energy truffles

I am totally in love with these energy truffles. These are gluten free as well as vegan. What else can you ask for?

energy truffles-gluten free and vegan

I don’t know why I didn’t quadruple the batch when I made these energy truffles. They literally lasted a couple of hours and the fact that I used different coating for them is just genius, more appealing to the eye!

Next time I make these energy truffles not only I am going to add protein powder to them but I might probably add a little bit of coffee extract or even some liquor. These truffles will be great to take to a gathering. The good part is that these won’t melt so if you are bringing them to a barbecue rest assure they will remain intact.

I have made these truffles similarly using dried prunes and figs so if you don’t like dates, I know some of you don’t, go ahead and use any of these two ingredients. They will still be really good and work as well.

For the energy truffle recipe visit my friends at They have great products. Here is where I get most of my nuts and other healthy ingredients to make my snacks a grain foods!


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  1. Can’t wait to try!

    xo Elizabeth

  2. I could use an energy truffle right about now! These look delicious!

  3. you have such a great talent to make healthy food looks AWESOME! These truffles are heaven!!

  4. Just made these. They are terrific! I didn’t have almond flour, so I put a cup of whole almonds in the food processor first to grind them a bit, then added the other ingredients. So yummy, thank you!

  5. Thanks for finally talking about >Eat Good 4 Life energy truffles <Loved it!

  6. I just have to say that your bars are amazing. They have become a favorite food that I crave everyday! I truly appreciate the quality of delicious healthy ingredients that you use. The chocolate that envelopes the bars is the most delectable & refreshing chocolate I have ever experienced. Please don’t ever stop making these amazing bars!
    Sinerely your new biggest fan!

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