Detox spirulina smoothie

Have you tried spirulina before? Spirulina is a natural blue-green microalgae powder that is incredibly high in protein. If you have never tried it this is the perfect recipe. This detox spirulina smoothie is super refreshing and a great way to start the day.

Detox Spirulina Smoothie | Eat Good 4 Life

Spirulina not only has 8 essential and 10 non-essential amino acids, as well as high levels of beta-carotene, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, phosphorus but it is also a great source of antioxidants, and B-vitamins.

Convince yet? Spirulina has a great array of powerful nutrient properties. I am glad I invested in this superfood.

Because spirulina has a very strong flavor you have to find a way to masks its flavor a bit. In this detox spirulina smoothie I used lemon juice which does just that plus it gives it the smoothie a delicious refreshing taste.

My kids drank it so I anticipate you will like it too.

You can also use spirulina in an array of recipes such as pancake and waffle batter, energy bites, bars, ice cream etc I am going to try to incorporate more recipe in the blog so that you can take advantage of this awesome ingredient.

For the detox spirulina smoothie recipe make sure you visit If you are starting to eat healthier or need any ingredients for your healthy recipes you will find them all here. Just browse their many nuts, flours, dried fruits and other products to find what you are looking for.


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  1. I wouldn’t have been able to resist eating or posting these either! So good!

  2. 55 calories per cookie? wow…totally healthy and divine!

  3. I love that these only need 5 ingredients and are so low calorie, too! Wonderful treats, Miryam. Can’t wait to try them soon!

  4. Thats grate, will give it a try asap. Thanks

  5. Oh, I wish I were eating a couple now!

  6. Definitely going to be eating these soon! YUM

  7. I love these gluten-free, egg-free cookies! Love all your ideas and recipes

  8. These look wonderful and yummy. I think I will make these for my vegetarian friends. Thanks for sharing

  9. I just made these and they are fantastic!! Such a great recipe. :)

  10. Look at that super short & sweet ingredient list…and all those chocolate chips! NEEEEEEED!!!

  11. Hola acabo de hacer las galletitas estan riquisimas me encantan…no puedo parar de comerlas hahaha :)

  12. Awesome recipe! Any advice on not eating the whole batch in one sitting would be appreciated;)

  13. Just made these (was inspired by the short ingredients list!) thought I did omit the coconut. Very quick and simple to mix it all together!

    They the smelled a little strange out of the oven (the banana, maybe?)…was very eager to try them – but decided to wait until they were cooled down.

    The result: Hmmm….well, the consistency makes them a little (ok, a lot) challenging to pickup, so I used a fork! They taste quite good – the banana isn’t too over powering and the oats were perfectly cooked.

    Even with the fork, super duper messy. So, I’m hoping a short stay in the fridge might “harden” them up a bit for easier consumption =)

    • I am thinking maybe they needed to be a bit longer in the oven to dry the banana out. My cookies, even though they were not crunchy but chewy, were able to be picked up. Maybe the fridge trick will work :-) Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Loved them! I just added 3 teaspoons of maple syrup because they weren’t sweet enough for me.

  15. Have you ever tried adding peanut butter to this recipe?

  16. Tried the cookies and they tasted great. So simple and very few ingredients and the banana taste is wonderful. Replaced coconut with sunflower seeds and added slivered almonds. Thank you for a very healthy and easy recipe.

  17. Made theses yesterday but substitued the choco chips for mini date pieces that I chopped, turned out extremely delicious ! Thanks for the great recipe

  18. I can’t thank you enough for this recipe! When I transitioned to no eggs & dairy I was sad thinking I couldn’t have cookies anymore, and I just didn’t have the patience to want to make a big recipe/have a lot of ingredients on hand to make special cookies. These are PERFECT! They taste amazing with hardly anything in them, and everyone I’ve passed this recipe onto has loved them! ;)

  19. This recipe is fantastic! I ran out of vanilla, but I had caramel extract and I threw the tiniest amount of that in there with a pinch of salt, and they came out incredible, like some kind of banana foster macaroon(yes, I used coconut) I made them tonight, this will be my ‘go to’ for cookies from now on, I am always looking for a way to cut back on bad ingredients in desert-y things with out cutting out great taste. So good! Thank you for this recipe, Miryam.
    Have a great evening!

  20. i can’t even tell you how many times I have made these since finding this recipe 2 weeks ago. It’s incredible and pretty embarrassing, but they’re amazing!! I’ve been playing with the recipe each time I make them. Sometimes I stick to your original recipe, other times I’ve added blueberries or butterscotch, cranberries or cinnamon. All the happy yums!! Thank you so much for this recipe, it’s the healthy(er) gluten free version of chocolate chip cookies I’ve been looking for!

  21. Ahh, had no idea these would turn out so tasty:) thank you so much x

  22. Love how simple and also healthy this recipe is! But I wanna ask: Do you think it will it be ok if instead of rolled oats I use muesli? I think it is, because muesli does contains rolled oats, soo..  :)

    • Maybe but muesli has sugar in it and I don’t know how the muesli will absorb the banana as the oats do that pretty good. You can try on the microwave but I am not sure either if they would turn out!

  23. And also do you think these can be made in the microwave somehow?

  24. A success!  Looking forward to seeing what the tribe thinks when they get home from school.

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