Gluten free cranberry crisp

I have been obsessed with cranberries lately. I have made some of my old cranberry desserts but today I wanted to make this gluten free cranberry crisp. I actually made two and used my small cast iron skillets. I love these!

Gluten free cranberry crisp | Eat Good 4 Life

It was my first time using these skillets. I think I should have gotten one more but probably for Christmas.

You can use any fruit of your choice when making the gluten free cranberry crisp but since cranberries are in season I figured I used them. I also opted for making the crisp gluten free. I have both regular and gluten free versions but I prefer the later one. It tastes so much better.

On another note, have you gotten your Christmas shopping done? We are not big into presents so whatever I get I do online, it is so much easier…. traffic lately its just insane so staying at home ordering items works for me.

Well I am not going to elaborate too much on this gluten free cranberry crisp recipe. It is very simple to make. You will be done in a matter of 10 minutes, prep time that is…Also, I hope you like the video I made. Even though it is more work for me to create these, I am trying to incorporate more video recipes so that you can see how the recipes come to be. I think many of you will appreciate them,

Anyways, until my next recipe.


Gluten free cranberry crisp | Eat Good 4 LifeGluten free cranberry crisp | Eat Good 4 LifeGluten free cranberry crisp | Eat Good 4 Life


Gluten free cranberry crisp

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 2 crisp

Total Time: 40 minutes



Preheat your oven to 350F. Divide the cranberries between two small cast iron skillets. Add cranberries, sugar and arrowroot powder. Mix thoroughly and set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, mix the rest of the ingredients until you obtain a cohesive mixture. Spread this mixture evenly over the cranberries.

Bake for 40 minutes or until the top starts to brown. Serve warm or as desired, we did with some extra ice cream.

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  1. Silly question but do you eat them cold or heated?

  2. Healthy and delicious…just like all of your recipes.

  3. Made this last night and both hubby and I happily scoffed them down this morning!!! They are seriously seriously so so good and yummy! ! I didn’t have vanilla essence so I added organic vanilla powder (1/2 tspn) as it’s so potent and it really lifts the flavour 

  4. Where did you find your sweet glass jars:) ? And thank you for this recipe.

  5. overnight oats are the besstttt!  I love that this recipe makes alot so I can have it for the whole week and then some :)

  6. These have given a new meaning to breakfast in the mornings. Great substitute for old flakes!!

  7. I love overnight oats, but I typically cook mine on the stove… I’m so confused by this variation as there seems to be no cooking needed at all. I use steel cut oats rather than rolled oats… is that what makes the difference? Or can I do this with steel cut oats too?

    • You can not eat steel cut oats for this recipe. I use rolled oats, and no, you don’t have to cook the oats for this recipe :-) You can consume them straight from the fridge or warmed up in the microwave for a minute or so if you like!

  8. when I clicked to print the ingredients were not therte

  9. can you use steel cut oats

  10. HI, I am excited to try this recipe!  If I would add protein powder, what would you suggest how many scoops with this large of recipe?   It says 15-20 servings this serves.   Thanks!  

  11. I don’t have maple syrup is there something else I can use? I’m so excited to try these!! It looks and sounds DELISH! 

  12. Can’t wait to try this and your shirt with the deer is gorgeous!

  13. I have wanted to try making one of these overnight oatmeal  receipes for awhile now . I came across this one and can’t wait to try yours. I do have two questions-#1  is it sweetened or unsweetened almond milk?  #2 Can I use Tupperware  containers with  airtight tops instead of a glass container?  Thanx

  14. This recipe is both delicous and gorgeous! My coworkers were so curious about it.
    If I left out the chia seeds next time (my intestines don’t like them), should I just use a bit more oats? Or maybe less almond milk? Thanks!

  15. This recipe is both delicious and gorgeous! My coworkers were so curious about it.
    If I left out the chia seeds next time (my intestines don’t like them), should I just use a bit more oats? Or maybe less almond milk? Thanks!

  16. Well this one is waiting to be eaten tomorrow morning and I’m so exited about it! I came across your homepage by chance and I already love it :-D It’s so full of gorgeous recipes, pictures, advices.. Keep going on this way!

  17. I can’t use almond milk due to allergies, would rice or coconut milk be a suitable substitute?  Would the coconut milk combined with the coconut overpower the flavour?

  18. Is 161g anout 1/2 cup?

  19. Can I make this without the fruit puree and add sliced fruit when I eat it? ( i like blueberries and my daughter likes strawberries) If so, any changes to the amount of almond milk I should use?

  20. I can’t wait to try this recipe but i have just 2 question what is the minimum time in the refrigerator & cani use flax & chia blend?

  21. This looks really good — what is the serving size in cups instead of grams (161 g)?

    Thank you kindly!

  22. so I have never… do you warm this or eat it cold? sorry for dumb questions!! one of my pet peeves, but honestly, I have never!! thenks :)

  23. Is it important to use a glass container? I only have plastic ones and was wondering whether using a glass one makes a difference in terms of taste, results, or length of time you can keep in the refrigerator. Thanks!

  24. Made these, and I toasted the coconut!  So delicious!  Thanks!

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