oil to do hot oil treatments.

    Pour oil on your hair (mainly focusing on the ends and not so much the roots) and wrap your hair in plastic wrap.

    Place a really damp towel in your microwave for about a minute to heat it up. (To the temp of your desire/tolerance.)

    Wrap the towel around your head and allow the towel to cool down on it’s own. Wash out with shampoo. You may need to wash it a couple or three times to get the majority of it out. Then I don’t even condition because your hair will already feel amazing.

    Thanks for this wonderful post!!! I am going to make some today!

  12. Stacey child, thanks so much for the wonderful tip. Next time I will make it with EVOO. Thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  13. I’m looking forward to trying this! I have one question though…since coconut milk separates, do you shake it up before you use it? Or do you use just the watery part or just the solidified part? Also, does it matter if it’s “light” coconut milk or regular? Thanks!

  14. Chi chi studios,

    I would use full fat coconut milk which is more creamy and less watery, that is what you want, and yes you must shake the bottle before use because the mixture separates when it sits. If there is not a note on it in the recipe I will make the change now.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  15. I make a similar one with Tropical Traditions Coconut soap…Try rinsing your hair with A mixture of Apple cider vinegar and water…last thing before you turn the shower off…do not rinse it out. I thoroughly soak my hair in it…squeeze the excess out…Makes a wonderful cream rinse not fly away hair this winter and your hair will fell totally rinsed and clean…

  16. I’ve tried this recipe and it leaves me having dandruff so bad. I’ve never had dandruff in my life. I’ve added tea tree oil to it and that doesn’t even seem to help. Any advice?

    • Tracy,
      I have never had any issues w/ dandruff using this shampoo recipe so I am sorry you are running into this problem. The only thing I can suggest is maybe adding some baking soda to the shampoo as I have heard that is works against dandruff. I hope this can maybe fix the problem. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Baking soda will make make dandruff worse. Use apple cider vinegar. It has to do with ph balance. I’m a professional cosmetologist. Shampoo needs to have a ph balance of  around 5 to be safe for the hair and scalp. Castille soap has a high alkaline ph. So does baking soda. The vinegar will bring the hair back to its acidic state. It would be great to test your shampoo with litmus strips before using to make sure it is safe for the hair and scalp. By knowing the ph you can adjust the amount of soap to a comfortable level. 

  17. I was considering making this and wondered if I could make a double batch and refrigerate half to make it keep longer.

    • Samantha,
      I always make double the batch and it is perfectly fine however I probably go through the shampoo bottle in less than a month. I have had other people keep it even longer and the shampoo was still fine however I think refrigerating it would preserve it even longer so I think it is a great idea ;-) Thanks for visiting!

  18. I made this and have used it twice so far. I have to say that my hair feels heavy, filmy and is very difficult to comb. It is dull, and not shiny and soft. From all the positive comments, I am thinking I did something wrong? I had Dr. Bronner’s baby soap, and thinking that would be milder, used that instead of the peppermint. I also used grapefruit seed oil instead of jojoba, thinking it would be light and moisturizing. However, this shampoo, as well as it lathers and seems to clean, does not leave my hair manageable at all. It feels like I have spent a day at the beach, all stiff and filmy. Any thoughts?

    • Hi there, sorry is leaving your hair not manageable. The only tip i could offer is to use extra virgin olive oil instead. A reader gave that as a tip, which I will change on the recipe because it seems to work better and don’t leave your hair feel heavy. Also maybe the use of jojoba oil can be the culprit? I am not sure. One more thing I can add is to shake the bottle well before using. Sorry the shampoo is not working for you!!

    • This did NOT work for my hair at all.  I had to reshampoo with regular. I couldn’t get a pick through my hair.  It felt gummy and gross.

    • LOL – even worse – trying to dry it…my hair is this huge ball of fuzzy oily mess.  Su[posed to go look at houses for the better part of the day.  wearing a hat.  do NOT make this shampoo.

    • There are many reasons this will not work for people. I tried it, tweaked the recipe a few times, and gave up. My hair felt waxy, heavy, dull, and greasy no matter what I did. I learned a few things through my research. Castile soap is not great for hair. As was stated before – ph is way off. Depending on the essential oil used – also too strong for hair and scalp. You would have to be very careful with the peppermint. I was recommended by an aromatherapist not to use peppermint on sensitive areas of skin like face and hair because it is very astringent and can dry out skin and hair and irritate the heck out of it. Then your hair will naturally create more oil to deal with that. Castile soap will not wash out properly in hard water. Softened water is the best for sudsing and rinsing with Castile soap. If you don’t have a softener, you might have problems. Hard water absolutely does not work with Castile soap. Experience and research talking here.

      However- it is important when trying any natural shampoo to stick with the process as long as you can. Your hair, scalp, and body systems need to adjust to a “new normal” of not using sulfates, etc. Experimenting with rinses and definitely NOT shampooing everyday is essential.

      That’s my two cents. It is some opinion, but backed up by research including publications by Dr Bronner’s and essential oil specialists. If you wanna try it – go for it! And give it as long as you can! It might work for you. If it doesn’t, oh well. There are worse things. Try a different recipe.

    • Try cutting out the oil and instead use glycerine and aloe vera gel to thicken. Mix it all with a hand blender so it’s all well mixed. Also, put in a little witch hazel. This will prevent it from going bad or as quickly since it isn’t being refrigerated in your shower.

  19. I will try it again with the revised recipe, I really think this is a wonderful idea, and hope I can find the right combination to be able to do it.

    • I used a dandruff shampoo recipe using coconut milk, coconut oil , rosemary oil, ACV, unscented Dr Bronners Castile soap, fenugreek powder, H2o . I blended it in my NutraNinja since I didn’t have a whisk. This made it a bit thicker, lathered up great!!If coconut oil is too heavy use a lighter oil– sweet almond. Will continue using!! askdebbieabouthair.com

  20. I luv this!! The one thing I noticed, was the measurements. I used a liquid measuring cup, not like the dry measuring cups pictured. It makes a huge difference. I add tea tree oil & it’s fabulous! I always saturate my ends with coconut oil and have great results :) Thx so much for adding this!

  21. I played around with the ratios tonight and better but not perfect. I will try with tea tree next. I used geranium last time. I used less castile and more coconut milk thinking it would be less astringent. Still a bit harsh and leaves my hair a bit filmy feeling, after rinsing and rinsing a gazillion times. I like the coconut oil idea…did you warm it first to melt it, or did you just scoop up a bit and let it melt in the shower. as you work it in?

    • Oh wow, still working with the recipe? great. If you add coconut oil I would do it when it is in liquid form however I add extra virgin olive oil which is always liquid at room temperature. Coconut oil would be great as well but if the room temperature is to low it will solidify and be hard to mix in with the other ingredients in the shampoo though.

  22. I did add the EVOO this time, which seemed to be better. However, since I live on the east coast, it is still quite cold here and the coconut oil wont work until we get some warmer weather, or else I will be having chunks of hardened oil all thru my hair when I go outside! :) Not the look I am going for…lol. I think maybe I may just be using too much. I used much less this last time, and it didnt seem so heavy and sticky, so maybe just a smaller amount..will keep you posted. :) Thanks for all the feedback.

  23. As a P.S….I do have VERY hard well water which may attribute to the difficulty rinsing it all out, maybe, and also I am 5’9″ and have waist-length hair…so maybe I am fighting a losing battle…:) Anyone else use this on the East coast with super long/prone to tangles hair??

  24. Where I live I can’t see to find coconut milk without guar gum added to it. Do you think this will matter? I can’t wait to try this!

  25. GOOD NEWS!!! I am not a person to give up on a good idea, thank goodness and I got it to work!! same recipe, with a bit less castile and using EVOO, I tried it again tonight. However, tonight I poured the tiniest amount, about a dime, in my palm and lathered it then put in on my hair, concentrating on the crown and the edges where sweat may build up, avoiding lathering the length. Before, I just poured straight from the bottle, so not sure how much I used, but now I can see it was WAY too much. I rinsed it all out and then just sprayed the cider vinegar and water and let it sit for a while and rinsed out. And this time I did rinse in cool water, where last time I kept the water warm. No idea which one helped or not, but the results are amazing. hair is soft and I actually combed it out with very little effort, and I have hair to my waist. Usually spending a ridiculous amount on conditioners and detanglers, this was amazing. I just can’t tell you how excited I am. And I have so many options on how I can have it scented, with the essential oils and different types of castile. I am freaking out. Thank you.

    • Wow I am so excited for you. You are the one that put all the efforts so I am glad you are left with a recipe that works for you :-) So happy about that!! Hair to your waist? amazing. Thanks so much for leaving all the feedback. I am sure someone will take your advice and use it, including me :-)

  26. I would so love to try this but how is it with colored hair? I’m sure being more on the natural side it’s not horrible but has anyone used this on dyed hair?

  27. Do you add any water to this mixture? 1 cup of ingredients doesn’t seem like very much shampoo. At $16 a bottle I would like to stretch it as far as I can. Thank you.

  28. I cannot wait to try this recipe! I’ve never even thought of using coconut milk in my homemade shampoos. and I have a question for Suzanne, in your recipe were you using coconut milk or coconut oil?

  29. I cannot wait to try this recipe! However, I believe I would substitute the olive oil for COCONUT OIL.. I just love the stuff and because my hair is fine(thin) and can gather oil rather easily.. Bonus: coconut oil is much lighter in weight.. Heehee

  30. Suzanne…so glad you tweaked this recipe and got it right. I’ve been making my own shampoo for a while using castile soap as my base. And the more I’ve used it the weirder my hair became. I too live where the water is very hard AND have waist length hair that tangles badly…and I use the vinegar rinse. I’ve been getting very frustrated. I guess I’m using too much soap. I’ll try to tweak mine again and see what happens.

  31. @Suzanne and Tammi…I’ve also had difficulty with castile soap based shampoo recipes. I think the culprit is the castile soap…and hard water – at least for me. I actually gave up and went to a shampoo bar soap (recipe from Andrea and frugallysustainable.com) and love it! Even my husband likes it. Maybe it’s worth a try? Good luck in your nature shampoo venture!

  32. I can’t wait to try this- will pick up jasmine essential oil this very weekend!

  33. I just subscribed after seeing your Mosquito Repellent Spray. In that post you mentioned your homemade shampoo. Now I’ve found it and can’t wait to try it – we are on a green and frugal makeover in our golden years, and this is another great step in that direction!
    After reading the recipe and then the comments, it sounds like you changed the recipe a bit from the original posting?
    To be clear, you are using coconut MILK and not coconut OIL, right? I would think using both coconut oil and EVOO would make the result too oily, but coconut milk wouldn’t be too heavy, esp. for fine hair, like mine.
    There are several brands of coconut milk that contain neither BPA nor guar gum, but you could also use water and organic shredded coconut, in a 2:1 ratio. Just heat the water, don’t boil, add it and the coconut to a blender. Blend until incorporated, then strain through a colander and squeeze through cheesecloth, and Voila! coconut milk. I’ve done this when I couldn’t find the organic milk in a can/carton.

    • Oh wow, thanks so much for your personal tricks :-) I am sure that way is much better too. Yeah I used coconut milk not oil. I am glad you are turning more green, it is never too late. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  34. Will this recipe will with locs? I have arm pit length Sisterlocks.
    Thank you.

  35. Where would i get the castile soap?

  36. Do you have a Whole Foods Market or a health food store near you? If so, you can purchase liquid castile soap from either place.

  37. If I half the recipe, I will have half the amount of shampoo. Maybe half one of the ingredients to make it less thick?

    • I don’t think the shampoo is that thick but you can do that if you like. I was just suggesting a small amount just in case it wouldn’t work with your hair however I think it would work :-)

  38. Ok, since you phrased it like that, cutting the recipe in half makes sense to me.

    Thank you again.

  39. just wanted to let everyone know why the filmy feeling: castile leaves a film if water is too hard. rinsing with apple cider vinegar removes the film allowing us to still use this wonderful soap. acv also is very good for the hair. making a conditioner with acv and water is the answer. castile may leave a film even if water isn’t super hard – not sure how it all works, but I know the acv fixes the problem

  40. I tried this being super excited and may hair came out oily, heavy and stuck together. But I rinsed it with ACV and it helped a lot. I expected. Some problems from reading the comments and I have super curly hair. As in corkscrew curls. I’m happy now I just hope my 12 yr old daughter could comb her hair for school this morning because we did her hair last night and she went to bed. Yikes!! Not to mention her hair is down to her bum. But all in all I like it. Just gotta tweak it. Maybe add more milk and less soap

    • I have super curly hair and I am fine with the shampoo however the ACV seems to help a lot of people so I am going to make a note on the recipe about it. Thanks so much for leaving a review. I hope you get the perfect recipe for you. Thanks for stopping by.

  41. So do you use any conditioner or just this shampoo?

  42. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the reason some of you are having problems with extra oily hair and stiffness isn’t because there is too much oil in the shampoo so much as that you will go they a detox for a time before things settle down. Regular shampoos are laden with chemicals that strip your scalp and hair of oils. If you shampoo daily your body gets into the habit of making extra oils to compensate for being stripped. When you switch to the no-poo method or a shampoo that is natural and not filled with chemicals your body has to not only detox but also learn not to produce so much oil all the time.

    If I use the Bronners peppermint soap do I still need to add essential oils? And would a citrus oil be too harsh with the peppermint?

    Also, I noticed our Walgreens now carries the Bronners soap so its worth checking your local Walgreens before ordering it and having it shipped.

    • That has to be true. It only makes sense so I think you are right.
      I don’t think you need the essential oils with the peppermint soap, it is totally up to you. I actually do but the peppermint smell is much more prominent even though you can still smell the other oils in the shampoo.
      I think the citrus may be too much, but what the heck, you never know. Just try to add half the amt and see how that works.

      I buy my Bronners peppermint soap at a local drug store here in NJ but I have noticed that Trade Joes also carries it :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  43. I made this recipe & my hair was so dripping with oily goo that I could hardly even blow it dry & unfortunately I did not have time to rewash it… bad hair day! I followed the directions exactly. Anyone else had this problem?

  44. I have been wanting to make a home made shampoo for about 2yrs now! Nothing has gotten me excited like your recipe!! Ty I am going to make this!! So happy I found you and love everyone’s amazing feed back! I will include mine!! ;D

  45. Oh cool, I hope you don’t encounter any problem w/ the recipe. Thanks for stopping by.

  46. I have made this 4 times so far. I make my own coconut milk as well as convert Dr bronners bar soap to liquid myself and it saves so much $$. Anyways the first 2 times I included the EVOO and even with ACV rinses my hair came out oily :( so the next 2 times I made it I left out the oil, and my hair is not oily at all! I still use ACV rinse every other time I wash but I believe by making the coconut milk myself it retains more of the coconuts fats and it replaces the need for EVOO. It is also great for babybath just add 1/2 cup to the bath water! That’s all just wanted to share my findings.

    • Thanks so much. Your input is really appreciated. I am sure your finding will help some of us, including me. I will omit the EVOO next time bc for my daughters hair I think the oil makes the shampoo too heavy for her hair! Thanks for stopping by.

  47. Hi. Is there any substitute for the liquid soap? I’m not sure I can find it where I’m from.

  48. I’ve been making this for months and I love it! (Saw it elsewhere) My curly hair is much happier. I’ve been buying the Dr Bronner’s soap at Target so people can try looking there if they’re having difficulty finding it.

  49. Love this recipe but use it as a body wash more than a shampoo. My hair is a little oily anyway and this can make it worse but I use a vinegar rinse after the shampoo.

  50. This is soo cool. Can’t wait to try this!

  51. 10/11/13 Made this today. I used the tea tree Dr. Bronners, made my own coconut milk (it was cheaper and made more than 1 can worth), added EVOO (which I don’t think is really needed if you are using the essential oils), and used rose geranium essential oil. It has great hair and skin properties to it. Of course it didn’t suds up as much as normal shampoo so that will take some getting used to. It made my hair feel a little gummy in the shower but it was easy to brush through. I added 1/4 vinegar to a cup of water and let it sit for a few minutes before doing a quick rinse. When I blow dried my hair most of the way, I noticed it still looked a little too shiny (oily) so I used some arrowroot powder to tone it down. I am hoping that as my hair and scalp adjust to using this to cleanse, the oiliness will tone way down. I have never seen my hair have so much volume! My hair is usually flat. I have very fine hair but so much of it that it gets heavy and does not allow my scalp on the back of my head breathe so it causes issues with itching and flaking in certain spots. Natural/Organic sulfate-free tea tree shampoos seemed to be the only thing that helped but my scalp still itched even right out of the shower and it was no where near this soft or easy to brush through. After all was said and done with this stuff, my scalp did not have even one tiny little inkling of an itch and it’s been a almost 2 hours since I used it.

  52. The only thing I wish is that there was a way to thicken it a bit so it’s more like a shampoo gel rather than liquid oil/water. I am sure others feel this way so I will peruse the comments but if you have a suggestion, please share.

    • That would be great. Maybe adding some avocados? I am not sure if that will make the shampoo expire somehow. I know certain people use it as a conditioner but I have never tried it though :-) Thanks for visiting my blog.

  53. I actually ended up tweaking it a little bit. I did not get so lucky the next day that I used it. I know weather plays a big part in whether or not my scalp itches and the following day, the humidity was pretty bad so I itched. The avocado may be good for thickness if you added citric acid? (I think that is the correct one) as a preservative. I added some more coconut milk, which made it thinner but toned down the oiliness and also added a little baking soda to the mixture which seemed to help with the oiliness and the itching. The castile soap is harder to spread so rather than dispensing it into my palm, I pour it directly onto the area I am washing and then massage in. It is working for now but I have been reading on other blogs that castile soap is actually too alkaline for the scalp and can cause problems after a period of time, adding the baking soda may not help as I have read that people who use baking soda in the no-poo method often end up with scalp issues later on because it too is too alkaline. I wonder about adding one other natural ingredient to it that has some acidity to better balance out the PH and make it more scalp friendly. Any ideas?

  54. Been planning to make this but forgot to check the ingredients list and didn’t get coconut milk – do you think I could just use coconut oil instead and then leave out the EVOO? Thanks! Excited to try this and planning to add some tea tree and lavender oils! (Do you think those will mix okay? I’m new to essential oils. :-))

  55. Is the essential oils only for fragrance?

  56. Dr. Bronner’s also makes a couple of hair conditioning products that might work well after your shampoo.

    Lavender & Coconut Hair Conditioner & Styling Creme
    Citrus Conditioning Hair Rinse

  57. This is by far the WORST thing I have ever done to my hair. Is this some kind of sick joke? I knew from the moment I stepped out of the shower I had made a mistake. My hair was a knotted mess and I was forced to brush it when it was wet (which I don’t like to do), and I kid you not my hair BROKE THE BRUSH while I was trying to rake it through my hair. Now my hair is almost dry and it looks greasy from root to tip and stringy as can be. Don’t ever do this! Don’t put yourself through the pain and misery.

  58. I made this for the first time but read the directions wrong. I did 1/2 Castile to 1/2 coconut milk, a tsp of almond oil and citrus essential oils. It seems to work good and smelled great. I defenently have to condition my hair after or it gets tangled but I do anyway. Do you think that using 1/2 and 1/2 is too much coconut milk ? Not sure how this will be in the long run. I just used it once so far.

  59. I have a couple questions after reading the comments. What type of conditioner do you all use or is the shampoo moisturizing enough? Also the acv rinse after shampo-Ing, is that a type of conditioning and does it leave a vinegar smell in your hair?? I am very excited to try this shampoo, going to get all of te ingredients today!

    • Sorry for the slow reply. I actually have to get a conditioner bc my hair is super curly and the shampoo won’t help me. I am going to try a DIY hair conditioner made w/ avocado so will see how that works :-) I hope you like the shampoo.

  60. Im waiting for the homemade diy hair conditionar. Love avocado in everything!

  61. Thank you for the recipe! I always used the soap, but was a bit too harsh. The milk was a great add! Did wonders for my dry scalp:)
    SUBBED: ALMOND milk for Coconut, and AVOCADO for Olive w/PEPPERMINT and LAVENDER OIL.
    Followed up w/ Apple Cider Rinse with TEA TREE and LAVENDER OIL.

  62. Will this shampoo work to get out oil treatments?
    Really need a natural shampoo for that, otherwise I use a shampoo bar, but it wont get all of the oil out.

  63. Hi I made this last night and it left the ENDS of my hair stringy and oily I used an acv rinse as well

    • I am sorry it didn’t work for your ends. Maybe adding less EVOO be better? Do you have fine hair? Some people, depending on their hair type, have found that tweaking the recipe a bit has worked for them. For me, the recipe as it stands work. For my daughter I have to decrease the oil content. I hope this helps. Sorry it didn’t work for you. Thanks for stopping by.

  64. I accidentally bought the boxed coconut milk instead of the canned coconut mil. Will this be a problem? I’d hate to have to go back to the store for the 3rd time today and I’m so anxious to try this shampoo. Please advise.

  65. Ok so the boxed coconut milk worked great and I did use the apple cider/ water mixture to rinse it out. My hair is super soft!! Would you happen to have any conditioning recipes? I’d love to try! Thank you!!

  66. Would it come out properly if I used an old hand soap bottle, like the pump? Anyone know?

  67. Hi,
    First of all thank you for all of your great ideas.

    Second I will be making this for my son (he’s 8) and he’s used to conventional hair care. I’ve had success with baking soda wash for myself, but he’s not going for it. I think he misses the suds. I was wondering if I could use a different oil like jojoba, because he doesn’t like the smell of evoo. Will this recipe provide some suds for him to accept this as shampoo?

    Third how often should he use it on a normal basis? And during the summer when he’s swimming on an almost daily basis?

    Lots of questions I know, but input greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Wow I just saw this :-( Do you still have the same questions. I think you can use this shampoo as much as you like. It may depend a bit on the type of hair your son has though but I don’t see why he wouldn’t be able to use it avery day. I also think you can use any other type of oil as well. Thanks for stopping by and sorry for the delayed response!!

  68. I have been trying so hard to switch over to no shampoo and am having a hard time not giving up, I hope maybe you or someone can give me some suggestions. About three and a half weeks ago I stopped washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner and was doing the baking soda as shampoo and ACV spray as conditioner. I normally have very oily hair, I washed it every other day and the second day you could tell I didn’t was it. The first day I used the baking soda my hair felt great, it looked shiny and didn’t feel greasy. I went three and a half weeks using the baking soda and ACV washing every other day. The more time went by the more oily my hair was looking but also feeling gritty and straw like. I tried washing the baking soda out harder every time but it still made my hair look and feel dull and dirty. Today I tried the coconut milk shampoo and while it does seem better than the baking soda, it still is a little oily and there is no shine to my hair at all. I really want to go No Poo but I also want pretty hair. I don’t know what to do, please help! :(

    • First off, sorry for the delayed response. It was exam time. Did you try to use coconut shampoo and then rinsing w/ ACV? That may help. The other thing I could think off is that if you actually have oily hair to begging w/ maybe if you don’t use the olive oil in the recipe for the shampoo that may help. Besides this I don’t have any more suggestions :-( I wish I did. Thanks for stopping by.

  69. Doesn’t the ACV leave hair smelling sour? I tried rinsing my hair with it once to remove build up as advised, and washed with shampoo, and my hair smelled like ACV for almost 2 days!

  70. Hi, I just recently made this shampoo with two slight differences. I used apricot oil for the oil, and I used boxed unsweetened coconut milk instead of canned. Have you ever used boxed unsweetened coconut milk? Why should you use canned unsweetened coconut milk? Thank you very much for your time!

  71. Hello i really like your Blog. I am from The Netherands. I cant find your product but i am using Kerastase Shampoo . Also very good.

    Keep up the good work with your blog!

  72. just tried this today for me it seemed like I needed a lot to get the job done but def worked better then the store stuff I was using wound up needing to use vineger spray after words but def noticed hair a lot softer and easier to manage them when using name brand shampoos thank you so much for posting and loving whoever initially pinned this to Pinterest thanks

  73. I do believe all of the concepts you have presented for your post.

    They are really convincing and will certainly work.
    Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for starters. May you please
    prolong them a little fdom next time? Thaank you for the

  74. Is this a shampoo and conditioner or do i still need to use a conditioner?

  75. What kind of conditioner do u use I have the same type of corkscrew curls

  76. i just made this shampoo this morning and used it for the first time. Me and my husband loved it! It can compete with my super expensive Aveda shampoo! I used a vinegar rince after cause my hair feel a bit heavy, but after dry them, ho my!! I used extra virgin olive oil, and a combination of essential oil, lavender, Rosemary ( for dandruff) mint, tea tree and sweet orange! Thanks a lot!

  77. i have been using this for a few days now, and I’m just wondering something. My hair is grease from root to tip. Is this the effect of having too much oil in the mixture for my hair? Or is this the “adjustment period” everyone is talking about? When I wake up in the morning it is almost as if the oils have worked themselves out in certain places, but each time I use the shampoo, it gets really heavy and greasy again. What do you think? I’m going to try a little baking soda rinse today to see if we can combat this problem. What does the adjustment period greasies look like? No one describes that part.

  78. Just to follow up to my last comment, I changed some things when I tried it today. First of all, I started with a diluted baking soda rinse, then I used the shampoo, then I used a diluted lemon juice rinse instead of the ACV, and probably most importantly, I was showering at my inlaw’s house, and they don’t have hard, mineral laden water like I do at home. So far, huge difference in the outcome! I don’t want to remake the mixture yet, to play with oil content, but I am for sure going out today to buy a shower water filter!!! I hate bathing in hard water to begin with!

  79. What if I am allergic to coconut? Any other suggestions for the Coconut milk?

  80. hi there, I’m new to using essential oils but I have been told to use glass containers because the oils will eat through plastic (if it’s a high grade oil) . I noticed that you used a plastic container and just wondered if you have ever had an issue with this? Thank You

    • No I never had that problem before but never heard of this either. I guess since it is a small amount of the oil within the mixture that is why it maybe ok. Storing a glass container in the shower w/ my kids won’t be a good idea for me :-) Thanks for the info and stopping by my blog.

    • If you’re using Young Living citrus oils, it may not necessarily eat through the plastic because it’s diluted, but it eats toxins so the toxins from your plastic bottle will be in your shampoo.  This is just for the citrus oils though.  As long as you don’t use them in your shampoo, you’re good to go and there’s so many other great combinations.  Cedar wood is fantastic for hair growth and tea tree keeps lice away.

  81. Thanks so much but if I don’t have the castile soap what can I use

  82. I  love reading the comments here as much as I love the shampoo.  Can I make a couple of statements?  First, just like every ‘commercial’ shampoo is not for everybody, neither is every ‘natiral’ shampoo.  Before you went natural you probably tried several shampoos until you found the one you like best. Do the same here. It’s a bit like tweeting a cooking recipe to suit your taste. Start with the basic recipe. If it does not work for you, remove a 1/4 cup and experiment a bit. Try adding more coconut milk, or a bit of aloe vera or castor oil, a dash of lemon juice, etc. If you wash with the new mix and don’t like it, start again. Everyone’s hair and water are different and everyone’s shampoo can be unique to them. I have very soft water. The perfect mix for me is 2 cups of coconut milk, 1/4cup of Castille soap, 2Tbl aloe vera gel, 1 Tbl Castor oil, 1/2 tsp coconut oil and a few cops of essential oil. Have fun and play a little. You will find your perfect mix too!

  83. My apologies for the typing .. darn keys are so small these days! LOL

  84. Do you use a conditioner or does the oil in the shampoo condition the hair?

  85. My coconut milk shampoo has a foamy head on it and appears to be delegated? Any ideas?

  86. This is awesome!!! I added 1/8 of a teaspoon of almond oil just to add alittle somethinf and its great as a body wash and a shampoo. Ialso used 30 drops of jasmine qessential oil. Thank you so muchmuch for this recipe!!!

  87. I have a question, my hair feels ok… but it looks really dull. Its also hard to brush and feels waxy. I feel like it might be build up fromfrom my other shampoo, will an ACV rinse help? 

  88. My hair still feels dry, is this normal? Do you have any conditioner recipes?

  89. Hi. This is my 1st trial.
    Just bought a Dr. Beginner’s Lavender scented castile soap.
    Wonder if I can omit the essential oil since it has lavender scent ? May I also ask what is the purpose of the essential oil ?

  90. Can I use coconut milk powder instead of the liquid milk?

  91. If you make it thick i am sure it will be fine!

  92. Do you use the liquid part of canned coconut milk? What about the solid part? Or do you heat it so it blends together? I would like to try this but I am confused about the coconut milk. Even when I cook with it, shaking the can does NOT mix it. Can you use coconut milk in the carton from the refrigerated section of the grocery store? Thanks.

  93. i am so glad i found this recipe. i made this with jojoba oil and not full fat coconut oil from a can and it was not so good. I tripled this recipe with only a teaspoon of evoo and it was just perfect. I have thick straight hair like a horses mane. just like with anything you have to make adjustments to get the the perfect fit for you .

    Thank you,

  94. My coconut milk shampoo has a foamy head on it and appears to be delegated? Any ideas?

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