Gluten free banana and dark chocolate crostata

I have made crostatas before but this chocolate crostata is one of my favorites. I love the bananas and chocolate together.

chocolate crostata

I am extremely happy to be posting these little crostata creations. You see? Bob Red Mill just sent me a very generous package with tons of flours and mixes to experiment with and the gluten free pie crust mix was the one that jumped at me first.

I actually baked two different things with the first bag. A pear pie and these banana and dark chocolate crostatas. This recipe is coming first, because in my opinion, I enjoyed the combination of the flavors a lot better than the pear pie. They were both good but this one was a tad better.

I don’t even know if the gluten free pie crust mix is yet for sale at grocery stories. If it is not I am sure it will be soon. Either way I am optimistic that you could even make your own gluten free mix. I actually want to make my own but will see.

You can add any other fruit combo of your choice for these crostatas. I know I always have bananas and dark chocolate on hand so this is what I used. I think a berry version will also be good.

Now for the pie crust I got a bit experimental and tried to make it a bit healthier by adding a mixture of butter, olive oil and milk. I think it didn’t work too well because my crust was a bit on the hard side. I am thinking that you should just stick to what the package says, which is to add just butter!

I have another gluten free pie crust package so I think I will be doing another different type of crostata. I think an apple caramel one will be exquisite, so stay tuned for that.


chocolate crostata

I used a gluten free mix for the pie crust but you don’t have to. If you are not on a gluten free diet any other type of pie crust will work for this crostata recipe. I drizzled a little bit of maple syrup after the crostata cooled down to get the crostatas a bit shinny for food styling purposes but you don’t have to at all.

Gluen free banana and chocolate

The combination of the dark chocolate and the bananas was out of this world. I hope you get to make this one soon. You and everyone around you will love you for it…trust me on that. I wish I quadrupled the batch actually!


Gluten free banana and dark chocolate crostata

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4 medium crostatas

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes



Preheat oven to 375 F. Line two cookie sheets with unbleached parchment paper and set aside.

Prepare the crust according to package instructions. You can divide the pie dough in two to obtain 2 large crostatas or into 4 to obtain 4 medium crostatas.

With a rolling pin, roll each dough piece into a disk shape and refrigerate for about 15-20 minutes. Fill each crostata with the sliced bananas followed by the dark chocolate chips. Make sure you leave about one inch from the rim of the crostata as you will have to fold it in to encase the bananas and the chocolate.

Place the crostatas on the prepared bake pan and bake for about 30 minutes or until the pie dough starts browning around the edges. Depending how small or how big your crostatas are you will need more or less time.

When the crostatas are cooled down and ready to be served you can brush a little bit of maple syrup over the bananas and dough to obtain a pretty shine.

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  1. This will be a great partner while we enjoy a movie marathon on Valentine’s Day…DElicious treat at not so expensive cost. Thanks for the post!

  2. Oh wow this looks great!

  3. I love scrolling through your blog, pictures are done so well and bright. Very good taste in the recipes you share, so fun.

  4. Zana, thanks so much for you kind comments. I hope you keep coming back and let me know if you try any recipes :-)


  5. Perfect for a summer movie!

    very nice***

    I’m now following you*

    Vanessa Ribeiro

  6. Popcorn is my FAV and this looks delish!

  7. I don’t see the photo of the paper bag. Is the paper bag a good ole school paper lunch bag or something larger? I plan to make for my daughter’s bday party which will have 6 little girls and their mothers. Just trying to sort out how much of each ingredient to purchase. Thanks!

  8. can I make this 4 days in advance for my lil girl bday party

  9. How soon in advance can I make these? Is 5 days too early if I keep them in a large tightly-sealed ziplock bag?

  10. How do you get your white chocolate not to melt? and how do you stop your popcorn from go soggy?
    I tried your recipe and my popcorn wasn’t crunchy

  11. What you mean not to melt? The popcorn will become not soggy but a bit chewy. When you mix it in with the warm chocolate is losses a bit of the crunchiness but it is still good in my book. If you like just wait a little bit to cool the chocolate for a few minutes, 10 maybe, before mixing so it does not get so soggy. Thanks for stopping by.

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  13. I am curious why you use 2 different forms of white chocolate. Why not just use 10 oz. of the bar or 10 oz. of chips?

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  15. How long does this last I was wanting to make it for my wedding Could I make it in the Saturday and would it last till Monday without going soggy? 

  16. Do you use plain white popcorn or butter popcorn? And would just microwavable bags of popcorn work?

  17. Thank you for sharing the recipe.  It’s delicious and a big hit I add pecans, pecan pieces with the popcorn and cover it all with the chocolate. My only problem with it…….it’s hard to stop eating it. Sooo good!!

  18. Using this for my brother’s shower. Making it teal and purple instead however since that’s the color scheme for the party as the mother requested.

  19. Okay guys just an fyi don’t put your hands in the chocolate and start mixing directly after you’ve pouring it out. I burnt the crap out of my fingers. Also Ghiralldi melting chips work very well

  20. Why is the popcorn mixture still sticky??? I thought it would be firm.

  21. Can I  use a popcorn maker instead? 

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