Gambas al Ajillo/ Garlic Shrimp

Garlic shrimp or gambas al ajillo are one of my favorite Spanish tapas of all times. Super fast and easy to put together too.

Garlic shrimp

My mother was recently with us for a short visit from Spain so some of my cooking took me back to my roots.

This garlic shrimp dish is one of the most famous tapas dishes in Spain. It is extremely easy to put together and it is incredibly tasty. For those people that are watching their cholesterol though be careful as shrimp contains quite of it, moderation is the key.

You can half the quantity for the ingredient list, as I made quite a bit. You could freeze this garlic shrimp already prepared. Just defrost in your refrigerator and heat on medium to low heat for 2-3 minutes.

I hope you enjoy this super yummy and tasty recipe.


Garlic shrimp


Gambas al Ajillo/ Garlic Shrimp

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4 servings

Total Time: 15 minutes


1 lb large clean shrimp
6 tbsp olive oil
6 cloves garlic, minced
4 tbsp parsley, chopped
3 tablespoons smoked paprika
salt to taste
Whole wheat pitta bread to dip sauce into :-) (any other bread would do)


Heat oil on a non stick skillet.Once the pan is warm, but not too hot, toss the garlic and stir fry, being careful not to burn the garlic, 30 seconds would do.

Throw the shrimp into the mix, followed by the paprika. Once the shrimp begins to turn pink, after about a minute or two, toss in the parsley. Shrimp gets really stringy and dry when overcooked, so remove the pan from the heat once the shrimp turns pink, but not entirely opaque. Season with salt and serve with bread.

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  1. Kale walnut pesto for the win!!! This is always my pre-race meal for half/full marathons, such great fuel :) I love the addition of red bell pepper, and the tomatoes for tang. Lovely!

  2. Kale walnut pesto sounds and looks really yum and healthy. I love that purple power salad too. Can’t resist anything purple :-))

  3. Walnut, kale, basil, oregano and cheese mixed together and added to spaghetti – for now I can just imagine how perfect and tasty this dish is – but I’ll find out pretty soon :)

  4. Wow looks so easy and delicious. Love walnut pesto since pine nuts are so darn expensive.

  5. I’ve never made Kale walnut pesto before, but I’ve inspired me to make it ;-) This looks so delicious! Thanks for this book review. Love your pictures too!!!

  6. Oh! Looks so yummy.

    I thinking to do easier!!

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