Grilled chicken kebabs

At last we were able to get a decent evening here in NJ to get the grill out. Today I decided to use my charcoal grill. The flavor of the food is more distinctive so when I decided to make this grilled chicken kebabs I was really excited to taste the end product.

Grilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 Life

Believe or not grilling on a charcoal grill it is easier than you think.

I decided to use Kingsford® Original Briquets. These are ready in just 15 minutes and have long burn time which allows for more edges for faster lighting.

Before you light the briquets in your charcoal grill just make sure:

    • If you have any leftover ash in your grill dispose of it.
    • Clean the grill grates.
    • Place the briquets in a mountain shape, just like in the picture below and light them up.
    • Once the briquets have been burning for 15 minutes and are a pale grey color they are ready to be used. Spread them out and place the grill grate over the briquets.
    • Preheat your grill grates and oil them slightly to make sure your food won’t stick to it. Now your grill is ready for action!

This grilled chicken kebab recipe it is so simple yet just plain amazing. The recipe for the marinade was passed down to me from my aunt. It is one of her grilled marinade recipe staples so be sure you will like it. She is also a great cook and she knows her stuff.

If you have any leftovers you can just leave it in the same plate you served the kabobs in and use Glad Press‘n Seal to cover them. I love this product because not only it is BPA free but because it seals tightly on a variety of surfaces including paper, plastic, metal and wood. It is so convenient.

You can buy all of these products, Kingsford Original Briquets and Glad Press‘n Seal and your local Walmart. I love how Walmart makes it easy to get everything you need to throw the perfect summer BBQ.

I really hope you get to make this grilled chicken kebabs. You can use any other veggies like onions but I wouldn’t recommend tomatoes or mushrooms, as these get cooked rather quickly and they might disintegrate in the process. You can certainly also use beef in place of chicken but for us chicken is just the best.


Grilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 Life Grilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 LifeGrilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 LifeGrilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 LifeGrilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 Life Grilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 LifeGrilled chicken kabobs | Eat Good 4 Life


Grilled chicken kebabs

Carolyn's original recipe

Yield: 5 servings 10 kebabs

Total Time: 20 minutes


  • 3-4 lbs chicken breast, cubed
  • 3 peppers, colors of choice, quartered
  • 2 large zucchinis, quartered




Place the kebab ingredients in a large bowl. You are going to need a pretty large bowl.

Add the marinade ingredients and toss to combine. Let the mixture sit at room temperature for at least 30 minutes tossing every 10 minutes or so. Alternatively you can marinade overnight covered in the refrigerator.

Alternate chicken and 2-3 pieces of veggies repeating until you have about 3-4 pieces of chicken on each skewer. Repeat until you have run out of veggies and chicken. I got 10 skewers.

Once your grill is ready place skewers in the grill and cook on each side for 4-5 minutes depending on how far you have placed the grill grate from the heat.

Serve immediately.

Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 6.23.10 PM

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kingsford Charcoal and Glad . The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. You love your slow cooker, don’t you? :)

    I’ve never heard of soup in the slow cooker! But then again, I don’t eat soup so it makes sense. My husband loves soup though and requests it when he’s sick so I’ll save this for the one time every other year when he’s sick. :)

  2. not even kidding but i have come across so many recipes with slow cooker but when I am at home I never remember to use it. I just book marked this recipe and this is a perfect time to make chicken noodle soup. thanks for the tips about turning off the cooker :) I love my noodle not much on the mushy side.

  3. mmm…chicken noodle soup. es bueno para tomar en un dia frío.

  4. i think you will be the reason why I invest in a slow cooker, but i have NO SPACE. :-( you come up with these amazing recipes miryam, nice work. I have to bookmark this and make it the next time i’m sick, your timing could not be better given that it is flu season. haha. :)

  5. It’s always freezing here in the winter so I only want soups! I love that you can make this in the slow cooker. YUM!

  6. I’m a big fan of my slow cooker too. This soup looks fantastic!

  7. You can throw chicken breast into your mixer with the paddle attachment and it comes out “shredded”
    Its one of the best things I ever learned. I throw the chicken in, go do something else, come back and its done. No burned or skewered fingers :)

  8. I was making this a bit distracted today and added the cream with all the first ingredients. Is my soup ruined? Do I need to add more at the 30 min before serving point? Or leave it alone? Thank you!

  9. Thank you for sharing this yummy chicken noddle soup recipe. I will definately try this at home.
    Check out top list of Restaurants in delhi

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