Easy Quinoa stuffed peppers

I have been wanting to make stuffed peppers for the longest I can remember. I have seen them done in many different ways but I wanted a simple, easy way so I could actually make them from time to time.


For the filling in these easy quinoa stuffed peppers I kept it pretty simple but you can add any other veggies of your choice. To keep the recipe vegan you can also omit the feta cheese or get creative and use any other type of cheese you prefer. Mozzarella cheese will work really good.

Broiling the peppers rather than baking them is a faster way to still achieve delicious stuffed peppers. You can also double the batch and freeze some of them to have in the future. I have done it before and works really well.

If you haven’t tried quinoa before this is a great way to start incorporating quinoa into your cooking. Quinoa is a very versatile ingredient and you can use it in place of rice, add it to salads, or even make granola with it. A great nutritious ingredient worth trying!

For the easy quinoa stuffed pepper recipe visit my friends at Nuts.com. Make sure you browse around their website for other products which you may need for your cooking and baking. They have a large variety of healthy flours, nuts, dried fruits etc Everything you need to experiment in your kitchen with.



  1. I had to pop over to check out those peppers! What a great idea! My sister loves stuffed peppers and I am going to convince her to use quinoa next time. 

  2. I am a loyal fan of quinoa. These stuffed peppers look very delicious.

  3. These look fantastic! I’m a big, big quinoa fan, and so is the rest of my family! Loads of protein and great nutrition, and super adaptable for sweet or savory recipes – it’s awesome! I really like your suggestion of adapting this recipe without cheese or with different cheeses, too!

  4. I love these stuffed peppers! Look so flavorful! I really have to try it! Thank you for sharing this fun recipe! :)

  5. I just love traditional stuffed peppers, but I am loving your healthier version with the quinoa! :) 

  6. I’ve never made stuffed peppers with quinoa, but this recipes looks much delicious and healthy than the tradicional one. Have to try that ;-)

  7. I LOVE stuffed peppers! Your version with quinoa looks so filling and healthy. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I am a huge fan of quinoa and stuffed peppers…love that you have combined them! Found our dinner next week with the endless possibilities!  

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