Best of 2012: My favorites and yours

As this year is winning down I have put together a round up from Eat Good 4 Life with the best of 2012 including my favorite recipes and yours.

I have started to get to know some of you, and that is what makes me most happy. I really appreciate you all and maintaining and keeping up the blog has become much more than just a hobby.

Before the year is over I wanted to let you know about a few things that are going to take place around Eat Good 4 Life tough.

For 2013 I will be having a new blog look for you. Transferring from blogger to WordPress and having a much friendlier and better look coming around March.

Other announcements:

E-book coming in March with really good recipes, from breakfast, snacks, smoothies, gluten free, easy dinner meals, and desserts. I am working really hard on this book so I hope you like it.

Meal plans for healthy, diabetics, and gluten free meals.

Nutrition Consulting from the dietitian via phone, email or skype for:

1. Weight management
2. Diabetes
3. Cardiovascular disease
4. Health and preventive nutrition
5. Metabolic syndrome
6. Cancer
7. Gastrointestinal disorders like celiac disease.

New site coming in March!

I am super excited to start implementing these changes to the site. I have been working really hard, so I hope you like what I will be offering in the new year to come.

Happy new year and see you in 2013!

Mini vegetable and bacon fritatas
Skinny fettucicine alfredo

No bake mini raspberry cheesecakes
Strawberry and raspberry tiramisu

Crock pot honey sesame chicken
Blackberry, banana and mint smoothie

Sweet and spicy BBQ chicken with snap peas
Thai shrimp curry with snap peas

Peanut butter, coconut and dark chocolate bars
Dark chocolate black bean brownies

Rum raisin chocolate truffles
Lowering cholesterol energy bars

Coconut and chocolate chip cookies
Oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies

Chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie
Spinach and strawberry smoothie

Peanut butter and dark chocolate bites
Apple and caramel coffee cake

Irish cream and pistachio fudge
Cinnamon sugared walnuts

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  1. These cranberry bars look crazily GOOD!

  2. hey! no save recipe button!!!

  3. Juflo,

    you can pin it, bookmark it, email it….

    Thanks for visiting my blog!!

  4. These look delicious! I recently started liking cranberries and I can’t wait to make these.

  5. These are so pretty! I love how many cranberry recipes you have. And nice that it uses some almond meal. I think it gives goodies a nicer flavor, even if you use just a little. I’m jealous that you have organic cranberries. I think all our cranberries here come from the US but organic? They need to import those, too!

  6. wow, this looks amazing. I have never tried cranberry bars, and I love that your version is so healthy. Great job. The pictures are just gorgeous.

  7. Oh no! This is reminding me I haven’t done nearly as much with cranberries as I wanted to this year. Your bars look awesome! I make some similar ones for my hubby with just a plain shortbread base(and crumbly top) and he is just crazy for them. I love the sound of this version – and they are so much healthier than the ones I make for my hubby!

  8. I just made these. I made my own almond meal since I didn’t have any on hand and used gluten free AP flour instead of the whole wheat pastry flour. They turned out pretty good! I think I’ll add a small scoop of vanila ice cream to mine :)

  9. Steine,

    super cool. Thanks for leaving some feedback. I am glad you like them. You made a GF version, even better!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. I also made my own almond meal and used gluten free flour.:) I love raspberry bars and these are a close second!! Thanks!

  11. I baked them a little too long, and they probably cooked faster because I used a thin baking sheet.

  12. Tibbah,

    thanks for letting me know. I hope the second time around they turn out better :-)

  13. Would frozen berries work as well, do you think? These look awesome!

  14. Love you blog, so many great recipes:)

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