No bake peanut butter pie-Gluten free and vegan

I have not made a peanut butter pie in for ever but this one I just made is by far my favorite one. Gluten free, vegan, healthy and super tasty.

No bake peanut butter pie- gluten free and vegan

I was super amazed at how good this peanut butter pie was considering how simple it was to make. The mixture in the food processor tasted like heaven so I couldn’t wait for it to solidify and dig in…you need to do yourself a favor and make this peanut butter pie ASAP it is that good.

If you like peanut butter and bananas you are going to love this version. Gluten free, vegan, no bake and healthier, what else could you ask for from a peanut butter pie?

I have been making quite a few desserts lately and I really can’t stop given the fact that I have a super sweet tooth. I haven’t been to the gym in a few days so I think I should stay away from these desserts…ah maybe not…I can’t live without sweets so I will make sure I just exercise extra hard when I make it there!

On another note, you guys, is anyone attending summer school? I am, and quite frankly it is kicking my behind. 12 years ago I graduated with my double major. I was single, having fun and on top of the world. Now, I have two kids, my own business to sustain, a household and on top of that school work. This journey better pay off because the lack of sleep, sacrificing time from seeing my kids and being stuck in a room while it is nice and sunny outside sucks big time. I will stick it out but sometimes I just want to quit and leave it all behind…

Anyhow, I am really making a super human effort to keep my posts going. I know some of you are waiting for me to post my recipes, so I will try my hardest to keep them coming.

Until my next recipe…here you go…now go an make this peanut butter pie. You will thank me later!


No bake peanut butter pie- gluten free and vegan

No bake peanut butter pie- gluten free and vegan

No bake peanut butter pie- gluten free and vegan

No bake peanut butter pie- gluten free and vegan


No bake peanut butter pie- Gluten free and vegan

Yield: 12 servings

Total Time: 20 minutes







Line a 9 inch round cake pan with unbleached parchment paper.

Add the crust ingredients to your food processor and process until smooth. Add this mixture to the prepared lined cake pan and with a spatula press until evenly uniformed through all sides.

Place the filling ingredients in the food processor and pulse until you obtain a homogenous mixture. Add the topping over the crust and freeze pie until solid for at least 4-6 hours.

When ready to eat, sprinkle the peanuts over the peanut butter pie. Place the chocolate chips and coconut oil in a plate and microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring in between, until the chocolate has melted. Drizzle the chocolate over the peanuts and pie and serve.

You may have to let the pie sit at room temperature for 10-15 minutes to be able to slice. Store leftover pie in the freezer and thaw for 10-15 minutes before eating.

Recipe adapted from here

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  1. This cranberry chia jelly sounds so good. I love the tart bite of cranberries woth Orange. It’s the perfect combo! Thanks for sharing can’t wait to see the recipe later this week!

  2. I have been making jam with different berries and agave for the breakfast…they are so healthy and good. Yours with fresh cranberries is just perfect for the holiday.

  3. Sounds delicious and healthy, I’ll prepare this to my mom. She is on a diet ordered by a doctor and I’m searching for new, tasty yet healthy things for her.

  4. Sounds good but it’s “break” not “brake.”

  5. Spelling ALWAYS counts. “Holly molly” kind of threw me for a loop.

  6. Thanks for the recipe! I had to add some sugar though which is probably going against what the recipe is all about, but it just wasn’t sweet enough for my liking. Other than that I really enjoyed it. Lovely texture.

  7. Is there any reason this recipe cannot be processed in a water bath? I’d love to make this for some of my girlfriends for little Christmas gifts but don’t want to risk ruining the recipe with processing.

  8. “Holy moly” is spelled right Teresa. Great looking recipe.

  9. Connie, you’re late to the party. Her spelling errors have already been corrected.

  10. Was wondering if anyone has used the water bath method that Nicole referred to. I, like her, would like to send this to a family member and need it to arrive safely.


  11. I bought some organic cranberries at Christmas, but didn’t use them so I stuck them in the freezer. Will this still work if I defrost them? Also, I’ve been wanting to make chia seed jam but am worried about the seeds. My daughters don’t like “crunchy” sauces. After the chia seeds gelatinize, are they still crunchy? Thanks!

    • Yes the frozen cranberries will work just fine. There is some crunch still left after the chia seeds gelatinize, not much but there still some. I just don’t know how bad your kids are w/ that degree of crunch. Thanks for stopping by.

  12. Made this with fresh cranberries on Monday (I used the orange extract, too, ’cause I had it). This is only the second time I’ve worked with these things, and the first time I got to watch them pop and then moosh them. :D That was pretty fun, though I made a bit of a mess… hehe I was surprised by how much the jam firmed up by the next day because of the chia seeds. Some chia jams I’ve made don’t seem terribly different, but that’s okay ’cause I’m adding the chia seeds as much for health reasons as for jamification. Perhaps it is folly, but I’ve been pairing this with peanut butter on sandwiches. It’s… unusual. I’m not sure whether I like it or not, because every time I’ve had it so far I either have less-than-good bread or something else I’ve eaten has already turned my stomach sour. I guess I’m not sure still whether I even like cranberries. For ages I drank Everclear with straight cranberry juice, so I think my body doesn’t realize there’s separation. Regardless, thanks so much for the recipe! It let me use up the cranberries that were sitting in my fridge after making some baked oatmeal. :) Oh, almost forgot! Do you know if chia jam can freeze with any success? I won’t be able to eat all this jam in a week. lol

  13. Do I add the chia seeds as they are or do I have to soak them first so they become gooey?


  14. “Have used this method a couple of times, and it really is fool proof.
    This is my go to recipe for grilling chicken for one.”

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