Homemade coconut shampoo

Homemade coconut shampoo is the best thing ever. DIY shampoo is not only easy to make but much better for you too. No toxic chemicals or weird ingredients.

Homemade coconut shampoo

A few weeks ago I posted this Natural home made mosquito spray that I found to be awesome. 

Because that post became quite popular and people where also intrigued for the other homemade items I am making so far…here it is. Another one of my homemade concoctions, homemade coconut shampoo.

I have been making this shampoo for quite sometime and we love it.

I don’t know if it is cheaper or not but I really couldn’t care less. You see, there are only 4 ingredients in this, so guess what? I will take my homemade shampoo for any other store bought brands which contains tons of toxic ingredients!!

I have also been making homemade clothing detergent, that we love as well. Maybe, in a few weeks I will post that as well :-)

Well, let me know if you try this and if you like it. We love it so I hope that you do too.


Homemade coconut shampoo

I used an empty castile shampoo bottle to store the new made shampoo. You can use any other type of shampoo bottle. Also using a funnel helps with pouring the liquids in the empty shampoo bottle.

Homemade coconut shampoo

I actually double the amount so that it lasts a bit longer :-) Just shake before each use. It is really awesome. I hope you like it as much as we do!!


Home made coconut shampoo

Yield: 20 shampoos




Combine all the ingredients in an empty shampoo bottle or jar and shake. I used a funnel to pour ingredients in the empty bottle.

You can keep it in the shower for one to two months. Shake well before each use.

NOTE: If you find that your hair remains oily and still heavy use apple cider vinegar to rinse it out. A lot of people using this shampoo recipe have found that the vinegar helps a lot.

Recipe from one good thing by Jillie

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  1. I love your bottles too! I made Irish cream last night but I used cocoa powder because I didn’t want to buy (or first find!) chocolate syrup. I also used partly milk and only 1 cup of whiskey. :)

    I asked Alex if I should use the Jameson’s and he had me look up how expensive it was and then said, “Nooooo! Get the cheap stuff”. Haha. It turned out fine with the “cheap stuff.” :)

  2. Texanerin,

    I am most definitely using the cheaper Irish whiskey next time. I have leaned my lesson :-(

  3. Aww. :(

    You know what’s really annoying? Blogger took away the “notify of follow up comments” thing and I hadn’t realized that you had responded to all my other comments until now. Bad Blogger!

  4. how do you keep the cream from turning when adding the whiskey.

    • I added everything on the blender and it was fine. When it sits in the fridge it may separate but just shake it and you are good to go. I had no problems :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Thank you, I will follow the recipe and try to do.

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