Green tea latte

I recently stopped at a very popular coffee shop with my husband where he ordered a Green tea latte. I was kind of looking forward to trying it and perhaps order one for myself as well, however, after trying it, I was really disappointed.

I mean, how much sugar did this green tea latte have? It was not drinkable at all. We had to go home and dilute the thing with more milk and by then the green tea taste was almost gone.

I really don’t know who can drink this sweet drinks but for sure not me.
Anyhow, enough of my rant. This incident prompt me to make my own green tea latte at home and to tell you the truth I don’t know why on earth I waited so long to start make them.

This not only was super easy to make but a hell of a lot cheaper and tastier all together. I actually made a big batch and kept it in the fridge for future consumption. I really love green tea and from now on I am going to use it much more.

It is very cold here in NJ so excuse me while I make another batch of this Green tea latte and warm myself up with it :-).



Green tea latte

Yield: 2 servings


2 Tbsp Matcha powder, Green tea powder
3 cups organic hot milk, any type will work, I used soy but I also use almond milk sometimes
3 Tbsp hot water
2-3 Tbsp maple syrup, honey or 1/2 dropper nunaturals stevia liquid extract


I have seen many methods of making green tea latte but this is my preferred method.

In a big jar or glass mix the hot water with the green tea powder until it dissolves. Add the maple syrup and milk and mix though. Serve

I keep some of it in the fridge for future consumption.

Nutrition facts calculated based on the recipe giving 2 servings.


  1. this looks amazing Miryam. Bookmarking this. Personally I don’t love regular green tea, but I have to buy the matchapowder. Where do I get it? Does trader joe’s or whole foods have it, or do I need to go to a Shoprite or something? The color is gorgeous, perfect for st patty’s day. :-)

  2. In Japan, when they make the tea ceremony green tea, using the matcha green tea powder, all they use is water. And no sugar or sweetener of any kind is added. So of course, the taste is a little bitter. But they always serve a sweet with it which balances out the flavor.

    Another thing to remember when using the green tea powder, it is very perishable. And should be used up as quickly as possible.

  3. Honey,
    I actually got the matcha powder online a long time ago but I will try any Asian supermarket. When I run out of mine that is where I will look, if I can’t find it there I will probably try to find it online.

    thanks for the suggestion. I actually did not know so thanks for the info.

  4. We used to drink tea a lot when we were teenagers. But once we tasted coffee we never touched tea ever since then. We love coffee more than tea now.

    Thank you for the article. I liked it.

    Kopi Luwak

  5. i have been wanting to get matcha powder for so long- will def be checking it out online. I love the flavor of green tea and spend way too much on green tea lattee. thanks for this simple recipe :)

  6. This looks amazing Miryam. Personally I don’t love regular green tea, but I love to buy the matchapowder.

    Glan Deas
    Kopi Luwak

  7. Love the recipe. Have a quick question since I am new to healthy eating. If I make a large batch with soy milk and store in the fridge is it safe for it to be reheated. I’ve always heard with “real” milk if its been heated it should be discarded if not used when initially heated. Thanks!

  8. I love green tea lattes! I usually don’t add any sugar to my hot green tea, but a little honey tastes really good with a latte. I agree they’re too sweet when you order them at a caffe. I can only drink lattes when I make them myself.

  9. i’ve made something like this before except i liked it this way
    3-4 ice cubes
    1 tbsp of matcha powder
    1 cup of organic vanilla soymilk
    and a swirl of agave nectar
    it was then blended until smooth, my favorite little recipe inspired my starbucks’
    green tea frap

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