Gluten free no bake lemon cheesecake

Lately, I am on a mission to making no bake desserts. Because it is already getting hot I wanted to make a dessert that didn’t require baking. This gluten free no bake lemon cheesecake was just perfect.

Gluten free no bake lemon cheesecake | Eat Good 4 Life

Because I love lemons I have been planing on making some more lemon desserts. I have thought of lemon thumbprint cookies as well as lemon popsicles, maybe even a lemon gluten free mug cake. Do you have any suggestions?

For this gluten free no bake lemon cheesecake I try to also keep it vegan by using a macadamia nut base, however, you can also use cashews as well. This is a simple way to keep cheesecakes vegan for those on a dairy free diet.

I also added some flaxseed meal for the crust, which I try to add to desserts that don’t require baking. One of my go to ingredients for increasing fiber in my diet for sure. It works like a charm plus it is a great anti-inflammatory.

If you are looking for a refreshing healthy dessert for memorial day weekend look no further. This gluten free no bake lemon cheesecake will be a crowd pleaser, I promise you. So light and comforting.

For the gluten free no bake lemon cheesecake recipe visit my friends at There you will be able to find all the ingredients you need for making this cheesecake as well as any healthy ingredients you will need for your cooking and baking. They have all sorts of nuts, dried fruits, flours and much more.



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  1. Can’t wait to try these! What a great post-workout snack.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous and gluten free! Win! Stumbled, pinned and tweeted. :)

  3. What size pan for 12 squares? 12 cut 3 by 4 I see a rectangle but what size please
    Thank you they sound DElish

  4. Love the sound of these bars : )) Cannot wait to make them myself!

  5. These bar sounds like perfection! Love almond butter and coconut too. So, this recipe is awesome for me. Have an awesome weekend my friend ;-)

  6. What’s not to love these wholesome nutty bars!

  7. Can you use honey instead of maple syrup ? :)

  8. Do you think pistachios would be an ok substitute for cashews? We have several nut allergies and cashews are one of them (which is a bummer since they are my favorite)

  9. Hmmm….these look great but I don’t quite have what I need. I think I’ll try subbing in peanut butter for the almond butter and cacoa for the lucuma (never heard of it before, just ordered and don’t want to wait!!)

  10. So I guess the question is how many variants before it becomes a completely different recipe?? Lol
    I used 1c smokehouse almonds, 1 cup honey roasted peanuts, 1/4 peanut butter, 1/2 cup sweetened cocnut, 1/2c unsweetened cocnut, 1tbs agave, 2 tbs wildflower honey, added 3tsps maca root powder, and a scoop of vanilla whey protein…DELICIOUS!!

  11. Honestly, I had never heard of Lucuma before. What an interesting fruit! Thanks for this recipe, I’ll have to make these bars for my son (3). And another dozen or so for myself ;)

    Greetings from Germany

  12. can you use dried dates instead of the maple syrup, and if so, how many would you use to add the proper sweetness?

  13. Do you have any suggestions for a sub for lucuma? I’ve got everything else in the house to make these. Look delish!

  14. I made them and they turned too oily! I have used the same cup for measuring. . Can you give me the ingredients in grams? I didn’t use lucuma powder. I don’t really know what happened.Any ideas?

  15. Made these a couple of days ago and they’re very yummy. I halved the recipe and put it in a larger pan, so mine were much thinner. I think I’ll try next time without the maple as I think the coconut, cashews and lucuma would have enough sweetness. The toddler I take care of went crazy over these and actually squealed for more! I love the simplicity of these and that they’re not super sweet. Thanks for the great recipe.

  16. these look incredible! I am SO trying thee YUMMMM ;-)

  17. So I made these once an they were perfect and so yummy!! Made twice since and it just crumbles – any idea of where I may have gone wrong??

  18. Oh, I love this! It’s so versatile, too. I threw in some raw pepitas and chia and it came out just as good as the original. Thanks for sharing!

  19. These look so delicious, but I have s cashew allergy. Do you have any suggestions of what I could try substituting for the cashews?

  20. could i use something else instead of coconut?  I will make this original recipe   for work my boss will love but I don;t like coconut.thanks.

  21. Made these yesterday with subbing walnuts for cashews. As another pinned said, it would be easy to add or recreate different outcomes with this. Very versatile, tasty and cant wait to make different variations!  Thanks!

  22. Great recipe. I would definitely recommend chopping up the nuts and coconut in the food processor first before you add the almond butter, though. At least my super cuisinart had a hard time getting everything to mix when I threw all the ingredients in at once. I’ve also made these with honey and agave and it was delicious. 

  23. Without sounding picky, why are they called “5 ingredient” bars?

  24. This is the first time I have ever commented on a recipe.
    I have to say, its fantastic in one sense but bad in another because I want to eat it ALL myself. I found myself ‘hiding’ half the batch because I did not want to share…

    I actually made my own almond butter for the first time too. For my second batch the very next day, I reduced slightly the coconut and nuts because I added some chia, teff , pepitas and flax seeds. I only had rice malt syrup left which I reduced to 2 spoons so added some raisins and I used Maca power as I dont have lucuma. Thank you so much for the recipe.

  25. I just made this, I couldn’t find Lucuma Powder and I swapped the Cashews for puffed rice for some crunch :) So delicious

  26. I just made these using a homemade cashew almond and walnut butter and I added the maple syrup. Tasted the mixture before pressing it into the loaf pan. OMG. So delicious!!!  I can’t wait till they’ve set!  My daughter and husband are going to go crazy for these!  Thanks!

  27. Your link for the food price doesn’t work. Which one do you recommend? Thanks

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