Frozen yogurt blueberry popsicles

Yet another frozen yogurt blueberry popsicles for the recipe of the day. Didn’t I tell you that I love making frozen popsicles? They are just so easy to make and so good for the kids.

Frozen blueberry yogurt popsicles | Eat Good 4 Life

This variation was kept vegan thus dairy free. I used the new Silk® Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative which is made from the goodness of plants instead of dairy,

They have:

  • 6 grams of plant-powered protein per serving
  • 6 smooth, creamy flavors with juicy bits of real fruit
  • Excellent source of calcium and vitamin D
  • No cholesterol, dairy, lactose, gluten, carrageenan or casein. Silk Dairy-Free provides 6 grams of soy protein per serving, with no cholesterol.

Have you tried to make your own frozen popsicles yet? If you haven’t I really encourage to start. They are a great way to snack on healthy ingredients and your kids sure love to eat these. All you will need are the popsicle moulds, which I have two, as well as the wooden sticks. You can make endless variations to cater to your dietary needs plus these are way more economical and healthy to eat!

My kids love to help when I make them. This makes them even more eager to eat them when the are ready. Sometimes I even sneak in some pureed veggies and they can’t even tell.

These frozen yogurt blueberry popsicles are great for a snack or as a healthy dessert treat. They only have 4 ingredients and are done in a flash.

I hope you get to try this fabulous frozen yogurt blueberry popsicles. They are a great snack for the upcoming warmer days and sure to keep your kids happy eating these.


Frozen blueberry yogurt popsicles | Eat Good 4 Life


Frozen blueberry yogurt popsicles | Eat Good 4 Life


Frozen yogurt blueberry popsicles

Miryam's original recipe

Yield: 12 popsicles

Total Time: 15 minutes



In a large mixing bowl, with a spatula, combine all the ingredients. Spoon mixture into the popsicle mould. Insert a wooden stick on each popsicle and freeze for at least 3-4 hours.

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This conversation is sponsored by Silk. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. OH EM GEE!!!! These bars look phenomenal!!!  They are like a healthier version of the classic pecan pie which usually runs 800 calories per slice!! Perfect for thanksgiving:)

  2. These look so good! One question – in the ingredients you call for “unrefined sugar,” but in the instructions you call for coconut sugar. Which should I use?


  3. I am loving your pecan desert. I can’t wait to see the next one ;-)

  4. You are a pecan pie genius! I love traditional pecan pie so much, but it’s always so sweet. This, on the other hand, sounds perfect! I love your healthier spin!

  5. A little bourbon always makes things better! Especially pecan bars. Love how dense and rich these look.

  6. All you had to say was bourbon. These pecan bars look scrumptious!

  7. What other than bourbon can be used instead ?

  8. Miryam, these bars look fabulous! I love bourbon in my desserts. Can’t get enough of it.

  9. I have been dreaming about these pecan squares from when I saw them on Instagram.  Absolutely delicious like everything you make.  

  10. I’m making a bourbon pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving this year but I might have to convince my sister to make these so we can have all the boozy desserts haha!

  11. These look glorious and your pics are stunning. LOVE them!

  12. I am totally making these for Thanksgiving! They look amazing!

  13. Making these for two different parties, Thursday and Friday. How far in advance can these be made, and do you suggest cutting them into bars right before serving or can I bring them to the party already cut? Thank you!

  14. Hate to say it but these are not gluten free. Bourbon contains gluten ingredients. Its mash is corn plus rye, wheat and other glutenous ingredients.

    I’m sure they are good but the addition of bourbon makes then not gluten free and unsafe for people on gluten free diets.


    • The National Institutes of Health and several major celiac societies in the U.S. and Canada say that distilled alcohol is considered gluten-free because the process of distillation removes the harmful gluten protein. The majority of people with celiac or gluten sensitivity don’t seem to react to alcohol distilled from gluten grains, but a minority do react. I guess it depends on the person….Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Yes, but some brewers add a second gluten mash or colouring which can contain gluten after the distilling process. Anyone who is serious about being gluten free should avoid all distilled alcohol made with gluten ingredients as gluten proteins can still exist. There is also a high risk of cross-contamination as the facility is not gluten free. I am familiar with the quote you gave but:
    “… the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, which regulates alcoholic beverages in the U.S., ruled in 2012 that beverages made from gluten grains cannot legally carry the claim “gluten-free,” since gluten (or fragments of the gluten protein) remaining in such drinks may not be detected easily with existing testing technology…”

    As long as you know what you can and cannot eat or drink you could be fine. Though most celiac societies suggest sticking to alcohol not made with gluten ingredients.

    Thanks for the reply!

  16. Can I substitute coconut oil with butter? 1:1 substitution?

  17. Looks heavenly. Two questions. Can I use regular white flour instead of almond flour? How many servings did this make?

  18. Your recipe says “1/2 chopped pecans.” 1/2 what?

  19. I just made this yumminess :-) I used walnut meal instead of almond flour (I have abt 4 kg of walnuts, so gotta use them, lol :-) ). It smells sooo good, so I believe it will taste delish as well. We’ll see tomorrow morning :-) There is always something to look forward to!

    • That is awesome. It is one of my ultimate favorite bars. I need to make some and freeze to have on demand. Great swab using the walnut flour! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog :-)

  20. The topping didn’t bind well and just a bunch of oats and the other ingredients. After heating it until brown and bubbly I took it out and it still was oatmeal not mixing. I am wondering if adding vegan butter in addition to the melted coconut oil will make it adhere more. Too bad as I thought I could take it to the party tonight, but no.

  21. Although look great, the gf blueberry crisp was not that tasty. The topping I followed to your instructions and it didn’t stick together at all and was just oats with other stuff and after cooking, still just oats and the other ingredients. I am not sure but it seems like something else needs to be added initially to make the oats and rice flour , etc be more like a batter or something. I made it once more and this time added a little less coconut oil and added 1/4 cup vegan butter, melted and 2 tab. of brown sugar. Turned out great and I had raves from the group who wanted the recipe. I changed the things I mentioned and used slivered almonds instead. I gave them your original recipe and my changes.
    Thank you.

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