Gluten free matcha muffins

Since writing my cookbook, matcha has become one of my favorite superfoods to use on a regular basis. Most often than not I add it to smoothies, since it is so easy, but today I made these gluten free matcha muffins that are nothing but healthy and good for you.

Gluten free matcha muffins | Eat Good 4 Life

You can actually have these on the go or as a sweet treat. I actually added them to my kids lunch for a couple of days and after they were gone I really wished I doubled the batch. If you do you can also freeze these and take them out as you are consuming them. They will keep frozen for at least a couple of months otherwise you can keep them in your kitchen counter for up to 3-4 days.

One of my favorite mixes to make gluten free bake goods is using either coconut, almond or brown rice flour. Sometimes I mix a couple of them together, like for this gluten free matcha muffins, and sometimes I use them individually. I have done some extensive experimenting with them and almost every single time I have had success.

If you would like to make these super awesome healthy gluten free matcha muffins visit my friends at You will be able to purchase the matcha powder, the gluten free flours as well as any other ingredients such as nuts, seeds, healthy oils, nut butters and much more that you will need for your baking and cooking.



  1. Beautiful! I love the flavour and the gorgeous colour contrast between green and dark.

  2. Love matcha! It is an acquired taste, but I am so glad I like it. What a neat recipe, and perfect for my mother-in-law who has Celiac.

  3. Such a great idea and a beautiful-looking muffin!

  4. Ive been wanting to try matcha for so long and when I see a post like this I want to try it even more! Gorgeous muffins…

  5. I can see why you were wishing you’d made a double batch! But hey – great tip on freezing them, so a double batch can’t possibly go to waste (as though there would be any left, though, right?!?!). Muffins always disappear so quickly at my house – my kiddos love nutritious muffins for after-school snacks! Great idea to add the matcha – thanks for the wonderful recipe!

  6. I love anything matcha flavored–especially with chocolate :)

  7. My kids would love to find these in their lunch :) What a great color too!

  8. Hello!!I was wondering if I can replace the almond and coconut flour with rice flour. As you probably know, here in Spain those type of flours are really expensive… I love your blog and you recipes!saludos desde Madrid!

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