Gluten free lemon poppy seed pancakes

Have you tried to make gluten-free pancakes before? These gluten free lemon poppy seed pancakes are to die for. Super light, spongy and the taste is out of this world.

Gluten free lemon poppy seed pancakes | Eat Good 4 Life

I think these are my favorite gluten-free pancakes I have made so far. The lemon flavor is awesome and the fact that the pancakes are not that sweet either is another plus for me.

My kids wanted to have seconds so I was glad I made a few extra pancakes. Next time I make these gluten free lemon poppy seed pancakes I will for sure double the batch. Wether you are gluten free or not you are going to love eating these pancakes.

When making pancakes I love the fact that I can make extra and freeze some for future consumption. Since I don’t make pancakes too often, freezing a few is perfect for me since my kids enjoy them from time to time.

To keep the pancakes gluten free I used a mixture of coconut flour and rice flour. It worked like a charm and it make the pancakes super light and spongy like which is what I like.

For these awesome gluten free lemon poppy seed pancakes recipe visit You will find all the ingredients you need to make these awesome pancakes as well as many other healthy products for your cooking and baking. If you are starting a healthier lifestyle or already are on a healthier eating journey, this is a great place to get good quality ingredients.

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  1. The e-mail tagline says popsicles. I almost deleted it because poppy seed popsicles sounds disgusting, but something made me click on it and to my surprise it was pancakes. Yummy!

  2. They look wonderfully fluffy and beautiful!

  3. Hi Miryam – I made the pancakes this morning and love the flavor.  However, the batter was very thin and the result more crepes than pancakes.  I made a new batch of batter, but same.results.  Could the amount of Almond milk be too much?  For 1 1/4 cups flour, the recipe calls for 1 3/4 cups liquid, plus juice of two lemons.  In the second batch, I added more of each flour and another egg.  Batter was still thinner than your pictures appear, but I was able to make something closer to a pancake.  The flavor is amazing and I would make them again, but something is not quite right with recipe.  Thanks!

    • The coconut flour absorbs a lot of liquid. I will have to make them again when I get back to the US to make sure. The batter should be somewhat runny though. I am most certain than less than 1 1/2 cup milk will not work. I will let you know when I make them again.

  4. The website shows using pancake molds. This helps since the batter is runny.

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