Almond bark

How many times have you seen chocolate bark at stores for sale? I have tons but never cared to purchase given how easy it is to make. This almond bark is an example.

almond bark

I don’t know if you know that my house flooded on Thursday, well we actually found out on Thursday because it didn’t just take one day for the house to get flooded but several days. This happened while we were on vacation so it kind of sucks. We don’t even know where we are staying yet. I just hope I have a decent kitchen to continue making my recipes as well as my cooking book. I will keep you posted.

For this almond bark I used 60% dark chocolate chips but you can use any type of chocolate you like. Vegan chocolate would work great or even a higher content cacao to decrease the amount of sugar would also be perfect.

You can also use any nuts of your choice as well as dried fruit. The combinations are endless. For my version I just kept it simple and just used raw almonds, dried cranberries and dark chocolate. Then I just sprinkled a little bit of unsweetened shredded coconut over it and it was done in a flash. I placed it in the freezer to speed up the setting of the chocolate. You can also use your fridge and just leave it on your  counter top until the chocolate solidifies.

I also used my microwave to melt the chocolate chips but you  can use a double boiler. For me the microwave works best since it is faster.

I don’t know how my recipe posting is going to be affected by what happened to our house. I am hopping to keep my recipes coming so I will try my best to keep consistent. Lets see what housing arrangement my insurance company allows because I really don’t want to spend the next three months in a kitchenette especially given the fact that I have to work on my cooking book!!


almond bark


Almond bark

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 20-30 pieces

Total Time: 15 minutes



Line a cookie sheet with foil paper and set aside.

On a double boiler, over medium to low heat,  melt the chocolate chips. Alternatively you can use your microwave and melt the chocolate over 45 second intervals and stirring in between.

Place the cranberries and almonds in a large mixing bowl. Pour the melted chocolate over it and with a spatula mix until all the cranberries and almonds are coated with the chocolate.

Pour mixture over the prepared baking sheet and spread it to an even layer. Sprinkle the shredded unsweetened coconut over the mixture. Place it in the refrigerator until set. I placed mine in the freezer to speed up the process.

Break the bark into chunks and store in an air tight container.


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  1. I made brownies with avocados last week, a similar recipe to yours. And I must say – be patient! Let the cake cool completely before you take a bite. While it was warm there was a familiar avocado flavor that only exists when the avocados are warm… but other than that when it was cold it was great. But I think you might get the same healthiness from using coconut oil maybe? Cherries would probably add great flavor!

  2. That looks DIVINE. Actually looks better than a regular chocolate cake.

  3. This sounds terrific! What is the volume of avocado needed? Would 3/4 cup of avocado be enough? Has anyone tried this with a fruit puree instead of avocado? Thanks!

  4. This looks awesome! I can vouch for a chocolate avocado cake myself! I too like it best cold.

  5. That is an awesome cake.
    Haven’t tried bake anything with avo, it always ended up eaten before I could even think of “what to do’ with avo ;P
    Might have try to harder to refrain from eating and bake this delicious looking cake :D

  6. Could i make this eggless? You think that apple puree could work as a substitute?

  7. Great idea to use avocados in this chocolate cake. I have only ever made a cake with avocados once before and it did not turn out that delicious so I definitely need to try out your recipe.. thanks for sharing it!

  8. That looks so good!!! I have 2 ripe avocados sitting on my counter….what are the chances?!

  9. Can i replace the almond flower in whole wheat flour?

  10. looks delicious. very creative. love that it is healthy too. bookmarking it.

  11. This cake is absolutely divine and super easy to prepare! Thank you so much for the recipe, I’ll be making this one again and again!

  12. This cake looks awesome! Wish I could reach into the screen and take a bite out!!

  13. This cake was amazing! So moist and yummy!

  14. This cake looks so good. Could i substitute regular flour or whole wheat flour for the almond flour? We are a nut free family.

  15. This is so so good! Everyone should make it. Like you mentioned, better when cold! Love your recipes, thank you so much for sharing!

  16. Hi, I have this cake in the oven now but even after 1 hour of baking it still is wet and gooey inside making me think its never going to fully cook.
    I followed the directions. Any ideas why this has happened?

    • Oh no, that is so weird. Was your batter liquid like? My batter was sort of think. I have not idea why that could have happened :-( I have made the cake a couple of times and it turned out fine!! So sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  17. Oh no, that is so weird. Was your batter liquid like? My batter was sort of think. I have not idea why that could have happened :-( I have made the cake a couple of times and it turned out fine!! So sorry I couldn’t be of more help.

  18. I’ve made it with egg replacer and it was great:)

  19. You said avocado and almond flour and I said I go for it!
    I made it in cupcake liners, it’s delicious! (yeld about 12 and have to be full not 3/4 as the regular cupcakes; insted of buttercrea, I topped with melted white chocolate) But still I think for the next time I have to bake it and extra 5 minutes. Would love to heard how it goes if anyone have made it egg replacer and what they used.
    Thanks for hte recipe.

  20. I made this avocado chocolate cake on the weekend and it is delicious and SUPER moist! I used maple syrup as my unrefined sugar. So good, thank you for the recipe :)

    • YES! I wanted to do this, but how much maple syrup did you use? THANKS!

    • You should you use at least 1/2 cup if not more. Try the batter and see before you bake it to set the sweetness prior.

    • Great! And good idea, i will definitely taste it first…Thank You SO much! I am excited to make this for my kiddos and take with me when I go visit them this weekend :)   Take care, hope you’re having a great

  21. Great recipe- really surprised you use such great ingredients yet still put your food in a MICROWAVE.
    Thank you for recipe, great with conventionally melted chocolate!

  22. Could you substitute the almond flour for another gluten free flour like brown rice?

  23. I had a similar problem with the cake being very gooey. Is that normal? I’ve just recently started baking gluten free and with almond flour and I can’t seem to get the times right, but I am afraid of burning everything (almond flour is expensive!).

    The pictures provided look more “brownie gooey” than “cake gooey.” So what is your opinion on the final texture. Is it supposed to be dry like cake or gooey like a brownie?

  24. I made this cake a couple of weeks ago. My sister and nephew are both gluten and lactose intolerant. It was fabulous. I plan to take it with me when I go for Easter dinner.

  25. Thank you for this recipe! I made it for my mum on mothers day and I added about a cup of chopped walnuts through the mix. It was divine! 

  26. How do I get the nutritional info on the printed copy?

  27. Do you think it would still taste nice if I use coconut flour? 

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