Granola protein bars

These granola protein bars are healthy and delicious. They are not sweet at all and loaded with good ingredients perfect for on the go or as a snack.

granola protein bars

I love making on the go healthy treats that I can take with me or use for my kids lunch at school. Granola bars are always versatile so if you like to substitute with other nuts, or  dried fruits you can do that. I also used hemp protein powder, which is one of my favorite protein powders to use, to make this granola bars. This increases the nutrition value of the bars.

Once again, I have teamed up with to make these granola protein bars. I used some of their ingredients. They offer top of the line ingredients so be sure to visit their site to check them out. They have a large variety of products.

I hope you like these granola protein bars. They are extremely healthy, filling and delicious. Go to for the recipe.


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  1. These muffins look nutritious and I love them packed with protein!

  2. These muffins look great! I love that they’re full of protein. :) How many grams are in each scoop? For those of us living abroad. :)

  3. These muffins sound great! Love the idea of adding in the nutrient supplement.

  4. Hi there – They look delicious! What do you recommend using in place of the yogurt? I am dairy-free. Thanks!

  5. Those are great, yummy substitutes! Thanks so much! I’m gonna try and let you know :)

  6. Yum I love how balenced these muffins are and gluten free is always a plus!

  7. I just so happen to have some vi shake mix in my cabinet! I got it a while back but keep forgetting to try it.. I think this sounds terrific!! I am placing a order in a few weeks so will be sure to add sugar free chocolate chips to my order just for these!!


  8. Sounds amazing! Do you have a supplement replacement suggestion? I don’t have that. Thanks!!

    • You can use any other type of protein powder if you like but if that is not on hand you can just increase the amt of coconut flour in the recipe. I would do an extra 2 tablespoons :-) Just make sure the batter is not too dry, since coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture. If it is just add a tad more almond milk. Let me know how they turn out. Thanks for visiting.

  9. If following the Vi lifestyle, is one muffin a replacement for a shake or is one muffin a healthy snack? Look great!! Thanks.

  10. Does 1 muffin equal 1 serving? :)

  11. For the person asking about Vi life and the muffins replacing a shake…. I would imagine the muffin would be a snack not a substitute because the entire receipe only calls for 4 scoops of shake mix. 1 shake is 2 scoops. This recipe makes a dozen muffins. Love the Vi-life. I can’t wait to try these muffins. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Hola!!!!!

    podemos sustituir la harina de coco por almendras/avena?

    gracias por estas maravillosas recetas!!!!

  13. Entonces 4 cucharadas de harina y si no quiero poner proteína, Otras 4 más de harina?


  14. Muchisimas gracias por las respuestas tan rapidas!!

    Un abrazo desde el otro lado del charco!!

  15. Hi Miryam,

    I love gluten-free and low carb muffins. Thank you for the recipe.

  16. The muffins looks so delicious. i want to have a try.

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