Acai smoothie bowl

There is a new trend that has been going on with smoothie bowls so today I figured I make this acai smoothie bowl that was nothing but delicious and super easy to put together.

Acai smoothie bowl | Eat Good 4 Life

Making smoothies, if you have a good blender, is oneof the easiest things to do. I love them not only because they can be super healthy but because you can make any flavors that you like and even add a variety of ingredients to increase its protein content.

I tend to use protein powder and when ever I run out I add nuts or nut batters to substitute for the protein powder. It works equally good so whatever you like best.

Not long ago I have started using acai, which is a super power food. I love the fact that I can add it in an array of recipes. You can also added to energy bite recipes, yogurts etc

For the topping for this acai smoothie bowl you can use whatever you like best. I used fresh fruit and an array of healthy ingredients like chia seeds, granola and hemp seeds. Anything goes!

To obtain the smoothie bowl recipe make sure you visit my friends at You will be able to shop for any healthy ingredients you may need for your cooking and baking such as nuts, dried fruits, grains, flours and much more.


Acai smoothie bowl | Eat Good 4 Life

This recipe is sponsored by The opinions and text are all mine. The end.

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  1. I have never done anything with hemp milk. Definitely intrigued to use it.

  2. i was not too crazy about the hemp milk but Im sure when turned into popsicles- it would be wonderful.

  3. These are so pretty! I’ve never tried hemp milk before. Will have to sometime.

  4. These are gorgeous! I made some Greek yogurt and raspberry popsicles and even though they were pretty boring they were SO delicious. Love the hemp milk, chia seeds and maple syrup in yours, they sound awesome :)

  5. I’ve never tried hemp milk either but I’m thinking these popsicles need to happen…there’s a first for everything!

  6. I am totally making these as after school snacks… they are perfect!

  7. These look insanely gorgeous girl!!! And I bet taste equally as good! ;)

  8. Can you suggest another type of milk?

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