2 minute s’mores

Remember I told you about having a few almost free prep, no bake desserts over our vacation? Well this is the other one that I was meaning to share with everyone that was a huge success.

Granted you have to broil these ones, but let me tell you, for no longer than a minute or two so this does not count as baking!!

I had actually make these a few times and used a couple of different ovens, as we were in different places. It was weird because in one oven the s’mores took no longer than a minute to get the toasted marshmallows tops, and in the other oven it took me about 3 minutes.

Either way, watch the s’mores while in the broiler because you may end up with burnt marshmallows!! They get done very, very quickly……

For this time around I used my home made whole grain graham crackers but you can buy stored bought. That is what I did while on vacation. I actually got some sensational 100% whole wheat crackers at whole foods, the only problem for me was that they were $5. I thought that was a bit much for crackers so from now on I will be making my own.

I hope you get to make these. They are not only super easy, yummy and very popular each time I make them so I hope you get to try them soon.


These are super easy to make. If you like use store bought graham crackers and you will be able to eat these in no time.

Make sure you watch them while in the broiler because they turn toasty very quickly. They will burn rather fast so watch them!!

I used dark chocolate kisses but you can use milk chocolate. They are just sweeter. I also used marshmallows free of high fructose corn syrup, which I got in whole foods.


2 minute s'mores

Yield: 2 minute s'mores


Whole wheat graham crackers, You can use store bought.
Marshmallows, free of high fructose corn syrup, mine where from Whole foods.
Dark chocolate kisses, unwrapped



In a baking pan place the graham crackers and place one marshmallow on each cracker. Place under the boiler for 1-2 minutes until the tops are slightly brown.

You need to watch carefully as they will burn really really fast.

Remove from the oven and push down a chocolate kiss on each marshmallow, like in the pictures.

I sometimes place them back in the oven after turning the boiler off so that the chocolate melts even further and faster, but this step is just up to you!!

Serve while warm.

Slightly adapted from Cooking classy



  1. love this! any way i can get s’mores in my mouth quicker is a win in my book :)

  2. These are fun! I’m not really a fan of marshmallows, just because they seem so weird (although I love rice krispie treats with them!) but if they have a HFCS version, I’d be happy to have them. I’m happy that you mentioned them! These are also super cute. :)

  3. Love this idea! I’ve got to try this :D I’m not usually a fan of marshmallows unless they’re golden and “cooked” like this :)

  4. I’m smacking myself and wondering why I didn’t think of this! What a brilliant idea! :-)

  5. Delicious! These look perfect- they would have been fun for National S’mores day the other day. I have made homemade graham crackers years ago and I just kind of forgot about them. Thanks for the reminder- need to add that to the baking list.

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