Caramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad

When I was growing up I used to eat all kinds of legumes that were mostly incorporated into stews, however, I discovered that legumes are great when incorporated into salads. A perfect example is this caramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad that was nothing but sensational. Super simple, fresh, light and tasty.

Caramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad | Eat Good 4 Life

I really plan of making way more salads this summer. I want to experiment with different kind of dressings and vegetable combinations so I hope I can get creative and come up with awesome recipes for you to try.

I actually made this caramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad using broccoli instead of kale last week, which was equally good. I thought of adding some kind of grain to it as well. I think quinoa, couscous or even some type of pasta may also work great. Perhaps I will do that next time I make it.

On another note, a couple of weeks ago I started my rotations for physician assistant school. I was a bit excited and nervous at the same time because I didn’t know what to expect. I ended up been placed to do OBGYN rotations first, which I couldn’t have been happier. My preceptor, who actually is from the Dominican Republic, is the absolute bomb. He is down to earth, funny and most importantly a great person to learn from. To say that I am learning tons is an understatement. There is nothing better than been hands on.

It is going to be hard to top my current preceptor, so will see how the next few months go. I really can’t wait for the day to finish my program so I can stop driving back and forth from school to my house in NJ to be with my family. A 2 hr drive that doesn’t seem much but really adds up after a while.

Anyways, soon….very soon!

Well, I know a lot of people are getting ready to be with family, friends and gathering around this holiday weekend. If you are looking for a simple, tasty, healthy salad recipe this would be a great contender. If you are not to fond of kale just use broccoli and you can even add some pasta to it.


Caramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad | Eat Good 4 LifeCaramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad | Eat Good 4 LifeCaramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad | Eat Good 4 Life


Caramelized tomatoes, white bean and kale salad

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 4 servings

Total Time: 15 minutes



Over high heat, add one tablespoon of olive oil to a saute pan. Add the tomatoes. Cook the tomatoes for 3-5 minutes, stirring occasionally. When they start to pop and brown add the balsamic vinegar and kale. Cook further for 1-2 minutes.

In a large mixing bowl add the white beans and tomato mixture. Add the remainder of the olive oil, salt, pepper and grated cheese. Mix through and serve.


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  1. I was sitting her surfing food blogs trying to get inspired to fix dinner. In the back of my mind, I was thinking pasta, tomatoes and basil! Voila!

  2. Well, I posted your link to my blog tonight! The dish was superb!

  3. Thank you so much Jane, much appreciated. I am glad you enjoyed the recipe…

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