Dark chocolate chip and mint Avocado ice cream

I love avocados and this Avocado ice cream is to die for. It is great for the hot summer days coming our way.

Avocado ice cream

Today I am guest posting this superb dark chocolate and mint avocado ice cream for my friend Erin from Texanerin Baking. If you want the recipe just go on over to her blog. She is an expert on healthy baking and she has amazing goodies that won’t disappoint, so make sure you browse around.

I really hope you try this avocado ice cream. It is really creamy, nutritious and no so bad for you with healthy fats and many other nutrients.

Head on over to Texanerin Baking for the full post and the recipe.

Stay safe and enjoy!

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  1. Never mind :) It doesn’t work still :/ It writes: This gadget is not set correctly. :/

  2. Watermelon,

    it does work on my end. I don’t know what is wrong, sorry :-(

  3. Nooooo! Not bananas. My archnemesis. :( I knew it was too good to be true.

    It looks great! I’m just really frustrated that I can’t have it. Stupid allergies. The only healthy ice cream that actually tastes good is the banana one. I once made the version with cocoa powder for my husband and tasted it and it was amazing.

  4. Love how healthy this is! Going to have to get some bananas just for this!

  5. Yum! I need to restock my banana supply!

  6. Yum! I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before… but I pretty much live for banana ice cream. It is awesome and this variation looks amazing!!

  7. Texanerin,

    sorry!! I was thinking about as I was posting this…maybe you could use Greek yogurt instead!!

    Erin, you would love this. It is really good.

    Jessica, you won’t regret it :-)

    Heidi, I have just recently discovered it and I love it, especially because at how healthy it is and all of the variations you can make.

  8. Banana soft serve is the best. Love this recipe.

  9. Oh YUM! This looks great and I know my kids would love it. I have a banana mango ice cream in my line up right now ;)

  10. Can I substitute Nutella for peanbut butter?

  11. SO ice cream can be made in the food processor??!! I always thought I needed a ice cream maker!! I’m so excited to try this…looks SO amazing!

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