Gluten free banana and dark chocolate crostata

I have made crostatas before but this chocolate crostata is one of my favorites. I love the bananas and chocolate together.

chocolate crostata

I am extremely happy to be posting these little crostata creations. You see? Bob Red Mill just sent me a very generous package with tons of flours and mixes to experiment with and the gluten free pie crust mix was the one that jumped at me first.

I actually baked two different things with the first bag. A pear pie and these banana and dark chocolate crostatas. This recipe is coming first, because in my opinion, I enjoyed the combination of the flavors a lot better than the pear pie. They were both good but this one was a tad better.

I don’t even know if the gluten free pie crust mix is yet for sale at grocery stories. If it is not I am sure it will be soon. Either way I am optimistic that you could even make your own gluten free mix. I actually want to make my own but will see.

You can add any other fruit combo of your choice for these crostatas. I know I always have bananas and dark chocolate on hand so this is what I used. I think a berry version will also be good.

Now for the pie crust I got a bit experimental and tried to make it a bit healthier by adding a mixture of butter, olive oil and milk. I think it didn’t work too well because my crust was a bit on the hard side. I am thinking that you should just stick to what the package says, which is to add just butter!

I have another gluten free pie crust package so I think I will be doing another different type of crostata. I think an apple caramel one will be exquisite, so stay tuned for that.


chocolate crostata

I used a gluten free mix for the pie crust but you don’t have to. If you are not on a gluten free diet any other type of pie crust will work for this crostata recipe. I drizzled a little bit of maple syrup after the crostata cooled down to get the crostatas a bit shinny for food styling purposes but you don’t have to at all.

Gluen free banana and chocolate

The combination of the dark chocolate and the bananas was out of this world. I hope you get to make this one soon. You and everyone around you will love you for it…trust me on that. I wish I quadrupled the batch actually!


Gluten free banana and dark chocolate crostata

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4 medium crostatas

Prep Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes



Preheat oven to 375 F. Line two cookie sheets with unbleached parchment paper and set aside.

Prepare the crust according to package instructions. You can divide the pie dough in two to obtain 2 large crostatas or into 4 to obtain 4 medium crostatas.

With a rolling pin, roll each dough piece into a disk shape and refrigerate for about 15-20 minutes. Fill each crostata with the sliced bananas followed by the dark chocolate chips. Make sure you leave about one inch from the rim of the crostata as you will have to fold it in to encase the bananas and the chocolate.

Place the crostatas on the prepared bake pan and bake for about 30 minutes or until the pie dough starts browning around the edges. Depending how small or how big your crostatas are you will need more or less time.

When the crostatas are cooled down and ready to be served you can brush a little bit of maple syrup over the bananas and dough to obtain a pretty shine.

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  1. These look so good! Just one question. The recipe says 1 1/2 olive oil. Is this supposed to be 1 1/2 tablespoons?

  2. Hi Kerry,

    I corrected the mistake. It is cups, it seems like a lot but since it does not have butter and it has quite a bit of dry ingredients is ok.

    Olive oil contains way more healthier fats than butter or margarine does :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog

  3. My family LOVES chocolate chip cookies. I always love a choc chip/oatmeal variation and am anxious to make these. Bookmarking to make with my kiddos soon!

  4. these look awesome! I just picked up some dark choc chips–might have to try these! :)

  5. These were great! The dough was swimming in olive oil, which really worried me, but they came out crispy/chewy like a cookie should be and not greasy at all. The texture was the same as a buttery unhealthy cookie. Yay! I used extra virgin olive oil because that’s all I have and it tasted just a little nutty, so next time I’ll add some walnuts and everyone will think the nutty taste is from the nuts. :)

  6. Hamannde,

    thanks for the comment.

    Me to thought that the cookies where way to grease with all of the oil, I was worried before I baked them but they came out great although I would prefer a little bit less of it. Maybe next time I will experiment and decrease it by just a tinny bit :-)

    If they come out good with less oil I will post the correction.

  7. I just made these again but as cinnamon raisin. I used 2 tablespoons cinnamon and 2 cups of raisins (I’ll use 1.5 cups next time) instead of chocolate chips. I used 1 cup of olive oil. They were super delicious, but they had more of a healthy cookie texture, compared to the totally “normal cookie” texture when making them with the full 1.5 cups oil. So, next time I’ll try it with 1.25 cups oil! And both times I made them I used way less sugar and they were still nice and sweet. And there was no nutty taste this time from using extra virgin. The cinnamon took care of that. :) The husband even said these were very good! And he’s really picky.

  8. Hamannde,

    I am glad you are liking the cookies. Like you I keep trying to improve the recipe and try to decrease the sugar and oil content :-) Let me know how they turn out with just 1 1/2 cups of oil.

    I have found a new type of sugar I will be using for my recipes, sucanat, which is just sugar that is a little bit less processed than regular white sugar, although white sugar works just perfect. I just want to find other ways to keep the recipes slightly healthier. I just can’t give up the sugar all together, an impossible task for me :-)

  9. Hola! I wonder if wheat germ is available in Spain? or how it could be traslated into spanish? i’ve been looking and I couldnt find it! something else i could use instead?

    me encanta tu blog!! :)

  10. oh! and rolled oats? i think i only find old fashined ones!

    Thanks! (i write in english so someone with the same problem can understand)

  11. Nagore,

    Wheat germ es germen de trigo pero tambien puedes usar salvado de trigo que es wheat bran o semillas de lino en polvo que es muy bueno contra la inflamacion y para bajar el colesterol. Lo que pasa con este ultimo es que es un poco caro pero una bolsa te durara mucho. Si lo compras asegurate que es en polvo pues en semillas no tiene el mismo efecto.

    Todos estos productos los puedes encontrar en un herbolario, mercadona o en carrefour que yo los he visto este verano cuando fui a espana.

    Espero que esto te ayude y gracias por visitar mi blog :-)

  12. I made these today and used 1 cup of olive oil, forgetting about my previous comment (when I said I’d use 1 1/4 cup next time). The texture was totally different than when I used 1 cup before. It’s weird. Then I added more olive oil. It’s all pointless. I remember the first time I made them the texture was perfect! It was huge amount of olive and it seemed really greasy, but they came out the best that way. So everyone make it as written because it’s already perfect (although I think they’re even yummier as oatmeal raisin, but that’s a personal preference :)).

  13. Hi Miryam!

    I graduated with a BS in Nutrition and love food just like you! I would like to say I made these for my cousin’s bridal shower today, and the girls and I loved them!! Everyone was scared to try them when I mentioned they were healthy cookies and then shocked at how delicious they were! Thank you for your recipe! I can’t wait to try more of your recipes. They all sound yummy! :)

  14. Teresa,

    thanks for your kind comment. I am glad they were a succes with your friends and sorry for the delayed response :-) Hope you keep coming back!!

  15. Thanks for providing the recipe. I have some in the oven right now, however slightly altered. I used a little less sugar, slightly less oil, less chocolate chips and added a half cup raw sesame seeds and a few dried cranberries. Craving some chocolate chip loving goodness tonight! My BF never seems to mind either. Can’t wait!

  16. WOW!!!! I DID NOT expect these to be this good! Though I did make some additions and subtractions—stated in the last comment. These are AWESOME! Wont be the last time I make them. Thank you!

  17. Resurgam,

    how funny that you just posted this. I actually finished making a batch myself and like you next time I think I will be adding a bit less sugar :-)

    Thanks for the kind comments!

  18. Ooo yum I always love trying out new healthier cookie recipes!

  19. Just wondering…. do you think you could use canola or safflower oil?

  20. Asmith,

    any would do but olive oil is healthier if you have it. It contains more quantities of healthier fats :-)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Excellent recipe! I used less oil, just 1 cup of oil and half the amount of sugar. I will be making these again. Let’s see how long they last once the kids try them ;)

  22. Hi Miryam, I love your recipes!!! Discovered your website about a month ago, thanks so much for sharing. Just wondering if you have baked with coconut sugar and any thoughts on it? Erin

  23. Erin, I haven’t had the pleasure of baking with coconut sugar but I have heard good things about it.

    When using coconut I just try to just use coconut oil, milk and the greatness of the shredded kind. So far not the sugar coconut kind.

    Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help. Let me know if you try it and if you do let me know if you like it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  24. Miryam, I made the healthier oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and used coconut sugar instead of white sugar and they turned out great!! Loved that I could taste the oatmeal and dark chocolate since coconut sugar is not as sweet.

    I use coconut oil, milk, and shavings too. Love it all, even use the oil as lotion. Thanks again for the great recipe! Erin

  25. My HDL is a little low and this recipe is just what I needed! I did use canola oil b/c I heard it was better to bake with but I will definitely try olive oil next time. Also I added 1/4 cup flax seed. Next time I will substitute it for the wheet germ. I didn’t realize they were almost the same thing and had already added wheat germ. Also I used 4 egg whites. These turned out great!!!!!

  26. I found your website a few months ago when looking for a healthy oatmeal cookie recipe and I am so glad I did. These cookies are amazing and we love them! I have baked them twice now and will be doing a third batch real soon. Thank you for the great recipe!! :)

  27. I can’t believe no one has balked that these cookies are 206 calories EACH!!!!!!! They look delicious, but come on. That is way too many calories for one cookie. Is this correct? I don’t mean to sound snarky. I am loving your blog but I am on a 1200 calorie day diet and that would not work, not even as a splurge. And if you’re not on a 1200 cal/day diet, after a few of these a couple times a week, you would need to be! lol…

  28. Jaimie, the reason why they are 206kcal is bc they are very large. Look at the quantity of ingredients and the amt of cookies obtained. You can obtain 60 cookies instead of 30 and have 103 kcal per cookie!!
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  29. I used Stevia instead of sugar, and used ground flax instead of wheat germ. They were so good. Scone like consistency. I smear on so PB and eat half hour before intensive cardio. Great energy booster.

  30. Mr. Johnson,

    Thanks for the feedback!! I am glad you like them as much as we do :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  31. I stumbled upon this post when looking for a healthy oatmeal cookie recipe. I’d like to try honey instead of sugar. I used Dr. Sears’ healthy oatmeal cookie recipe with my last batch but they turned out very cakey. It was probably due to an alteration, but I wanted to try something different this time. Hoping this one will work! Oh, I also want to try grinding the oats into a flour for a smoother texture.

  32. Kristen,

    Using honey may make the batter too moist and pulverizing the oats may make the batter too dry!!

    Maybe if you try pulverizing just a little bit of the oats and use some honey, but not all for the sugar, that may work . You are just going to have to experiment with the proportions!!

    Let me know how they turn out.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  33. I made them – halved the recipe in case they were a bust. Then I used 1/4 cup honey and 1/4 cup oil and pulverized the oats. If I had left out the wheat flour I think they would have been perfect. As they are, they are more like scones, lol. I’ll try again another time.

  34. Hello,

    Just curious if you meant the recipe to say quick oats instead of rolled oats? Made these following exact directions and they were just a molten blob of oil, nothing resembling a cookie. They definitely didn’t look like the pictures you have posted. I was very sad lol I was really looking forward to them.

  35. Karilynn84,

    Sorry to hear that they didn’t work :-( The batter kind of seems really oily before baking but once you bake it, it is the perfect consistency. I have tried to decrease the oil content, but then the cookies turn out to be more like a scone!!

    About your question. I always used old fashion oats. If you used the other kind I don’t know if that could have been the problem.

    I hate when some people don’t get the same results. I hate that they have to waste ingredients, and time. Maybe try to half the recipe for next time around but I do assure you this recipe is accurate bc I have made it tons of times. It is my to go chocolate chip cookie recipe :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  36. I just made a half batch of these(made 25 medium). I slightly tweaked the recipe. I used 1/4 cup extra virgin olive, 1/4 cup rapeseed oil, 1/4 cup milk. I used all wholemeal flour because I had no wheatgerm. I used about 1/4 less soft brown sugar. 4Oz 50% cocoa choc chips(all I had). They turned out fab, very chocolatey,crisp and munchy, my 4 year old is just asking for a third one (she’ll have to wait until tomorrow :-))

  37. Mark and Sarah,

    super cool, I am glad the cookies turn out good for you. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for visiting my blog :-)

  38. las hice y son muy deliciosas. gracias por publicar esta receta. mi hermanito las ama! Todas tus recetas se ven deliciosas. ;)

  39. My kids and I love these! Even sold them at a school fitness function where all our food was healthier and homemade. All gone!

    TIP: Never forget to use the parchment. They are too oily and spread too much. The paper keeps them nice and rounded.

  40. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  41. I just made some and the oil leaves way too much of the olive oil flavour. Feel sick just after one bite feel like I just drank a cup of oil- I wonder if there was another oil I could use.

  42. Hi, just made this, pretty good. I think I will put less oil next time, since it makes the texture too crumbly.
    Great flavor! and it yields a lot!

  43. I made these cookies with a quarter cup less of olive oil and they still turned out greasy and crisp like chips. I don’t think you even need 1 cup of olive oil for this recipe.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know they turned out OK w/ your adjustments. Next time I will do the same and see how they came out so that I can change the recipe to add less oil. Thanks for stopping by.

  44. Hi Miryam,
    I would like to try baking these cookies from your recipe. But i wonder if i can find wheat germ in Indonesia. Can i switch it to something else?

  45. Hey Miryam
    I made these last night, they were great even though I over cooked them hahaa but everyone loved them


  46. I tried these today, using avocado oil instead of olive, and they turned out great! Thank you for the quick, easy recipe.

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