Farro mediterranean salad

This is my first time trying Farro and believe it or not I just love it. This Farro Mediterranean Salad is awesome.

Farro mediterranean salad

I love this Farro Mediterranean Salad. The warm weather is just upon us and I am craving nothing but refreshing, colorful and light food. This Farro salad is just perfect. It is hearty and super feeling. It is also great on the go and packs really well.

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Be ready for more salad recipes. I know I haven’t got that many in the blog but I will work on adding some very soon.

For the Farro Mediterranean Salad recipe check out Nuts.com


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  1. These are adorable! And huge, which I like. :) I’ve never seen anything like these. You’re super creative. And the rusticness just adds to the charm.

    I’m going on a little vacation over the weekend and wanted to go through your recipe index to pick a few things to make to bring with us. Are you going to put it back at some point? I miss it!

  2. Texanerin,

    I wish I could have a tab for the recipe index but the last time I used it everytime I inputed an entry more than half of my list would dissapear so I had to do it all over again.

    It was tons of work. I must have lost the list a dozen times so I got fed up and delete it.

    I might think about it and have the tab in the near future although I am not looking forward on entering almost 200 recipes, I may just have to. Anyhow, I will let you know :-)

    Have fun on your trip

  3. That’s weird! I guess I should save mine in case the same starts happening to me. It sounds really aggravating. I ended up making your peanut butter chocolate Rice Krispie treats because they are the best thing in the world and also your ultimate oatmeal cookies. I’m seeing my parents for the first time since I found your blog and so I’m making them my favorite things of yours. :)

  4. Texanerin,

    you are to kind. Enjoy your family and have tons of fun!


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