Homemade cajun seasoning

Cajun seasoning from eat good 4 life
Happy new year to all of my family, friends and followers. It has been a really hectic couple of days but I am really glad to be back home :-)

Do you have any new year’s resolution goals? I have a few, and lets see if I can stick to them. So far so good!!

I have been wanting to make Cajun seasoning for the longest time and I really don’t know why I waited so long. I have seen many different variations so for now I just stuck with a basic one. Next time around I may add some coriander and cumin powder to see how it tastes.

I will be using this seasoning for rice, chicken, fish, pasta etc. I most likely will have a rice dish using this spice in the next couple of weeks. We eat a lot of rice dishes in my house so changing it up a bit with this home made Cajun seasoning sure it would be good.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great holiday season with family and friends.


I got this little spice containers a while back from Ikea. Now I am glad I can use them!


Homemade cajun seasoning

Yield: 1/2 cup


2 teaspoons Himalayan salt
2.5 teaspoons garlic powder
3-4 teaspoons paprika, I like to do 4
1 teaspoon pepper, Next time I will do just 1/2 teaspoon to make less spice for the kids
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 teaspoon oregano flakes
1/2 teaspoon oregano powder
1 teaspoon thyme powder


Mix all spices together with a spoon until well blended. Store in a sealed airtight container.

Adapted from here


  1. This is great! I’ve made my own cajun seasoning before but since lost the recipe so I’m going to bookmark yours to use next time. I love making my own because then I can tone down the heat and add more to the final dish. Sometimes I like more flavor than heat so this is a perfect way to get just what I want :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cajun seasoning is my go to seasoning when I want spice! I am going to pin this so I have the recipe!

  3. If only my husband weren’t addicted to Tony Chachere’s! I’ll try this if we ever run out. It’s one of those things I have to stock up on when I’m in Texas.

    I don’t have any resolutions, but my goal of eating more vegetables still stands. I just don’t like vegetables other than corn and potatoes. But they don’t really count.

    I hope you’re having a super year so far!

  4. Thank you for sharing. Cajun Seasoning is my my favorite. I will be using this seasoning for rice, chicken, fish, pasta etc.

  5. This looks like it’s worth a try but how much of it should I add per cup of raw rice?

  6. To be honest with you Thank you for sharing. #Cajun Seasoning is my also favorite.
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  7. Hey its really good , Thank you so much

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