Gluten free banana bread

Oh boy, I am totally in love with this Gluten free banana bread. I have made this bread twice already and the second time around I actually doubled the batch and made two loafs. 

Gluten free banana bread | Eat Good 4 Life

I have seen many gluten free banana bread recipes before but most of them used gluten free mixes. I actually don’t like using gluten free mixes because most of them have loads of ingredients and some even have ingredients that I never use in my baking.

For this recipe I used the mixture of two gluten free flours which worked like a charm. My kids loved this banana bread and enjoyed it with milk.

The second time I made this recipe I doubled the batch so ended up with two loafs. One we had right away, which lasted a day and a half, and the other one I froze to have for subsequent days. The best idea ever because I actually used this for my kids lunch bags as well.

I actually got 8 slices out of this gluten free banana bread but depending on how big you cut them you can get more. Just to note, the nutrition facts below is for 8 slices!

I hope you get to make this gluten free banana bread. It is awesome with the addition of walnuts, which gives it a bit of crunch and a better flavor in my opinion.

For the gluten free banana bread recipe go to my friends at Make sure you browse the many nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and healthy products they offer. You will find the ingredients needed to bake this banana bread and much more!


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  1. This looks great! I have a client I need to do more gluten-free baking for and this looks easy enough for a non-baker….like me!

  2. Amazing! The texture looks so perfect. And yes to walnuts in banana bread!! :-D

  3. I have never used gluten free mixes in baking. Your banana bread looks awesome!

  4. A friend of mine is always looking for Gluten Free recipes, I’ll pass this on to her.

  5. Aww this texture looks fabulous, my dear!! Love the look of this banana bread and I bet it tastes delicious. I think it is such a clever idea to use gluten free mixes in baking ;-)

  6. MMM!! I love banana bread! I have to agree with you on the gluten free flour blends – I’ve stopped using them. They are so heavy sometimes.

  7. I made the banana bread recipe and we loved it. However, I didn’t save it and can’t find the recipe on Would you please let me know how to get it?

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