Gluten free blueberry and coconut scones

I have not made scones in for ever and a few days back I tried these gluten free blueberry and coconut scones. Not only these are better for you but I think they taste even better than regular ones.

Gluten free and blueberry coconut scones

I actually made these gluten free blueberry and coconut scones twice this past week they were so good. Each time I made these blueberry scones I had to hide a couple of pieces because between my husband and my brother I couldn’t keep up.

The first time I made them I forgot to add the arrowroot powder to the batter. They turned out really moist, almost to the point of disintegrating in my hands but none the less they were still awesome. The second time I made them I added the arrowroot powder and the consistency was a lot better. They just took a few minutes longer to bake.

If you add sweetened coconut flakes make sure you decrease the sugar content to perhaps 3 tablespoons instead of 1/4 cup. I think they will be too sweet if you don’t.

There is not much to elaborate on this blueberry and coconut scone recipe but just that we loved them a lot. The consistency is not exactly the same as regular scones but still super good so I hope you like them.


Gluten free blueberry and coconut scones

Make sure when you line the baking pan you do all the way up the sides of the pan. Also make sure to cool the scones for at least 15 minutes before lifting up from the pan. You can store them on a cake standfor up to two days. I am sure they won’t last that long!

Gluten free blueberry and coconut scones


Gluten free blueberry and coconut scones

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 8 scones



Preheat oven to 350F. Line a 9 inch round baking pan with unbleached parchment paper all the way up to the sides of the baking pan, just like in the pictures. Set aside.

In a mixing bowl, add the egg, sugar and coconut oil. With a hand mixer beat until combined. Add the remainder of the ingredients except the blueberries and mix through. Add the blueberries and gently with your hands incorporate them into the batter.

Press the batter into the prepared baking pan and sprinkle some coarse sugar over the top. Bake for 35-40 minutes.

Let the scones cool for at least 15 minutes. Pulling from the parchment paper, lift the scones up from the pan and cut into 8 pieces. You can store them on a cake stand for up to two days.

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  1. Miryam! These scones are gorgeous. I can’t believe they are gluten-free. I don’t blame you for making them twice!

  2. So Delicious! This Gluten Free Dietitian is excited to try them..Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are beautiful! Love the blueberry coconut combination!

  4. I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but can I substitute a gluten free blend flour for the almond flour? If so, is it a 1 to 1 ratio? Thanks!

    • Sorry for the delayed response, I just saw your comment. I think you should be able to but if you do omit the corn starch otherwise they will be too dry. I hope they turn out good :-) :-) I think they should. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  5. Looks so delicious.. I’m so making these. Just need to buy blueberries.. I’ve been wanting to make scones, everything is so darn fattening.

  6. Look delicious. Do you know what ratio I would use for coconut flour and would I omit arrowroot powder as you mentioned in another post?

  7. Whoa! So many yummy looking things over here since I visited last. And tons of savory! That’s awesome. :)

    These scones look perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever tried gluten-free scones so I’ll have to give it a try!

  8. This is delicious! I just sampled one scone and it is really good. The combination of the nutty flavor of almond, coconut and blueberries is perfectly balanced.

  9. I just popped these into the oven and then realized there is no salt in the recipe. Is that a mistake, or is there really no salt in this?

  10. I have not made scones before and I had left over almond meal from making my own almond milk and ground it up to make almond flour and followed the recipe with that and the dough was so dry and crumbly. I am assuming scones batter is dryer than muffins but this is too much. When you mean almond flour do you mean store bought almond flour?

    • The dough is suppose to be like pie dough sort of consistency. Was your crumbly? I used store bought almond flour which finer than the meal but if you use meal I think that might have been the problem. If you use almond flour it should have turned out fine. Sorry for your flop recipe :-(

  11. Ah-mazing! These were just scrumptious! My husband wasn’t so sure at first but he tried one the next day after they’d been sitting in the refrigerator overnight and decided that he LOVED these too! So much so that he stole all the leftovers!

  12. These look amazing! I can’t eat almond flour, but would love to try to substitute coconut flour. I don’t have a lot of experience baking with coconut flour, so I’d appreciate any suggestions for attempting this substitution. Thanks so much! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

    • This one is made with almond flour. I wouldn’t attempt to sub the almond flour w/ the coconut flour bc the consistency of the scones would be different. Also if you were to sub it w/ coconut flour you would need a lot less of it, perhaps just 1/3 cup to 1/2 cup. Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Found this recipe on Pinterest and will be trying this tonight! I am a gluten-free newbie and this looked amazing!

  14. What is your recommendation on substituting Stevia for the sugar?

  15. These are delish. Even my hubby loved them.

  16. If you don’t have parchment paper could you coat a pie pan with coconut oil? Has anyone tried this?

  17. Hi! These look scrumptious! Just a quick question, should the coconut oil be in a liquid or solid state when measuring?

    Thanks in advance!

  18. Followed recipe exactly and my batter came out dry and crumbly too… final product once baked was dry and didn’t rise at all. Not bad, but will keep looking for another GF recipe that has a consistency more like a scone. Thanks for posting your version… it’s a good start!

    • Oh no, that is not good. I have made this recipe several times and had no problem so I don’t know what could have gone wrong :-) Thanks for letting me know though. I hope you get to try some of my other recipes.

  19. I made these before and they were a bit dry, but this morning I made them again with 1 cup almond flour and 1/2 cup of rice flour. They are so fantastic! A little lighter and more moist than before. So perfect. Thank you so much for the recipe! Having a gluten free member in the family can be a challenge, especially when mama loves to bake!

  20. Delicious! I used maple sugar for the sugar, and instead of sprinkling sugar on top I just very lightly “frosted” them with coconut butter.
    I wanted to eat the whole pan, but luckily they were so rich that I stopped after two slices. :)
    Even my picky mom liked them.
    BTW, I do not have issues with gluten, but I do gravitate towards recipes like this because I try to eat minimally processed foods.

  21. Hi! I made these and they were wonderful! I added 1 tsbp of fresh lemon and 1tsp of cinnamon, and used coconut sugar. They were delish! Next time I think I’ll form them into scone shapes and bake them that way to get all the edges crispy. Thanks!

  22. Wonderful! I am not a gluten-free gal, but my neighbor lady is and she was feeling a bit under the weather. This was my first ever gluten-free dessert. I’m not sure how almond flour would play in lighter, cakier desserts, but it sure is a perfect fit for a scone! Actually, my interest was piqued by the coconut flour next to the almond flour in the bulk section, so I did one cup almond and 1/2 cup coconut! They’re a bit fall-apart-y out of the oven but the taste is glorious. I really had to restrain myself!

  23. Could I replace coconut oil with other types of oil?

  24. What’s the best way to store leftover scones so they last the longest? Can they be frozen?

  25. I’m new to gluten free baking – this was my very first attempt. My family and I all liked the flavor very much, but it didn’t rise at all. So it was a very tasty blueberry cookie which we enjoyed for breakfast. I live at around 4500 ft. Most of the time I don’t have to make high altitude adjustments for baked goods but I wonder if GF ingredients make it a bigger issue?

    Anyway, thanks for the recipe! I count it as a win that it was tasty and is already all but gone just two hours later.

    • Hi Jane, the scones will rise just a little bit but not like conventional scones do even though there is baking powder in the batter. They are more like cake consistency. As far as the altitude, I have no idea. I have never experienced that issue before so I wouldn’t be able to advice you on that regard. Sorry. I am glad that at least they got eaten :-) Thanks for visiting my blog.

  26. I just made this today and OMG they are delicious. I completely forgot that they were gluten free when tasting one! Wonderful recipe! Will definitely make again :)

  27. hi there! Can these scones be made with flax or chia eggs?

  28. Thank you for this wonderful recepi I just made it they are delicious, I love coconut so I was super excited to make them.

  29. cdo you think these could be made in a scone pan if I grease it?

  30. these look so yummy, would a flax egg work as a substitute instead of the egg?

  31. Hi, I love scones, but I’m cleaning up my diet. I can’t stand coconut though. If I leave out the shredded coconut, will it change the consistency?

  32. What can I substitute the sugar with? Could I use natural honey, or Agave syrup? I have a high sensitivity to sugar, so I’d like to replace any of it with whatever natural substitute I can find.

    Thanks in advance! :) They look delicious!!

  33. miriam we dont have problem with the gluten, can i subst, the almomd flour for, all porpuse flour__

  34. Would I be able to use frozen blueberries for this recipe?

  35. Miriam, if  i goneto  use regular flour, i dont need to change any of the other ingredients, is necesary to put the cornstarch?/


  36. I recently found out that my son has egg allergy and I don’t have much experience baking with egg substitutes yet. Do you know if I can use chia seeds instead of egg in this recipie? Thank you!!

    • Oh wow sorry for the delay response. I think the chia eggs may work. I have not tried it before but I think in most cases this substitutions work for baking goods. Let me know if you try it. Thanks for stopping by.

  37. Did any of you even make this?!  It was so dry it crumbled into bits – and I even added 1/2 cup of kefir because I was afraid that would happen.  My other substitution was dried blueberries instead of fresh.  It was a bust, but with hungry kids, we will just add milk and make the best of it.

  38. These were a hit!  They disappeared so quickly that I had to remake them the following morning….that time,  I made one batch of the blueberry, and a batch of cinnamon /golden raisin(subbing out the blueberry and coconut flakes).  I have made these several more times!  Thanks for sharing!

  39. These look so yummy!! Do you think they would taste good if made with coconut sugar??

  40. This scone recipe is incredible and it is not full of flour, as it is low carb and has almond meal in it, which is some protein content! I love it. I cannot wait for them to come out of the oven because right now, they smell absolutely delicious while baking and they look awesome too. Sometimes, the flour just does not cut it and it makes baked goods really odd. These are going to be so delicious! I am exited. 

  41. Hiya! I’ve made DF GF scones before, but these just did not turn out. I’m not sure how the 1 egg and 1/4 of oil are wet enough to hold it all together. I even added a little extra coconut oil when I realized it was not gonna work. What do you suggest??

    • I am not sure. I made these several times and while they are not your classic scones I felt the batter held OK. Maybe you can add a tad bit more oil or even 2 tbsp almond milk? I am not sure why they are not turning out for you. So sorry!!

  42. OMG, just found this recipe and made two batches — blueberry and then tried using 1/2 C. mini chocolate chips. The blueberry is out of the oven and looks great. The batter tasted divine when I was cleaning up. Can’t wait to taste them!

  43. My question. Do you have to make them in a pan? I prefer to cut them and bake on a sheet pan. Would that make a difference?

  44. Hi I was wondering if a different fruit such as peaches could substitute, and would there be any more changes to the recipe? My husband and I like scones on the chewy side, any suggestions for this?

  45. Am I missing something? Mine turned out completely dry!! I had even added some soy milk before baking because it was the consistency of flour.

    • I really don’t know what could have gone wrong…I have made this recipe in multiple occasions and never had a problem. The consistency of the batter should be dried though and if it was too dried and you added some milk it should have fixed the issue. I am lost as to what could have been the problem :-(

  46. Baking these now for our neighbor that came to my rescue as I went into town [30 minute drive] and realized I left my curling iron plugged in. Scared the house was going to burn down asked him to unplug it. I’m excited to taste them before I give them to him. Hope they turn out fantastic.

  47. Am I able to freeze these.

  48. These are delicious! Thank you for the recipe!! I added 1/4 cup of chopped pecans to the batter (because I love pecans and a little extra protein to keep me going) and cinnamon to the sugar that was sprinkled on top. They are so yummy!! I am so glad that I finally got around to making them. Thank you so much for the blessing of this recipe.

  49. Delicious! Made these today; we’re having them for teatime and probably again for dessert tonight! Added a little coconut milk as my dough seemed a touch dry; they are perfect! Thanks for the awesome recipe!

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