Brownie cake with mocha buttercream frosting

This cake is just plain sensational. No bake, gluten free and vegan. No words to describe this brownie cake with mocha buttercream frosting and the buttercream frosting is also terrific.

brownie cake with mocha buttercream

I haven’t made something like this in a long time but today I felt inspire to make something that was chocolate flavor and that required no baking. I must say I hit the nail on the head with this sensational and super healthy brownie cake with mocha buttercream frosting.

No only this brownie cake with mocha buttercream frosting is no bake, gluten free and vegan but it is loaded with super foods. To begin with it has flaxseed meal, which is rich in soluble fiber, which will lower your cholesterol naturally, as well as Omega- 3’s a natural anti inflammatory.

I also added chia seeds which are also rich in fiber and Omega- 3’s.

Finally, I added hulled hemp seeds. I think this is my newly discovered favorite ingredient. When I opened the bag I had a little taste and I was like, OMG…I then proceeded to have a huge handful. I am in love with this nutty tasty ingredient. I have had hemp seeds before but never this hulled kind. They are the best.

I got all these top of the line ingredients from my friends at Bob’s Red Mill. They are truly one of my favorite companies to work for. I wish I lived closer to their factory!

I am in love with this brownie cake with mocha buttercream frosting that I am going to make other varieties very soon. Stay tuned because I think they are going to be epic.


brownie cake with mocha buttercreambrownie cake with mocha buttercream

Here you can see the before and after of the brownie batter. When the batter starts to come together you are ready to place it in the cookie moulds of your choice!

brownie cake with mocha buttercream

Just press the brownie batter down with your fingers onto the cookie mould. Then just help yourself with a knife to unmould the brownie.

brownie cake with mocha buttercream

One of my favorite ingredients that I have just recently discovered. Hulled hemp seeds, these are the absolute bomb!

brownie cake with mocha buttercream

This is the vegan, gluten free mocha buttercream frosting. It is to die for. Excellent on muffins and cakes of any sort. This is going to be my go to buttercream recipe from now on, especially when making raw desserts!

brownie cake with mocha buttercream

brownie cake with mocha buttercream


Brownie cake with mocha buttercream frosting

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 6 servings

Total Time: 25 minutes


Brownie base

Mocha buttercream frosting

  • 1 cup dates, pitted
  • 2 tbs cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup water
  • 2 tsp instant coffee powder
  • pinch celtic salt


In a food processor add the brownie batter ingredients and pulse until your mixture comes together. Divide batter into 5 equal pieces and press down on the cookie moulds. I used 3 inch round cookie moulds.

Run a knife around the cookie mould edge to help you release the brownie base and place onto a baking sheet. Repeat this procedure until you don't have no more brownie batter.

For the buttercream frosting add all the ingredients to your food processor and pulse until you obtain a homogenous mixture with no lumps.

Place one cookie batter round onto a plate and frost with the buttercream. Repeat to however many layers you like.

Keep leftover brownie batter and buttercream frosting refrigerated.

NOTE: You can use the brownie batter and make balls instead of a cake. 

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  1. Who would believe that so decadent brownie cake can be so good for you too!!

  2. this looks totally decadent! I love hemp seeds too… I actually think I may have everything here in my kitchen to make this, perhaps today! yay!

  3. Mmmm CHIA AND HEMP! I love the crunchies! :D

  4. So, so intrigued by this and can’t wait to give it a try. It looks absolutely decadent!

  5. I’ve heard about hemp seeds.. I gotta buy them though. This looks really good.. love all the healthy stuff. :-)

  6. OH wow, that looks super chocolatey and indulgent!

  7. These look so great! I am VERY allergic to chia seeds (like throat closing up, itchy for weeks allergic. It’s so sad.) Do you think anything could replace the chia?

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